Bailey motion demands that Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismiss disciplinary action against him

On December 7, 2011, Don Bailey filed a motion to dismiss the disciplinary case against him.  The Motion was filed directly with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and alleges that the process itself has been so bereft of constitutional protections, that it is an effective nullity, that there is clear evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, along the lines of what has already been set forth in previous posts, and, most importantly, that he did not violate any rules of professional conduct in any respect.  As it turns out, Bailey’s appropriate and respectful (as those things go) complaints of judicial misconduct, have turned out to be true, as the record of the hearing transcripts (void for any purpose involving Bailey’s license) already has shown.  Please read the motion filed by Bailey: Bailey Supreme Court Motion to Dismiss Discipline Case Significantly, that motion contains cites evidence suggesting that Middle District Judge Christopher C. Conner has testified falsely under oath at the hearing.  The issue is set forth by Bailey as follows:
16.          Judge Conner is believed to have testified falsely on the issue of whether he was a complainant to the ODC, testifying in the hearing that he was not.  Bailey received a “Complaint … Continue Reading ››
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