Miles Thomas and Baron the Dog

In this case of the homeless man and his dog, Judge Jones threw out 2 federal cases where the man had his dog stolen by some humane society folks.  The case went through two injunction hearings, and Thom Lewis became a real issue and obstacle, despite being a competent and dedicated collie rescue.  For some strange reason, the humane society folks, who are believed to be connected to defendants in the Lewis case, as well as to a local news channel personality, would not simply give the man his dog back. Mr. Thomas was originally represented by Andrew Ostrowski, who fought the humane society and the lawyers, and even the judge, and ultimately got the dog returned to Thomas.  Judge Jones, nevertheless, dismissed the two cases.  Mr. Bailey is representing Thomas in the appeals.  Many of the connections that were the basis of the allegations of Bailey in the Lewis case were revealed throught the bizarre handling of the Thomas case.

Motion for Reconsideration

Motion for Summary Relief

Thomas Complaint

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