Bailey poll removed

An editorial decision has been made at this point to remove the poll asking whether the disciplinary complaint against Don Bailey should be dismissed.  The decision did not have to do with the voting, it was 37-7 in favor of dismissal at the time, though was considered.  We did note a trend in the negative votes that will be revisted at some later point.  We would, however, continue to invite comment about the merits of all these things, positive and negative, and will look for a way to continue to have more substantive dialogues.  This is specifically directed at those readers who have legitimate questions and criticisms of this site, Don Bailey, or anything relevant to our purposes.  We cannot grow from what we do not know.

The reason for the decision is that it was a poor exercise of discretion to begin with, perhaps.  As we have pointed out, this is not “Don Bailey’s” site, but is a site inspired largely by the efforts of some of his clients to support him, and to raise their own voices to express opposition to the same things that Don has been saying, and that they have experienced for themselves.  Importantly, we did not have Don’s permission to make the poll, although it would not technically be required, but Don is fighting very hard to serve the clients he continues to represent, and to keep representing, and, although we will continue to cover all of the proceedings as we have, and the efforts to organize and take further action will continue unabated, we simply did not feel it necessary under all the circumstances to draw such prominent attention to the uncertainty that exists.

It is the unqualified position of this site that the disciplinary complaint against Don Bailey should be dismissed.  It never should have been filed, and there is a huge injustice that has been done, as reflected through the motions to open that have been filed, that needs to be remedied.  The Bailey poll was created when the Motion to Dismiss the Complaint was filed with the Supreme Court on December 8, 2011, and was, perhaps, inspired by the sense of justice that should be done.  It is, after all, a matter for the courts at present time.  The post will remain, and materials should be reviewed.  It may be reintroduced in the future.

The Motion to Dismiss follows:

Bailey Supreme Court Motion to Dismiss Discipline Case

We also remind and commend you to our post on the struggle within the civil rights struggle as you consider the negative votes, and the notion of  some people only taking what is being given to them:

Struggle within the civil rights struggle

Thank you.

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