Civil rights lawyer Don Bailey under attack and he and clients sue federal judges for misbehavior

The paramount issue our legal system is presented with currently is the ongoing campaign, if you will, by a small clique of federal judges, and their state and federal political friends, to go after the law license of decorated war veteran, former congressman, former Pennsylvania Auditor General, and now prominent civil rights attorney Don Bailey.

Don got into the practice of civil rights over the fallout from his own victimization when, as Auditor General, he revealed substantial pubic corruption in the State of Pennsylvania at its highest levels.  He was visited by state and federal officials, including the United States Attorney himself, and was, in essence, asked what it would take – what graft, gift, or favor – in order for him to back down and look the other way.  Don refused, and stridently, with the truth behind him, assured these scoundrels that he would never be bought, and ever since that day, Don has been in a battle to reveal public corruption, and to fight for its victims.  There is an extensive interview of Don that is recorded in his website, which is linked to this page.

To the best of our knowledge, Don is the only politician in American history to have prevailed in a defamation lawsuit against his political opponent (Barbara Hafer) that was the first civil rights lawsuit he filed after leaving public office.  The case, Bailey v. Hafer, languished in the courts for a decade, and in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals for years, before decided in his favor.  While the case never did go to trial, it did settle favorably for Don, and, despite the fact that Don had his bright political future stolen from him unjustly, and lost everything he had, his only request was the Ms. Hafer apolgize to him, in writing, which she did.  In the apology, Hafer admitted she lied about him, and pointed the finger at certain “federal officials”, one of whom was Martin C. Carlson, former United States Attorney, and now a United States Magistrate Judge, under Kane, Conner, and Jones, and the author of 2008 scandalous ans scurrilous attack on Don Bailey in a 56 page memorandum that was distributed through statewide media.  Don’s reply was not.

The federal courts, and some of the political operatives who run them, including Marty Carlson, have taken up the cause for their political “friends”, and have joined in the effort to protect the corrupt politicians and judges, and to end the career of Don Bailey, and to cut off access to the federal courts for the many, many police officers, state and local officials, public employees, minorities, and others who have been victimized and abused by corrupt people and power structures, and Pennsylvania will be left to languish in the backward ways of thinking and behaving that have destroyed public confidence in the judiciary, and even in our elected officials.  These judges are out to hurt and harm Don Bailey and the civil rights clients he represents because they, too, are beholden to the corrupt system that put them where they are – on the bench of our esteemed federal courts donning the powerful black robe, where they then use their tremendous power to protect the structures that got them there rather than foster their independence from those systems in recognition of the singularly-significant ability of a federal judge to influence cultural climates.

The claims of Don Bailey will be proven, and the proof is all there, and we hope to share this all with you through our initial efforts on this site.  Don has had over $3,000,000.oo in verdicts awarded to his clients, from all walks of life, and significantly in recent years from the ranks of law enforcement themselves,  by juries performing their roles and exercising their responsibilities as American citizens.  All of these verdicts have been taken away as part of the plan to harm him and his clients.  We do not cast aspersions on the judiciary lightly, nor do we wish to suggest that every judge is corrupt, because certainly most, hopefully, are not, but Don’s cases are being “fixed”, the old-fashioned, crooked way – by picking up telephones and through winks and nods, but the evidence is clear – from the $1.5 million verdict he was successful in obtaining on behalf of 2 state attorney general narcotics agents against, inter alia, the then-Attorney General himself, Mike Fisher, who now, of all things is a Judge on the Court, the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals, that threw out the verdict against him, to the recent decision overturning another case where a state trooper was a victim of wiretapping that was committed by his own State Police supervisors in a dishonest effort to hurt and harm him.

The further plan, which is already afoot through the, attack by Marty Carlson, and will be shown through evidence relating to Judge Conner, is to portray Don Baily as a disgruntled, malcontent, and “fallen star” who has imagined grand conspiracies to justify and validate the political losses that he suffered 20  years ago, but that is a lie, every word of it, and it is already out there as a myth that is believed by many.  The Hafer apology came in the year 200o.  At that time Carlson was United States Attorney, Jones was a co-campaign chairman/fundraiser with Tom Corbett for tom Ridge, Kane was on the federal bench in Harrisburg, and the Third Circuit Judge Mike Fisher case (cases/saga) were already in the courts or very near, annd the trial on those cases was in 2003.  After that trial, an email circulated through then Attorney General Fisher’s office that “Bailey has caused a shit storm” in Harrisburg.  Conner acceded to the federal bench in 2004, and immediately launched into what are obvious attacks by a political neophyte that have continued, unbroken, and coalesced with the others, and from there you will see an continuous chain of abuses, right through the day of this posting, and the hearings scheduled for August 11 and 12 in Harrisburg that will prove that this is indeed a conspiracy involving federal judges and others to harm the rights of innocent American citizens whose constitutional rights have been violated because of who their lawyer is and what he represents to them.  Nothing can be more anathema to our entire system of justice.

The current strategem being employed is to use the sycophants in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board and its Disciplinary Counsel, life-long political lackey Paul Killion, to mount an attack on Don Bailey’s law license through an easily provable corrupt effort of these same federal judges in concert with their state political friends.  The attachment to this post is what is called a petition in the Supreme Court’s “King’s Bench” or “extraodinary” jurisdiction, where the Supreme Court is asked directly to discipline itself, and to intervene in these corrupt proceedings and bring them to an end.

See also:  Exhibit 3, Thom Lewis v. Jesse Smith, et al, Third Circuit motion contains the allegations for which Bailey is being charged

The Pensylvania Supreme Court, and the Lawyer’s Disciplinary Board, as well as the Judicial Misconduct Board have fallen into disrepute of recent due to the criminal prosecutions of Luzerne County Judges Ciavarella and Conahan in what was known nationwide as the “kids-for-cash” scandal.  Recent commissioned reports have identified the failings in the system that had led to the judicial corruption scandal that gave the entire state a black-eye, and the Don Bailey discipline gives the Supreme Court a clear chance to prove its own integrity by addressing the same failings that exist in regard to Don Bailey, and to end the corruption that undermines the confidence we all have in our judiciary, and to usher in the reforms needed so that American citizens do not continue to be victimized by our courts for daring to do something about their victimization by their government, and those others “acting under color of law.”

Don Bailey is also in the process of filing a federal civil rights lawsuit, on behalf of himself and at least 25 of his victimized clients, who will be named as plaintiffs, and will be making very extensive accusations of corruption and unlawful behavior on the part of a wide-array of state and federal officials, including the judges who have worked specifically to hurt and harm him.  These judges and other operatives have felt that because they can control the access to information to the public, and how it is presented, they could ostracize, isolate, and surround Don, and move quickly and easily in for the kill.  Well, despite the fact that they have been known and out to get Don Bailey for nearly 20 years, they should know that his honesty is unshakable, his commitment to his clients is second-to-none, and the confidence that people have in him is unwavering, but of course they wouldn’t know that, because they are the people who he has been fighting against, and they woefully underestimate the motivation of honest American citizens to expose and oppose corruption in our government, and this site will continue to bring you the developments as the cases proceed.

