UPDATE: Federal Judge recuses herself from civil rights case of Don Bailey and clients/State disciplinary authorities resist release of hearing tapes/Efforts underway to initiate investigations

In recent posts, we alerted you to expect the posting of the transcripts of the August 11 and 12, 2011 hearings in the proceedings to “get” the law license of attorney Don Bailey.  To update the status of that proceeding, the hearing was left open pending the Supreme Court’s resolution of the Petition for Review filed by Bailey (see Bailey document post), and to provide Bailey the opportunity to submit additional documentary evidence into the record.  Despite the fact that the Petition for Review, which raises the issue of Bailey virtually being denied all witnesses essential to his defense, has remained pending since August 2, 2011, and despite the fact that the rules require this Supreme Court to issue further directives to the parties to handle the disposition of these types of matters, no action has been taken.  In other words, the Supreme court has self-imposed a stay of sorts in the advancement of these proceedings, and is just sitting on this for reasons as yet unknown.  It is specifically unknown what effect any of the following are having on this Supreme Court:  1) the pending federal civil complaint with its John and Jane Doe plaintiffs and defendants (and whether … Continue Reading ››
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