The politics of personal destruction – anatomy of the judicial lynching of Don Bailey – Caputo piles on

As Tom Corbett said to Don Bailey during his deposition in the Kimmett case, “everyone knows who you are, Mr. Bailey”.  The implications and context for this comment are set forth in our November 21, 2011 “shit storm” post.  The premise of this article is that everyone has an opinion of Don Bailey, too, and those opinions are greatly divergent – his clients clearly holding one, and the judges and the lawyers, at least the ones taking their cues from the judges, another.  The purpose of this article, however, is not a general apologia for Don Bailey, he is fully capable of speaking for himself, and has told much of his personal story on the videos linked to his personal site, which you will find in the Additional Resources here.  The purpose of this post is to discuss the public record that has been made, by identifiable judges whose names have been used throughout, and to suggest that, based upon a reasoned study of that record, it reflects a judicial effort to smear Bailey's reputation, and ostracize, isolate, and eliminate him and the cases brought to him by his clients. Documents that have already been linked and referenced already reflect perhaps … Continue Reading ››
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