The agenda is clear – stop Don Bailey, but more importantly, stop the civil rights clients he represents from having the courage to expose and oppose public corruption, and it is our goal to help shine the light that needs to be shone on the courts, and their efforts to keep the people from uncovering public corruption.  This will be your site for the truth, and we hope the Courts, including the court of public opinion, will be the site for the justice.

Update: since this was originally posted, a federal lawsuit has been filed by Bailey and 25 of his clients.  The link to the suit is available here, and will be updated.

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54 thoughts on “Civil rights lawyer Don Bailey under attack and he and clients sue federal judges for misbehavior”

  1. It’s no secret that Chief Counsel Paul Killion was being harassed by Judge Christopher C. Conner to do something about Don Bailey. Connor was also haranguing an investigator named Bob Fulton, from the Philadelphia Office of the PA Disciplinary Board to do something as well. Then Judge John E. Jones, III, the flake who plagiarized an ACLU brief and also a commencement address for Dickinson, jumped in and pressured Paul Killion as well.

    Their goal is simple – stop Don Bailey, and you stop all of the other civil rights complainants – because in Pennsylvania, you won’t find any other attorney who is willing to fight for your civil rights when cases involve crooked politicians and state agencies. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 25 “attorneys” – tell them you were the victim of judicial misconduct or that you’d like to file a lawsuit against a judge or public official, and you’ll see every one of them turn you away.

    Since there is nobody policing these courts, Don has become their number one enemy. The truth is only starting to come out about how corrupt this state really is. People need to start digging and questioning and protesting.

  2. What a sad story. I remember Don Bailey as Auditor General and he was a good man. A decorated Vietnam vet who always remembered where he came from. He always supported the Vietnam vets and their issues. I thank him for his service. I hope these corrupt politicans are exposed. The Middle District has always been known for being corrupt. It all starts with that former US Attorney Carlson, who I now heard sits as a Magistrate Judge. Talk about a total disgrace to this state. I am sure he got his job, right out of the Chief Judge in the Middle District with his cronies in the Court. They all stick together. I hope you guys gets these corrupt people. I will be standing behind Don Bailey and wish him and his family the best.

  3. These judges are dismissing actions that were completely appropriate for many valid, lawful reasons. They don’t want to address the problem, because they are the problem. The dismissal of complaints and actions by these scumbag judges only further reveals their increased involvement in what is clearly judicial misconduct. It’s easier to get rid of the only attorney who fights them than to clean up the mess they’ve made. Besides, they receive too many lucrative benefits like gifts and immunity from the law. Why would they not fight tooth and nail to protect their little corruption club.

  4. If we’re digging deeper, as CleanUp has suggested, we should also recognize the fact that these Judges are using the clients of Don Bailey as a way to settle scores from when Mr. Bailey was a U.S. Congressman and PA Auditor General. A lot of the animosity from these judges can be traced back to the political bitterness these new activist judges have for Bailey.

  5. It has become increasingly clear that our state and federal courts are not capable of disciplining themselves. In Don’s case they are denying him witnesses and quashing subpoenas that are critical to his case. Don has even been denied the right to subpoena the admitted complainant’s against him, and he has also been denied the right to view the complaint. Conflicts of interest are also clearly present in this case, yet motions for recusal were denied without discussion. A state cannot exclude a person from the practice of law in any manner which violates due process, and the violations here are too numerous to count. Don’s due process is being violated because the disciplinary board is failing to follow rules and procedures, resulting in extreme prejudice. Among the most egregious of the procedural errors is the denial of any and all discovery. The due process violations have further completely cut off Don’s rights to confront the witnesses against him, and to compel witnesses to appear and testify on his behalf in this quasi-criminal proceeding, which is clearly a 6th Amendment violation. The prejudice of these failings, and the prejudice to the administration of justice reflected by these proceedings warrants the dismissal of these charges standing alone. Don is being subjected to a selective and vindictive prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct, which mandate dismissal, and is a First Amendment violation as well.

  6. In my own way I clearly understand what Don is going through. Don represented me in a wrongful State job termination hearing, that I lost. Don’s firm handled my appeal to the Commonwealth Court. I was fighting for my rights to Unemployment Compensation. The case was decided on Perjurous testimony by a State Revenue Dept. employee. I waited 18 months with no financial compensation before the court ruled against me. I had selected Don as my attorney because I believed, and still do, that he is honest and a fighter for the little guy.

  7. I am a “suspended lawyer” fromOhio who has a story that is all too similiar to Dons isn’t only happening in Pa. Its happening all across America to true civil rights lawyers and even journalists. I like don come from a distinguished background and my father was among the most highly respected common pleas judges in Ohio for decades hearing cases in seventy five out of 88 counties in Ohio. I had grsduaEd w honors from Oral Roberts University w a degree in International Relations. I wrote Ohio’s first minimum wage increase law in its history in 1988 and testified on its behalf and led it to passage as the State Labor Dept in house counsel. I led the first ever criminal prevailing wage case for the State of Ohio and spearheaded the change in how Ohio treats Teenage employment in fast food industry in Ohio during the school year.

    However, when I began to turn my attention to civil rights law and helped the USCivilRights Division to investigate my home towns corruption and in particular its dirty police and criminal justice system making US civil rights history along the way, w the nations first fully investigated “consent decree”,,,As happened the same year in Pittsburgh pa, I began to experience serious reprecussions in terms of my profersional and personal life.

    What is very sad. Is when I was able to get the US Justice dept to investigate another very corrupt city and area, for serious police and potential juducial’corruption, my law license came under a very searing, extended, determined bizarre attack by both the all republican Ohio supreme court, its disciplinary committee, and various powerful district court federal judges. Its all available also online. In, y case, they trumped up a bankruptcy signature case and made it sound as if I were a comvicted felon doing harm to my clients. Later when this effort was coming to a wimpering end, the state disciplinary system at tttthe highest levels to conspire to label me “unfit to practice law, despite having won four major sixth circuit court of appeals on complex civil rights cases in a row and having appeared on MSNBC,ABC,FOX and many many other forums and having s very solid reputation of honesty and working mainly for minimum wage and mainly for very poor indigent clients. I have not due to the the state supreme court and several motivated federal judges working for the insurance e industry and corporate defense law firms in Ohio, been able to continue on my award winning work,having won recognition from amnesty international and the human rights watch and even a national award from the NAACP in 1999 and 2000 For my sacrifivial and important federal civil rights work….

    I know and belong to a group of judges and lawyers who have experienced similar problems as don has. We are all deeply impacted and are very aware of the ability of the statis quo system to extract revenge against such a outstanding civil rights lawyer as don. He must be good for folks to take’the time toattack hhim. Also, no good deed goes unpunsyed in this modern world of law and disorder in America.
    He must be good and I’m glad to’see’ he has support. Its important. Don ur not alone. Please check out my site, midwestcenter for constitutional law and or write to me @ we are out here and we are watching ..and know urot alone….its painful to have this professions leaders so called to make a mockery of a person who cares deeply about things,others and the law to be so treated….just know it’d not,not unfamiliar terrority nor very unique to be made the victim of a very corrupt’system

  8. We are receiving calls and inquiries from across the country telling stories that are similar to yours Richard, and it appears that the problem we have described in this site are not unique to Pennsylvania, which, frankly, we did not suspect was the case. Please look for posts suggesting ways we can work to free lawyers who are willing to speak out about judicial corruption from the oppressive hands of their state disciplinary authorities, who largely appear to be controlled by the courts themselves, which is the intrinsic nature of the problems we are experiencing. Feel free to share your ideas as well, and thank you for your comments.

