Harrisburg federal courthouse issues reach new lows as they go after PA attorney who is exposing public corruption

Please be advised that the disciplinary hearings for Attorney Don Bailey will proceed on August 11 and 12, 2011, beginning at 9 a.m. in the Judicial Center on Commonwealth Avenue, Harrisburg Pennsylvania.   We are asking as many of you that can to please show up for those hearings.  Furthermore, Don is in the process of filing a federal civil rights lawsuit where he and at least 20 of his clients at this point are suing these federal judges and others related to the state and federal courts and disciplinary system.

At this point, it appears that there is a fix that is in the state disciplinary process, and we do not say that lightly.  Don’s most recent request for a continuance has been denied, and virtually all of the subpoenas that have been served to prove his allegations have been quashed – he is being completely deprived of all due process.  Our view of this is that they know that it is just Don against them, and even though Don is and has always been 100% blameless, as long as it is just Don, they can prevail and control the outcome and aftermath, because it’s all kept within the courts and its discipline system.

We believe the strength of everything here depends on people outside the system who have been hurt (Don’s clients and Attorney Ostrowski’s clients)  being involved actively in this effort.

The Unites States Senators for Pennsylvania, Toomey and Casey, are ultimately in control of this, and they know what is going on, and they must be made to know that this will become a political issue outside of the courts, and that they will have to answer for this.  They have already been specifically advised of all of this.  The evidence is increasingly clear that there is a corruption problem in the federal court here in Harrisburg, and until we can shift the balance of power, it is politically easier to sacrifice Don on the altar and to protect the individual judges.

We believe you are all aware of the impeachment sites for Judges Kane, Conner, and Jones, and/or have had your personal experiences with them and been harmed by them.  Again, it is much, much easier to get rid of Don than to admit and address a corruption problem in the courts, and public assistance and attention to this effort is critical.  Please do what you can, and show up on August 11 and 12.  We are attempting to have this organized as a protest outside the courthouse if we can get enough participants.  Regardless, any support you can provide would be helpful.

And for those who don’t know who Don Bailey is, it’s time to learn.  Don is one of our last true defenders of freedom and the Constitutional law that protects us from the abusive court system.  You can learn more about Don’s heroics at http://www.DonBaileyLaw.com and from WikiPedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_A._Bailey.

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  1. It has become increasingly clear that our state and federal courts are not capable of disciplining themselves. In Don’s case they are denying him witnesses and quashing subpoenas that are critical to his case. Don has even been denied the right to subpoena the admitted complainant’s against him, and he has also been denied the right to view the complaint. Conflicts of interest are also clearly present in this case, yet motions for recusal were denied without discussion. A state cannot exclude a person from the practice of law in any manner which violates due process, and the violations here are too numerous to count. Don’s due process is being violated because the disciplinary board is failing to follow rules and procedures, resulting in extreme prejudice. Among the most egregious of the procedural errors is the denial of any and all discovery. The due process violations have further completely cut off Don’s rights to confront the witnesses against him, and to compel witnesses to appear and testify on his behalf in this quasi-criminal proceeding, which is clearly a 6th Amendment violation. The prejudice of these failings, and the prejudice to the administration of justice reflected by these proceedings warrants the dismissal of these charges standing alone. Don is being subjected to a selective and vindictive prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct, which mandate dismissal, and is a First Amendment violation as well.

  2. We Need Prayers for Justice!!!

    My name is Jeffrey Wackwitz and I’m sending this letter out over the internet. I hope that some where out there someone will read this and help my family and me so here it goes. God be with us!! My plea for help is based on a case in P.A. I was accused of selling controlled substances. The charges were stemmed on March 18, 2009 at which time I was at my place of my employment. I went to trial the first time it was a miss-trial that was in October 2012.

    At that time the jury couldn’t make a decision so the DA took it back to trial. But between the two trials there was charges brought against my wife, daughter, and myself for perjury. Even though I wasn’t found guilty I was also picked up on a warrant for failure to appear for a jury selection that I was in no way informed of by the courts or the attorney. Then prior to the second trial the evidence was destroyed. But the courts were still going to try me the day of the second trial. I was so distraught and upset that I knew I didn’t have a chance after all jury was picked without me being there. My wife and daughter was charged for trying to tell the truth funny thing is I had 5 witnesses and my daughter was supposedly a witness for the DA.

    Although, when she wouldn’t say she was someplace she wasn’t she got charged. Now if anyone can read between the lines well only my loved ones got these charges. This case is in Potter County and I just want someone to take the time to look in to this case. They will see that it’s really screwed up on top of all this the CI on this case was a family member and undercover ID me with a name given to him and a 10 year old P.A. drivers license picture. This is only a little of the story there are so many wrongs in this whole case from the CI, undercover, courts, DA.

    In brief, this happens in this county more than the public knows I have never sold or done drugs I have been in sobriety for almost 10 years. I have made mistakes but I didn’t do this crime but the prosecutor has done things that don’t happen in a real justice system and I know I’m not the only one There is a history between the prosecutors family and mine so what I’m asking is that someone please take the time to read this and look into this for my families sake and for justice. If you want the whole story please contact my wife at her email. I know I can get help if you’re not afraid of getting the truth just give me a chance to have a fair and justice trial. Thank you for your consideration.
    Jeff and Donna Wackwitz

    1. There is something very wrong here and we need someone to look into this case a inmates life is about to be corrupted with wrongful record. Please if you can take the time to review my husband case it would be a blessing I believe you are right about injustice for citizens. Thank You for your deepest consideration.

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