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Public Forum

Coming soon – a place for pro se litigants to support each other by sharing their cases, experiences and knowledge- 

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  1. My husband and I have been separated for over a year, sharing custody of our 3 year old son with very little problems. Recently I started dating someone that my soon to be ex husband doesn’t like. He began withholding my son from me and my side of the family for a total of about 3 months. He cut off all forms of communication by blocking my phone number and blocking Facebook messenger, etc. When I would go to his house to see our son he would deny me that right. So much to the point that he charged me with trespassing on his property when I knocked on his front door and asked to speak with my son. There has never been any need for a legal custody order until now. It is within his legal rights as a Pennsylvanian/US citizen to withhold our son, but at the same time, it is clearly denying MY equal rights to have access to my son and knowledge of his well-being. I have started a custody process and at the moment I have temporary part time custody, which is great. But I am still going through court proceedings for trespassing and he is using the law to his advantage. Do I have any advantage here? I have been victimized as my legal rights were denied and I’m being prosecuted for attempting to exercise my legal rights to see my son. I have done nothing wrong. I have no prior criminal record. How can I show the courts that he left me with no choice and how can I prosecute him for denying MY legal rights?

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