  9. I am a victim of Judicial corruption in Carbon County. My daughter is too. We are both disabled. What can be done ? When I initially spoke out about the CORRUPTION of Judge David Addy (Carbon County), I was incarcerated for 9 months on fabricated charges and spent another three months in a Brain Injury Program called ReMed in Paoli, Pa., minutes from the Judge Charles B. Smith (West Chester)who directed the imprisonment. I was given a $100,000 grant from The State Health Dept of Health Head Injury Program and they paid ReMed $75,000. The other $25,000 disappeared. After I was released, I began to dig, deeper and deeper and discovered the disappearance of the $25,000. Again I spoke out even bolder and mad as Hell. Since my accusations of CORRUPTION, my Visitation rights with my disabled daughter were severely limited. She wants to live with me, but the Judges are tied to the Law firm of Tallman Hudders and Sorrentino of Allentown, Pa., who are protecting a $175,000 Medicaid Home-based waiver State program paid by Carbon Monroe Pike MH/MR to Around the Clock Nursing Agency of Allentown, Pa. In March and April 2011, my daughter appeared with Black and Blue bruises consistent with physical restraint. I reported this to MH/MR and Pa Home Health Hotline. No Mandatory Rporting Laws were followed. The Pa State Police refused to prosecute, I appealed to the Carbon County DA and he ignored my repeated pleas for help. Because of my persistence, my Visitation with my daughter has been terminated by another Judge John L. Braxton (Philadelphia) with even closer ties to the Law firm that is protecting Around the Clock Nursing Agency’s lucrative State-funded contract. And I haven’t seen her since the last bruising incident in April. I’m hoping to see her for Christmas but it seems unlikely. What happened to me was wrong and I’m very angry about it, but what is happening to my daughter has touched a nerve so deep in my soul that I can hardly bear to restrain myself from wanting to inflict bruises on the bastards that hurt her and the ones protecting the bastards who hurt her. Who does one turn to when the ones that are suppose to protect the weakest members of our society are the ABUSERS themselves ????? Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed. Perhaps a cerebral approach is just not the answer anymore ???? !!!!!!!!!! Perhaps this post will lead to more fabricated charges and another prison term or an indefinite stay in a state psychiatric hospital, where even more state funded kick-backs will be distributed to the crooked Judges. Can anyone help us, please ? my home telephone number is 570-645-9769, ask for John, any time of the day or night !

  10. God, I should have gone into law school and not nursing! I am in need of a passionate, fearless and relentless civil rights attorney who is willing to file a law suit in Federal Court against a very corrupt Chautauqua County, NY DSS outfit, as well as NYS. If there are any takers email me and I will give you the details:)

  11. When it all comes down, you just have to ask what is wrong with some people that they are driven to terrorize the victims of injustice.

    My case is labeled A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE and surviving the secret injustice long enough to find it only placed my life in further jeopardy. Returning to the same court, without any other choice, and expecting justice was an exercise in frustration. The more they did to me, the more i played by their rules. As a Pro Se Defendant, there was no lawyer to talk me out of filing documents based on cost. I ended up with a paper trail documenting the abuse of power and cruelty and malice of 9 judges each falling into it and forced to conceal and coverup the initial injustice by the President Judge of Family Court. Every resource in the county has been used against me, and I kept turning to the ones harassing and terrorizing me to investigate. The more I met their ridiculous deadlines and presented the chaos in an organized manner, the more malicious they became. Currently they are preventing an Appeal of an Order which lacked jurisdiction, but they have nested that lack of jurisdiction three orders back and have thrown me out of my home, sold it illegally, forced me to endorse the check for the property, and left me completely destitute. The penalty for surviving 6 years of hell knowing the truth would be exposed in court eventually was to lose everything. ALL THE WHILE THE SOCIOPATHIC LAWYER WHO STARTED THE CRIMES AGAINST ME continues to file to drag me back into court wihout reason to simply use the chaos and malice against me further. But thew latest judge, Judge Haaz saw the lack of jurisdiction, fixed it and ordered Court Admin to schedule the hearing. That has NOT happened, because if it does, everything they covered up will unravel and be revealed. And you just have to wonder WHY did they think it appropriate to annihilate my life? And do they giggle at the fact that I figured them out and they still ignore their crimes.

  12. Don bailey and these covert acts against him are only geared to silence the covert acts of these federal judges who should be exposed and imprisoned. Currently several officials from York Pennsylvania are facing malicious acts involving a federal police officer from Maryland. York City nuisance Abatement officer William B. Wentz from the York City POlice Department and Jason Rhoades from Fire and Rescue and other officials who routienly lie in court are named as defendents involving this former federal police officer . Moving forward several of these federal judges in Harrisburg will be joining these defendants.
    Our mission is simple, these officials are dirty and they need to be imprisoned! Period.

  13. The Honorable Judge Cleland is very upset. The Kids for Cash travesty is an awful mystery to him. He simply cannot understand what went wrong. Therefore, he said the commission established to uncover the truth would seek to identify “all of those involved who, whether by action, inaction, or silence, whether by willful choice or benign ignorance, engaged in an assault on the fairness and impartiality of our legal system.”

    Your Honor, would you explain why you’ve done nothing to help attorney Don Bailey who just received $50,000 in sanctions for his brave efforts to expose the same insidious and widespread judicial corruption that led to the imprisonment of thousands of innocent kids- by those two Honorable Punks sporting Black Nightgowns from Luzerne?

    Can’t wait

    1. I was falsely arrested by nassau county on april 30, 2013 and thrown into psychiatric hospital for six days. I went to every single lawyer in new york . One lawyer told me that I was blacklist by a judge and cps. I have all my paperwork to show what Iam talking about.I use to believe in thr system. Until I became victimized by these people. I realize the system is corrupt and these lawyers I went to lack integrity.

  14. Dear President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan,

    I just want to say “thanks” for all you have done to expose the cesspool of the legal system in our beloved commonwealth. You forged a path leading inexorably to the complete transformation of a vile scheme designed to make a few weathly beyond belief while the rest of us mourned the loss of the land we loved.

    1. According to the Interbranch Commission’s report, no attorney practicing in Ciavarella’s courtroom ever filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board, the agency responsible for investigating complaints of judicial misconduct. Young prosecutors recognized the inherent unfairness of Ciavarella’s practices, but did not know what to do or to whom to turn for guidance. Many defense attorneys who appeared before Ciavarella were equally derelict. Public defenders and private attorneys routinely witnessed Ciavarella violate the rights of juveniles, including their own clients, yet most took no action. The Interbranch Commission found that these attorneys “clearly abdicated their responsibility to zealously defend their clients and to protect their due process rights.” “At a bare minimum,” the commission concluded, “they should have contacted their supervisors in the Public Defenders Office and the local bar associations or notified the appropriate judicial or attorney disciplinary organizations.” Janice M Brickley

      no attorney filed a complaint
      they were derelict

      and their consequences? zero

      1. Donna,

        The corruption is still going on in the Luzerne County Court house with lawyers and Judges. I’ve been going through it for eight years and Don has been lawyer. These state actors have done dozens of crimes including federal crimes and these agencies just turn and look the other way. The Attorney General and PA Disciplinary Board just ignores and protects these criminal state actors. The are all working together. We DO NOT have a justice system anymore but a dictatorship.

