Bailey hearing status and PCRLN updates

As we reported in previous posts, there has been something of a hiatus imposed on the Bailey disciplinary proceedings, although there has been some working behind the scenes to move the case forward.  The hearing tapes have been received and are being transcribed, and we hope to bring you both the transcripts and the sound files here.

The Bailey docket shows that Bailey has submitted about 2500 pages of documents into the record of the proceedings, and we hope to get these documents and bring them to you here as well.  Apparently, under the odd procedure being followed in this case where lawyers are adjudicating rights of lawyers under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Supreme, and because of the outstanding matters that remained unresolved related to whether Mr. Bailey’s Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights will be afforded him, the Disciplinary Board has agreed to  allow Bailey to submit the documents where he and others have complained about judicial misconduct in the past, and to support the allegations he has made that underlie the current complaint.  It appears Bailey and his colleagues and clients have been complaining about these things for years, and nothing was ever done but attack Bailey and others in indirect ways, as we have discussed generally, and as we continue to reveal.

Please review our prior posts as to the status of these proceedings otherwise.  While there have been periods of apparent inactivity on this site, efforts continue to be underway to fulfill every goal as stated herein, and to continue to work and to bring you information on the state of civil rights in the State of Pennsylvania and elsewhere.  We will continue to bring you the “case updates” and hope to be more regular in making contributions to keep the genuinely appreciated interest that has been expressed in our efforts.  The issues that we are bringing you have no chance of success without public attention and public light, and we will be bringing these issues to those responsible to make political changes in the near future as we have promised.  For the time being, as suggested early on, the initial focus, or “crucible” if you will, for the elucidation of these complex issues is the case of Don Bailey, and the many things we will continue to bring you related to those proceedings.

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  1. Regarding the disciplinary hearings, I was told by one person, and had it confirmed by another, that there were actually armed guards with police dogs making regular rounds through the lobby area where those who were awaiting to testimony were gathered. I was also told that there were a few witnesses who were being intimidated inside by guards during while they were attempting to give key points of their testimony.

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