Why should you leave all the gains to the gluttons, knaves, and imposters? Go in and win! – Bailey class continues to organize / Conklin continues to fight for due process in mortgage fraud case

 ‘One word more, Mr Clennam,’ retorted Pancks, ‘and then enough for to-night. Why should you leave all the gains to the gluttons, knaves, and impostors? Why should you leave all the gains that are to be got to my proprietor and the like of him? Yet you’re always doing it. When I say you, I mean such men as you. You know you are. Why, I see it every day of my life. I see nothing else. It’s my business to see it. Therefore I say,’ urged Pancks, ‘Go in and win!’

‘But what of Go in and lose?’ said Arthur.

‘Can’t be done, sir,’ returned Pancks. ‘I have looked into it. Name up everywhere–immense resources–enormous capital–great position–high connection–government influence. Can’t be done!’

Charles Dickens – Little Dorritt, no 13

Bailey class continues to organize

One of the members of the Network circulated this quote from Dickens as she reflected on what has been lost to her personally, and to us (all of us as American citizens) collectively, as she remained resolute to oppose the mistreatment that she is now experiencing personally in asking for herself to have her case re-opened based upon the abundant public record of hostile and disparate treatment of Don Bailey and his clients over the years.  It may not be the perfect literary metaphor to capture every essence of what we have been discussing here, but the words do inspire and provide a focus as we resolve to continue and magnify our effort in 2012.  Thank you.

As we have reported in previous posts, numerous of Don Bailey’s clients have taken the unprecedented step of taking their causes upon themselves, and filing motions to open judgment, and the responses that have been received by the Courts, Judge Rambo and Judge Caputo taking the lead, have been disrespectfully dismissive, in the fairest light, and have failed to address the central contention that the bias and prejudice against Bailey, admitted by Judges Kane, Conner, and Jones’ mass recusals, and supported by the record as set forth in this site, and elsewhere in the public record, has interfered with their access to the courts.  The position is very easy to understand, and is clearly reasonable at its base.  Judge Rambo has been threatening and hostile, and Judge Caputo has been no measure friendlier.   The merits do not get addressed. Why?

Efforts continue to be underway to organize the Bailey class of clients and others who have been hurt and harmed by the course of conduct we have revealed through our coverage of all these proceedings.  We have begun to introduce you to cases of interest in our categories covering aspects of certain of the cases he has handled over the years, and is handling now, and will begin to bring you more regular case blogs as we identify the many American citizens, and even non-American citizens who have been hurt and harmed over the years, and have had their legitimate cases dismissed, or jury verdicts taken away, or accepted paltry settlements for their lost jobs, their lost opportunities, and their lost dignity, and have come to our courts seeking relief.  We will continue to update you on these efforts.  ‘Go in and win!’

Conklin continues to fight as Satori Farm remains under assault

We are very cautious about the language and rhetoric we use on this site, avoiding superlatives, hyperbole, and inflammatory words as much as possible so as to not off-put readers unnecessarily, and in due respect of the subject matter with which we are dealing, but the situation involving the efforts to evict Steve Conklin and his family have been a veritable assault – forces were literally amassed waiting to swoop in as lawyers attempted last-ditch chicanery to undo the TRO that had been entered less than 24 hours earlier, while Steve and, among others, his 83 year old father and a few supporters sat unaware like sitting ducks.  Again, that tragedy was avoided, but, before the ink on the TRO was even dry, the lawyers for the banks and the York County courts and officials proceeded anyway to schedule this para-military eviction for January 5, 2012; yet the federal court, Judge Mariani, has sat, while Steve continues to plead for judicial assistance.

The story of the abuse that Steve has personally taken at the hands of the York County judges, and now federal Judges, Kane, Rambo, and Conner, in particular, needs to be told, and the immediate story is one of current nationwide importance that could affect literally millions of people, and calls have gone out for support to all manner of activist group.  We understand that members of the occupy movements of York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster are making efforts to arrange a presence to peacefully protest, with civil disobedience, if necessary, the oppressive actions scheduled to take place, and in the hands of Judge Mariani, and that media coverage is expected with calls having gone out widely.  We encourage any of you to share in these efforts as well, and will bring you a more specific plan of action should the eviction not be stopped.

The details of the mortgage and fraud issues in the case have been covered more extensively on http://judicial-corruption.net/, and will are provided in some of the documents already linked here, and to be provided.  For now, there appears to be a real test for the wisdom and discretion of Judge Mariani, who has ignored the recusal motion filed by Conklin, and a real test, as real as it gets, whether the courts are capable of disciplining themselves.

We will continue to support Steve Conklin, and continue to bring you coverage of these most compelling issues.

Thank you.

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