  15. We need several top-notch, brilliant, creative, devoted, scholarly lawyers willing to give everything they have to the cause of rebuilding our system of justice. We have gotten so far away from the ideals that made us the envy of the world, it is difficult to remember that once upon a time not too long ago, judges and lawyers were a respected class of professionals, admired and held in high-esteem. Without a system of justice that earns and keeps earning our trust, we are doomed.

  16. Castille releases letter assailing critic of Pa. courtEdit
    By Amy Worden, Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau
    HARRISBURG – State Supreme Court Justice Ronald D. Castille has released a letter he wrote last month lambasting a vocal critic of his court, and says he may yet pursue disciplinary action against that critic.

    Castille suggested he might ask the court’s Disciplinary Board to act against Duquesne University law professor Bruce Ledewitz for what Castille called “unfounded and baseless charges of criminal conduct towards this court.”

    “I am leaving it open,” he said yesterday in a telephone interview.

    Castille noted that the Disciplinary Board, appointed by and controlled by the Supreme Court, could initiate action against Ledewitz on its own.

    This week, that board got a new chairman: Bryn Mawr lawyer Jonathan Newman, the former chairman of the Liquor Control Board and son of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Schultz Newman, who quit last year to join a law firm.

    In Castille’s letter, the full contents of which were made public yesterday, the justice wrote that Ledewitz should face possible sanctions for violating rules of professional conduct that forbid lawyers from making false statements.

    As the letter noted, Ledewitz, in an February 2007 interview with the Beaver County Times, called the high court “even more corrupt than the legislature” for rulings arising from the controversial 2005 legislative pay raise. Ledewitz said the justices’ decision to strike down the legislators’ pay hike while upholding raises for themselves and other judges was “a swindle.”

    Last week, the Castille letter sparked controversy when Ledewitz revealed parts of it during his testimony at a hearing of the Senate state government committee in Harrisburg. Some senators accused Castille of trying to stifle dissent; the panel voted unanimously to use subpoena power if necessary to get the letter.

    Castille initially refused to release the letter but said he relented when asked by Stephen MacNett, general counsel to the Senate Republicans, whom Castille said he has known for years.

    The letter, dated March 22, 2007, was sent to Ledewitz’s colleague, law professor Ken Gormley. In it, Castille declined an invitation to attend a reception held last night at Duquesne for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., saying he did not want to “lend the prestige” of the state’s highest court to an event hosted by a school that gave Ledewitz a forum.

    “It is disgraceful that Duquesne Law School continues to provide the professor a forum to make these charges,” Castille wrote.

    The ACLU has offered to defend Ledewitz before the Disciplinary Board if necessary. Ledewitz said in an e-mail yesterday that thus far, he knew of no complaint filed against him.

    But hostile words between the Senate committee chairman, Jeffrey Piccola (R., Dauphin), and Castille, a fellow Republican and former Philadelphia district attorney, were still flying yesterday.

    “I hope the release of the letter serves as a deterrent for future conduct of intimidating a witness,” Piccola said. “It’s a crime to intimidate a witness who comes before the court. Shouldn’t that apply to the legislature?”

    “He’s hallucinating,” Castille said of Piccola. “That assumes I knew [Ledewitz] was going to testify. I have more important things to do.”

    Castille has more important things to do? You mean like writing a letter to a university that employs a lawyer/professor, urging it to shut him up?

    Dear ACLU, consider representing Don Bailey, if he wouldn’t mind. This decent, good man has suffered long enough.

  17. More Wasted Time and Money To Dupe Pennsylvanians

    “This is a really complex problem, sociologically, psychologically, politically, legally, criminally and ethically,” Cleland said. “I think we’ve all been struck by how there was almost a governmental collapse. This is not just the scandal involving corrupt judges, but all the checks and balances that should have been in place didn’t work.”
    “You had a couple corrupt judges that had the fear of God instilled in all the employees,” commission member Ronald Williams said, stressing – as others interviewed for this story did – that he was speaking only for himself and not for the commission as a whole.”
    “Then sparks flew: Hogan accused Stretton of not going public with the scandal because he was afraid of the corrupt judges, and Stretton retorted that he reported the abuses in writing in 2005.” Tumblr
    “It looks to me like a judicial perfect storm, where everything kind of fell into place and people kind of watched and listened and didn’t do as much as they could,” said another commission member, attorney Kenneth Horoho.
    “There were clearly certain witnesses of experience whose inaction was very troublesome.”
    “During the commission’s hearings, veterans who headed the district attorney’s and public defender’s offices said that they rarely, if ever, received complaints…”
    “There was a lot of complacency, and the judges were allowed to rule the roost and nobody ever questioned them. And if you don’t ask questions, you’re going to get run over.”

    This stuff is pure bologna. Nobody complained? Bull. No one listened, how about that? No one cared enough to stick his neck out, you think? Many people didn’t even realize they were denied colloquy, but some lawyers knew and did squat. And Don Bailey is sanctioned for saying what we all know! Give him a medal.

    Every lawyer knows where he wins/loses cases– before judges. Who do these people think they’re fooling? A decent man like Sam Stretton, who risked his freedom to draw attention to the high rate of incarceration by the Felons In Nightgowns, was criticized by a lawyer, Tom Hogan, for not doing enough because he feared those thugs. What did Hogan do? And what was Hogan suggesting? Does he actually believe lawyers may fear the power of judges? Gee! Why would someone in the legal profession think such a thing?! Do lawyers have reasons to fear these guys? Is Hogan almost criticizing our judiciary in a backhanded sort of way? Where’s Cali when you need him?

    Guess how much we pay these clowns, any idea?

  18. “The Morning Call had a story about Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille’s acceptance of $2,240 in luxury accommodations at the deluxe Casa Marina Resort in Key West, Fla., paid by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.”

    “Even in the Luzerne mess, it was Castille who lovingly protected two black-robed reprobates from any state action, despite having received compelling evidence about what was going on. (It wasn’t personal; it was business.) Anyway, it was the feds who finally nailed the Luzerne County crooks.” August 21, 2012 Paul Carpenter

    I feel for Castille, don’t you? He only makes $200,000 a year and that includes taking time to travel all the way to a resort in Key West Floriad to slave away for you and me! And to think his pals force him to let them pick up his tab of just $2,240 for luxury accomadtions. Oh the shame

    Don, listen my friend. Please don’t say anything displeasing about our Jewels of Justice! When tempted, just think of His Honor bulging forth in his massive swim trunks, lounging along in paradise, sweating in that awful Florida sunshine, and how terrible life is for him.

  19. Cleland said. “I think we’ve all been struck by how there was almost a governmental collapse. This is not just the scandal involving corrupt judges, but all the checks and balances that should have been in place didn’t work.”

