Conklin makes final plea to Mariani who is sitting on his case, to stop the lawless acts of the York County authorities and banks, and protect him and his family from irreparable harm

In what has been an ongoing saga that is increasing in scope, and widening in public support, Steve Conklin has sent a final impassioned letter to Judge Mariani, pleading with new federal judge to do something to stop the lawless eviction of Steve, his 84 year-old father, and others, from being forcefully removed from their premises tomorrow, January 5, 2012, at 2:00. p.m..  It is believed that the banks have a veritable force assembled t0 charge in and forcefully remove occupants from the premises.  It may literally kill Steve's father.  The story has been followed widely by members of the Occupy movement, with coverage at, and calls going out to the national organizations.  We expect to have anywhere from tens to hundreds of people there to oppose and protest the lawlessness. Judge Mariani appears to have had a duty to act long before now, but is sitting on seven motions filed by Conklin since the TRO was initially granted.  Mariani granted the TRO on a finding that Steve and his family, primarily his 84 year old father, will suffer immediate and irreparable harm if the eviction is allowed to proceed, and there has nothing changed until now.  Judge Mariani needs … Continue Reading ››
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