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There is a geopolitical adage in civil rights circles that Pennsylvania has Philadelphia on one end and Pittsburgh on the other, and that in between lies Alabama.  Harkening back to the civil rights struggles of the 60’s, and the role they had in changing the political and legal debate about civil rights, if central Pennsylvania is indeed like Alabama, then Harrisburg is its modern day Montgomery. In the days of the civil rights struggles in the south, the federal courts stood as the bulwark against the abuses of individual liberty by state and local authorities that impeded progress in the area of equal rights for all, and our leaders had the courage to ensure those rights by sending in our armed forces just to ensure that little black and white boys and girls, and all other races and ethnicities would share in the virtue of equal rights for all.  While racism remains a pressing civil rights issue in the 21st century in Pennsylvania, and will remain a focus of our effort, it is not the only issue that defines the modern civil rights landscape, but the one thing in common between and among all persons who suffer the abuse of their individual … Continue Reading ››
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