    Wait a minute, Cleland. You actually said, “all the checks and balances that should have been in place…” Are you suggesting that the lawyers who were right there observing these crimes go down before their noses were not really there at all? Certainly, their duties include serving as the very “checks and balances” do they not?
    Were they collecting paychecks? If so, then, they must have been there. So, either they weren’t collecting paychecks or they failed to report what they knew to the proper authorities. Were they sanctioned? Reprimanded? Faced with a disciplinary hearing? If not, why not? Should you be reported if you have failed in your duties to report lawyers who disobeyed the same set of rules for which Bailey’s accusers seek to sanction him?

  20. What made the “Kids-for-Cash” scandal so heinous was the conspiracy of silence that took root among the court staff as well as the very people responsible for protecting the welfare of youngsters: probation officers and educators. Even the public defenders and prosecuting attorneys in Ciavarella’s courtroom remained quiet about the judge’s rights violations, though they were required to report them under the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s “Rules of Professional Conduct” adopted in 1988.

    Questionable practices went unquestioned, becoming accepted practices either because Ciavarella and Conahan intimidated those who might otherwise have challenged them or because the judges made sure the court staff was populated by political cronies and relatives.

    Not until 2009, when federal authorities began investigating the high incident of juvenile placements in Luzerne County, did the scandal come to light.

    William C. Kashatus (correspondent) Citizensvoice 11/04/2012 in his review of a book about kids for cash by William Ecenbarger.

    What did Castille know and when did he know it? Mrs. Kane, as you investigate the Sandusky investigation, or lack thereof, investigate Castille, too.

  21. Dear ACLU, consider representing Don Bailey, if he wouldn’t mind. This decent, good man has suffered long enough.


    don needs your help now. whatever you can do, now is the time.


  22. Addressing the Philadelphia Bar Association recently, Justice O’Connor called it a “serious problem that people in this country think of judges as politicians in robes” –

  23. Where are the criminal charges against those fellas? Their disobedience led to the continued incarceration of innocent kids, people! Where is the outrage at those “professionals” who were legally bound to take what they knew to the authorities, but instead stood by silently as, “Ciavarella sent children as young as 10 to detention, many of them first-time offenders convicted of petty theft and other minor crimes. The judge often ordered youths he had found delinquent to be immediately shackled, handcuffed and taken away without giving them a chance to say goodbye to their families” -Community Justice Network for Youth May 24, 2012.

    Why haven’t judges and lawyers demanded they be held accountable?
    Where are our paragons of virtue? Instead of taking Don’s license to practice law and $50,000 from him, pay him that sum and turn him loose on the organized crime plaguing our “judicial system.”

    Continue sending your letters of support for Don and outrage about the animals ruining our judiciary to CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The NYT, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, L.A. Times, etc.

  24. A suspended Texas judge has quit after pleading guilty to misdemeanor perjury and abuse of official capacity counts over alleged unfair treatment of attorneys.
    Christopher Dupuy’s resignation takes effect Friday. He pleaded guilty Thursday in a plea deal after a court battle that landed him in jail for contempt.
    Dupuy was Galveston County Court at Law No. 3 judge when he was suspended in May by a judicial ethics panel after being arrested.
    Judge Ryan Patrick on Aug. 28 found Dupuy in contempt for violating a gag order and sentenced him to 45 days in jail.
    Patrick sentenced Dupuy to 10 days of time served for perjury and 20 days of time served on the abuse count. Dupuy must serve two years of probation.
    Dupuy will remain jailed until Sunday.

  25. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Suspended Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury has agreed to plead guilty to conspiring with other Mingo County officials to keep a man from reporting late Sheriff Eugene Crum’s alleged past drug purchases to the FBI. A guilty plea hearing was requested by federal prosecutors Thursday afternoon.

    1. MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — A southern West Virginia sheriff assassinated on the job was hailed as a hero at his funeral in April for crusading against the scourge of illegal drugs destroying his community. He had filed more drug indictments in his first three months than in the previous eight years.
      But a federal conspiracy charge filed Thursday against the longtime local judge suggests that carefully cultivated public image was a facade, and that late Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum had himself been buying prescription painkillers from a man who made his campaign signs.
      The news shocked the head of the West Virginia Sheriffs Association, who said the allegation “flies in the face of what we do.”
      Nearly 400 deputies, troopers and officers from several states attended Crum’s funeral after he was killed in a shooting apparently unrelated to the conspiracy. Association director Rodney Miller said many may now feel “a bit of betrayal.”
      “It’s a rarity,” Miller said. “But good people go bad sometimes.”
      The revelations came from federal prosecutors, who charged suspended Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury in a conspiracy they say was cooked up to protect Crum’s reputation and career.
      The conspiracy laid out in court documents also involves a local prosecutor and a commissioner in Mingo County, a coalfields community along the Kentucky border that’s long been plagued by corruption.
      U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin said the goal of the plot was to stop a confidential informant from telling the FBI about his drug deals with Crum by putting the dealer behind bars.
      Thornsbury was charged with one count of conspiracy in a document called an information, signaling he is cooperating with federal prosecutors. On Thursday, prosecutors asked a judge to schedule a plea hearing for Thornsbury.
      The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
      Thornsbury’s attorney, Stephen Jory, declined comment.
      The U.S. attorney’s office declined to say whether prosecutor Michael Sparks or County Commissioner Dave Baisden will be charged. Sparks did not immediately return messages from The Associated Press but told the Williamson Daily News he’s “shocked beyond belief” by the allegations.
      “I had absolutely nothing to do with this,” he told the paper, suggesting that Thornsbury is lying “to exact vengeance against me in retaliation for my cooperation with his federal investigation.”
      The state Office of Disciplinary Counsel, meanwhile, moved to have his law license suspended, citing “egregious misconduct.”
      The sheriff’s widow, Rosie Crum, did not immediately respond to a message left at her home. She briefly served as sheriff after her husband’s death.
      Bruce Stanley, a Mingo County native and Pittsburgh attorney who has appeared many times before Thornsbury, said he hopes the corruption probe continues.
      “One can only hope that the U.S. attorney keeps digging,” he said, “though it’s quite possible he might reach China before he gets to the bottom of the corruption afflicting southern West Virginia.”
      Thornsbury had been the county’s only judge since 1997, before was indicted last month and accused of abusing his power in a separate case. Prosecutors say the judge had an affair with his secretary and tried to frame her husband repeatedly between 2008 and 2012 after she broke things off.
      He is accused of enlisting the help of a state trooper and commandeering the grand jury, and was set to stand trial next month. Prosecutors didn’t say how the new case will affect those charges.
      The new charge against the judge paints a picture of a tightknit team ganging up on a local sign maker identified as G.W. in the court documents.
      Attorney Charles S. West confirmed G.W. was his longtime client and the owner of White’s Sign Co. in Delbarton, George Ruben White.
      The slain sheriff, who was also a longtime magistrate, was elected last fall on a campaign to clean up a pervasive drug problem. While campaigning, he bought signs and other materials from White and still owed him $3,000 when he took office in January, the court document says.
      When White demanded payment, prosecutors say, Crum sent a confidential informant to buy the prescription painkiller oxycodone from him. Prosecutors say White was arrested Feb. 1.
      White then hired West, who was running for county prosecutor at the time, and met with FBI agents. The U.S. attorney’s office says White told the agents he had sold narcotics to Crum “on multiple occasions” while he was the magistrate.
      Crum and prosecutor Sparks then went to the judge and told him White had incriminated the sheriff. They let White know that if he fired his attorney he could get a lighter sentence, prosecutors say.
      West said he had never experienced anything like this in 24 years of criminal defense work.
      “Hit me right across the face with it. I didn’t know it was coming,” West said.
      He said he would have used every piece of evidence he had to help White, who is now serving one to 15 years for two counts of manufacturing or delivering narcotics.
      Crum, 59, died in a parking lot as he ate lunch in his car. He was keeping watch on a former “pill mill,” a place that had been shut down for illegally dispensing prescription drugs, to be sure it didn’t reopen.
      Tennis Melvin Maynard, a onetime boxing student of Crum’s, is charged with first-degree murder and awaiting trial. Maynard’s family claims the former sheriff had molested him and that the prosecutor’s office ignored his reports. Sparks has denied those claims.
      On Wednesday, Sparks recused himself from Maynard’s case, citing only “an emerging conflict of interest.”

      1. Bruce Stanley, a Mingo County native and Pittsburgh attorney who has appeared many times before Thornsbury, said he hopes the corruption probe continues.

        “One can only hope that the U.S. attorney keeps digging,” he said, “though it’s quite possible he might reach China before he gets to the bottom of the corruption afflicting southern West Virginia.”

        Can anyone explain why Mr. Stanley isn’t subjected to possible fines and a loss of his license to practice law? In the context of the judge Thornsbury probe, he says corruption in southern West Virginia could extend all the way to China

  26. It’s just not a good season for judges in Philadelphia.

    The Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline has found that Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas Nocella “lied repeatedly” about his qualifications to a Bar Association committee reviewing his candidacy and has violated standards of judicial conduct and the state constitution.

    “We believe it to be beyond dispute that a judge — or one who would be a judge — who is willing to lie — and in official documents … is not one who can be expected to encourage, indeed to insist that truth be spoken in his courtroom,” the board said in its opinion.

    Nocella had already been suspended with pay by the state Supreme Court. The Court of Judicial Discipline suspended him without pay, and will consider other sanctions at a hearing to be scheduled soon.

    Now Don, you must be suffering from delusions. Everyone knows judges are not criminals, liars, thieves, cheaters, forgerers, drug users, wife beaters, bribable, conniving, treacherous thugs. Nah. They are all bound for glory. They are saints.

    60 Minutes

  27. “serious problem that people in this country think of judges as politicians in robes” JUSTICE SANDRA O’CONNOR

    She also said judges need to police themselves to avoid any appearance of bias or impartiality.

    “The best a judge can do is turn a high-powered lens back on themselves and try as hard as possible to practice good judgment about when their own impartiality might be compromised or questioned,” she said.

    “There’s nothing wrong with criticizing judges. They’re fair game…” O’Connor said.

    “We have a serious problem today because many people in our country think of judges as just politicians in robes,” O’Connor said.


  29. Judge Michael T. Toole was sentenced

    The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced today that former Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael T. Toole was sentenced today by Senior Judge Richard P. Conaboy to a 30-month term of imprisonment.

    According to United States Attorney Peter J. Smith, Toole, of Wilkes Barre, previously pleaded guilty to the corrupt receipt of a reward for official action. Toole improperly ruled in an attorney’s favor in a proceeding relating to an uninsured/underinsured motorist arbitration matter. In exchange for this judicial action, Toole accepted a reward from the attorney. Toole was also charged and pleaded guilty to the receipt of a cash referral fee of approximately $30,000 during calendar year 2006 which he failed to report on his federal income tax return for that year.

  30. Public Corruption: Courtroom for Sale
    Judge Gets Jail Time in Racketeering Case


    In a case that exposed widespread corruption in a South Texas county’s judicial system—reaching all the way to the district attorney’s office—a former state judge was recently sentenced to six years in prison for taking bribes and kickbacks in return for favorable rulings from his bench.

    Abel Limas, 59, a lifelong resident of Brownsville, Texas, served as a police officer and practiced law before becoming a state judge in Cameron County in 2001. He served eight years on the bench, during which time he turned his courtroom into a criminal enterprise to line his own pockets.

    “The depth of the corruption was shocking,” said Mark Gripka, a special agent in our San Antonio Division who was part of the team that investigated the case. “What was more shocking was how cheaply Judge Limas sold his courtroom—$300 here, $500 there—in return for a favorable ruling.”

    There was plenty of big money involved as well. Limas received more than $250,000 in bribes and kickbacks while he was on the bench. He took money from attorneys with civil cases pending in his court in return for favorable pre-trial rulings, most notably in a case involving a Texas helicopter crash that was later settled for $14 million. Referring to an $8,000 payment Limas received in that case, our investigators listened on the telephone as he described the cash to an accomplice as eight golf balls. “Their code language didn’t fool anybody,” Gripka said.

    Evidence also showed that Limas made a deal with the attorneys in the helicopter crash case to become an “of counsel” attorney with the firm. He was promised an advance of $100,000 and 10 percent of the settlement—all while the case was still pending in his court.

    published by the FBI
    listen to their recording of Limas at the FBI –PUBLIC CORRUPTION: Courtroom for Sale

    The FBI has established a new program consisting of special task forces targeting public corruption

  31. They’ve all come to look for America
    All come to look for America
    All come to look for America

    we’ve all come to look for America
    and i found a vast waste land

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Consiglio summarized the case, and the impact of Toole’s crimes on the Luzerne County judiciary, as he argued against leniency.
    “This is ultimately about the loss of trust when judicial decisions are corrupted,” Consiglio said. “Evidence of one corrupted judicial decision taints the entire well of good that comes from the judicial system.”

    Common Pleas Court
    Judge J. Toole,
    5 JD 2011
    Toole pled guilty to 1 count willfully making and subscribing a materially false
    individual tax return and Corrupt Receipt of Reward With Official Action Concerning
    Programs Receiving Federal Funds, both classified as felonies. Sentenced to serve
    a period of incarceration of 46 months; 3 year supervised release; restitution in the
    amount of $444,000 and to pay a special assessment of $800; and to forfeit
    specified cash, bank accounts, real estate and personal property.

    MDJ I. Stoltzfus,
    4 JD 2011
    Stoltzfus attended the continuing education school for the minor judiciary.
    Over lunch, he handed condom-filled acorns to two female state employees in a
    park, while wearing a badge identifying his position as a magisterial district judge.

    Former Superior Court
    Judge M. Joyce,
    3 JD 2011
    Joyce convicted of two federal felony counts of mail fraud and six federal felony counts of engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specific unlawful conduct.

    2 JD 2011 Grand Jury Presentment recommended Office of Attorney General charge
    Liberace with 3 misdemeanors involving Indecent Assault, Endangering Welfare of
    Children, and Corruption of Minors. Jury found Respondent guilty of Endangering
    Welfare of Children and Corruption of Minors. Sentenced 3-to-6 months incarceration plus 1 year probation on each of the two charges to run consecutively. Also ordered to undergo psychological sexual evaluation and be subject to the rules governing sexual offenders.

    MDJ M. Merlo,
    1 JD 2011
    1 JD 2011 Companion case to 3 JD 2010 and decided concurrently 10/17/2011. Removed from office and prohibited from holding any judicial office in PA.
    Respondent appealed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

    Former MDJ Daniel S. Davis
    2 JD 2007
    Failure to hold hearings as required by law re defendant’s financial ability to pay
    fines and costs; imposition of illegal sentences; failure to properly supervise
    his constable 05/14/08 Public reprimand; based on prior resignation from office and assurance will not seek judicial office in the future

    MDJ Maynard A. Hamilton
    2 JD 2006
    2 JD 2006 Judge punched off-duty police officer at a golf club and then told the officer’s wife she could go pick him up off the floor 08/03/07 9 month suspension w/o pay, medical benefits remain intact; probation for 1 year following suspension

    TC Judge Willie Singletary
    1 JD 2008 During campaign personally solicited funds and personally accepted funds 01/23/09 Public Reprimand; Probation until 1/23/2011; Report monthly to Chief
    Counsel and reports to be filed by JCB with CJD

    MC Judge James M. DeLeon
    2 JD 2008
    Allowed a social relationship to influence his judicial conduct; lent the prestige of his
    office to advance the private interests of others; engaged in ex parte communications; disrepute

    CP Willis W. Berry 1 JD 2009
    For more than a decade operated a private real estate business out of judicial
    chambers, utilizing his judicial secretary and judicial resources and failing to
    comply with various building and safety codes’

    4 JD 2009 Alonge’s “bizarre” and “weird” conduct toward 5 young women was antithetical to the reasonable expectations of the public as to how a judicial officer should conduct himself and so extreme that it brought the judicial office into disrepute

    Former MDJ David J. Murphy,
    1 JD 2010
    Murphy forged the signatures of 64 individuals in connection with his reelection
    campaign for magisterial district judge in 2009. This conduct pre-emptorily
    appropriated the voting rights of the electors whose names were forged upon
    the petition and, as such, was so extreme that it brought the judiciary into disrepute.

    6 JD 2011 Cioppa indicted by county for 2 counts of Bribery, 2 counts of Official Oppression, and 2 counts of Indecent Assault.

    no one aches
    no one hurts
    no one even sheds one tear
    k greene

  32. N.J. Prosecutor Turned Criminal Is Sentenced to Six Life Prison Terms

    Bergrin, 57, was a U.S. Army judge advocate general, an assistant Essex County prosecutor and assistant U.S. attorney in Newark.

  33. Stearns said he concluded “the typical registrant on a Kline & Specter Web site would not know that he or she was opting out as a participant in the MDL class by registering’ with Kline & Specter. Moreover, neither of the Web sites explained that a registrant who opted for inclusion in litigation in the state courts’ might (depending on his or her state of residence) be left with no means of recovery.”

  34. An arraignment was held Tuesday for St. Clair County probation worker James Fogarty, who is accused of selling cocaine to two county judges, Joseph Christ and Michael Cook. Christ died in March while on a hunting trip with Cook at a lodge owned by Cook’s family. A coroner on Friday confirmed that Christ’s death was due to cocaine intoxication. Christ, a longtime prosecutor, was sworn in as a judge only 10 days before his death. He was 49 years old and a father of six.

  35. At one point during the interview Wednesday evening at Fogarty’s home, the federal agent told Fogarty that Circuit Judge Michael Cook had just been arrested on federal drug charges. Forgarty responded, “he’s (expletive),” according to the affidavit.

    Cook stood in a federal courtroom Friday morning wearing cut-offs, a “Bad is my middle name” T-shirt and shackles as he was arraigned on federal charges of possessing a weapon while using drugs and possession of heroin.

  36. Supreme Injustice on the Waterfront? LWV and Philly Mag Raise Concerns
    Karim Olaechea 05/23/2008

    “a provision that legal challenges get fast-tracked past the lower courts and go right to the Supremes. At press-time, in the 11 separate matters involving SugarHouse that have been decided by the court, the casino has gotten favorable rulings 11 times.”

    Has Pennsylvania’s highest court been compromised by greed and political corruption? A year ago, when I first got involved with working to keep casinos out of Philadelphia neighborhoods, I might have been shocked by the very idea. Now the question seems appropriate.

    On Monday, the League of Women Voters (“LWV”) filed a federal law suit that makes a stunning allegation: it alleges that former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ralph Cappy secretly met with legislative leaders and struck a deal to uphold the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s slots casino bill in return for a pay hike in the form of . . . wait for it . . . the now infamous pay raise of 2006. Furthermore, the complaint asserts that these types of alleged shenanigans date back a decade to the mid-nineties.

    Meanwhile, keep in mind that both the gaming act and the pay raise were passed by the General Assembly through a process called “gut-and-replace” whereby a law is stripped of its original language and intent, and rushed to a vote without the mandated three days of public review in both the House and the Senate. This is a clear violation of Article 3 of the Constitution and last year a lower court struck down a perfectly nice 2002 hate-crimes bill, finding the “gut-and-replace” tactic to be unconstitutional.

    Though some observers have questioned whether the LWV’s case will succeed, few familiar with the history of the court’s decisions regarding casinos are shocked or surprised by the accusations that the Court might have lost its independence.

    Is it true? If not, why would a respected nonpartisan group such as the League of Women Voters put its reputation on the line? And their case isn’t the only place where you can hear these questions raised about justices and injustice.

    Take this month’s Philadelphia Magazine story about the feud between former friends and political allies Senator Vince Fumo and SugarHouse investor Richard Sprague as exhibit B. In his article, Robert Huber explains that:

    These days, Dick Sprague helps watch over the State Supreme Court from his perch on its disciplinary committee, which is chaired by Bill Lamb, an ex-justice who is one of Sprague’s closest friends. So close that Fumo sometimes referred to them in phone conversation as the “tennis player” – Sprague–and his partner–Lamb.

    Well guess what? You can cue up the spooky music because Bill Lamb is also an investor in SugarHouse. Huber goes on to slyly note that the gambling bill written by Fumo in 2004 has “a provision that legal challenges get fast-tracked past the lower courts and go right to the Supremes. At press-time, in the 11 separate matters involving SugarHouse that have been decided by the court, the casino has gotten favorable rulings 11 times.”

  37. Since December 2008, I’ve been dealing with the corruption in Carbon County, PA. Primarily with the present Dishonorable Judge Roger N. Nanovic… He has fabricated testimony in hearings, that NEVER were testified to numerous times. Faxes to Prothonotary were made available to opposing council, even over weekends. Agendas changed without notice or service, to original hearings’ agenda, also without service. I’ve had judgements mailed out after the appeal date & decisions back dated, also without service. Court administration fees, even including sheriff service, which were NEVER performed. Numerous fraud & drug police investigations were interfered with on local, state & federal levels. He was also made aware of Free lunch fraud being committed by a present Jim Thorpe PTA board member, as well was the school districts Attorney Gregory Mousseau. Fraud that had been going on for many years. What a coincidence, that exact PTA board member is now the President of the LB Morris PTA.

    He allowed a Jim Thorpe School District PTA” friend” to claim a monthly mortgage payment as a living expense to determine child support for years, despite his “friend” putting the property in foreclosure for years. Moreover, allowing double dipping from my Social Security Disability, in addition to child’s allotment, illegally. Most recently for that same foreclosure, he kept giving his Jim Thorpe School District PTA” friend”, a co-defendant, continuances prolonging her free ride. After many years of HIM jerking around Bank of America’s attorney & making them start over, he set a trial by jury, which was eventually changed to non-jury trial. Then more postponements followed. Eventually, he fabricated & back dated a “trial” that NEVER happened, before the actual trial was supposed to take place. He made a fictitious judgement charging me with the greater sum, than his PTA “friend” who was allowed to stay there many more months for free. Then sends out an additional judgement to add to his fictitious judgement, increasing it. All for a property, in which he was part of the original plan to constructively evict me from my property, through a PFA & also keep ALL of MY belongings hostage & eventually distribute ALL of them to his “friend” through another hearing, that I found out about, AFTER the appeal date.

    At minimum he has violated my civil, parental & constitutional rights. I’ve searched but results, so where to I start reporting him & his cronies?

  38. A former Philadelphia judge and personal injury attorney has been disbarred on consent by the state Supreme Court.

    Pending against the ex-judge was a petition for discipline stemming from charges that he created fictitious medical records indicating injuries and treatment for several of his clients whom he had referred to a chiropractic office he co-owned.

    The Supreme Court accepted the resignation of 87-year-old attorney and former Judge Bernard Snyder on September 18.

    In its petition for discipline, the board detailed a series of violations allegedly committed by Snyder in connection with the chiropractic office, Philly Family Practice Inc.

    It only makes sense to hunt down Bailey. As if our judiciary stands on its pristine reputation for moral valor, a true paragon of virtue.

    “you got gangsters in power and lawbreakers making rules” dylan

  39. i notified the fbi and kane about the corruption about which i’m aware and asked them for investigations. i continue to seek coverage by the major media. Watergate broke through small leaks. there is more than enough known corruption to entice any news source. just one more damning story that implicates these bastards should create a tsunami of unprecedented proportion. if i were producing 60 Minutes, i would be all over this debacle.

    i believe don will emerge as an American hero on the scale of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. he has stood up to great evil; evil insulated from the reach of the law through its crafty use of the law. they have turned our democracy on its head by granting themselves immunity. we are in great danger.

    if not for the feds, Luzerne likely would be ongoing. btw, how did zappala not know his partner was kicking back millions to ciavarella and conahan?

    the aclu should be kicking butt with these ongoing travesties, yet they are silent

    i ask that top notch lawyers come forward and represent don, pro bono, at this time. do you sleep well at night?

  40. As a judicial candidate in Chester County, lawyer Samuel C. Stretton testified yesterday that he wants to talk about problems in the court system but is afraid that such criticism could land him in hot water with the lawyer disciplinary board.

    That, after all, was what happened to West Chester lawyer Robert B. Surrick, who was notified late last year that he was under investigation by the disciplinary board as a result of a letter to lawyers in June 1989 when he was thinking about running for the state Supreme Court.

    The question of what Stretton can say or do during his campaign for election is in the hands of U.S. District Judge Clarence C. Newcomer. Yesterday he postponed a decision on the lawsuit, which could have a dramatic impact on the way judges are elected in Pennsylvania.

    Stretton is challenging two provisions of the state Code of Judicial Conduct – a section prohibiting a judicial candidate from stating views on disputed legal or political issues and a section barring a candidate from personally soliciting campaign contributions.

    Stretton, a Democrat, testified that he wants to talk about the need for various changes in the judicial system in Chester County – topics he said could be considered disputed legal or political issues.

    Robert H. Davis Jr., acting chief disciplinary counsel of the disciplinary board, testified that Stretton could make such comments.

    Under questioning by attorney Samuel E. Klein, who represents Stretton, Davis said that a judicial candidate can make critical comments about judicial opinions and can even refer to conduct as “bizarre.”

    Klein sought to show, however, that Surrick, a longtime critic of State Supreme Court Justice Rolf Larsen and the state Supreme Court, was under investigation by the board in part because he had characterized some judicial conduct as “bizarre” in the letter.

    “You are being investigated for making that exact comment, is that correct?” Klein asked Surrick.

    “That is correct,” Surrick replied.

    Surrick testified that he was notified in a Dec. 31 letter that he was under investigation by the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the board that regulates the conduct of lawyers, as a result of the 1989 letter.

    In Surrick’s letter to lawyers, he asked for campaign contributions and said the judicial system was “rife with decay, intellectual dishonesty and corruption.”

    The disciplinary board’s letter advised Surrick that he was the subject of an inquiry for possible violations of the code provisions barring a candidate

    from personally soliciting funds and from announcing his “views on disputed legal or political issues.”

    In a series of pointed comments, the judge raised repeated questions about the 18 months that elapsed before Surrick was notified of the inquiry.

    “A year and a half later, you question what he wrote to attorneys?” Newcomer asked Davis.

    “That’s correct,” replied Davis. Davis also said the investigation of Surrick was still open, and that the personal solicitation of campaign funds was definitely barred. But, Davis said, he now understood that Surrick’s other comments were permissible.

    “After two years you have come to that conclusion here this after-noon?” Newcomer said.

    Later, Newcomer again raised concerns about the time it took to notify Surrick. The delay, Newcomer said, “seems to suggest the possibility of secondary motive.”

    In a separate federal lawsuit, Surrick contends that he learned of the inquiry immediately after he was dismissed as a defendant in a lawsuit Larsen filed against him, The Inquirer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    Surrick is asking the federal court to stop the state board from ”continuing its pattern of harassment.”

    Klein is a member of the law firm of Kohn, Savett, Klein & Graf, which also represents The Inquirer.

  41. I’m seeking an attorney that can help me sue a public official currently dunning for Governor, regarding a civil rights case of which that official impeded justice in the investigation. The case has been denied up through appellate court all based on technicalities. The merits of the case has never been tried and now I am seeking to motion the court with a writ of mandamus and I want to charge the public official with obstruction of justice. I defended my case prior to this Pro se

    Thank you,

  42. I can understand the feeling of disgust as I believe my Rights have been violated many times by the pa state police and the luzerne county court

  43. I have a question to ask because I’m not sure if my civil rights were violated. 

    This began as a workmans comp case. While in court a pa state trooper entered a report as evidence and also testified to it. I knew she lied on both. I wasnt allowed to do anything about it at that time. Untill After the judge made her decision, I was then able to file a complaint with internal affairs. They investigated it and they told me the trooper was reprimanded. But wouldn’t say what was done or give me anything to show the court that this was done. My wc case was ruled against me and in the judge’s decision it was stated that the trooper was a credible and persuasive witness. How is it that a trooper can falsify a report, commit perjury and not have to correct that in court. I still have all the documents to prove this. Were my civil rights to a fair trial violated? Was or is this police misconduct?  Why do I and my family have to suffer because a trooper lied? Because of her actions I’m still hurt, out of work, cant afford even my phones anymore and am in jepordy of losing my home. Is there anything that can be done.? 

    I’ve already talked with wc about this and their judges dont have the power to do anything about it. No other agency’s want to take this seriously. ..

    Is their someone out there that can help me..?
    You can reach me at

     Thank you for your time.

  44. I’d love to bring suit to Philadelphia family court for breaking civil rights, and kidnapping our children, and breaking up families, more so with taking children away from fathers. Imprisoned for support etc. Fathers should march to Washington.

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