2012 Year of the Whistleblower Petition – PCRLN to propose protection in light of Supreme Court encroachments

2012 the Year of the Whistleblower Some of the themes on this site transcend any particular case that we have addressed, and have broader relevance in our courts, and one of them, which is a major theme of this site, is whistleblower protection.  First Amendment litigation in public employment is the most basic type of whistleblower litigation, and there are some laws, none of which have been effectively enforced, that ostensibly provide additional protections.  Public employees often hold the keys to exposing public corruption, because they work behind the veil, and much of the fight that Don Bailey and many of his clients have been fighting has been centered around representing long-time, well-respected, high-level public employees, police officers, etc, who have exposed misconduct and malfeasance at the highest levels of state government repeatedly.  It has covered democrat and republican officials and administrations, and has persisted at the highest levels.  It is the heart of the Bailey "shit storm", and is a major focus of the efforts we wish to take politically. The Tom Kimmett/Corbett corruption case is a classic example of whistleblower litigation, and the entirety of the Don Bailey disciplinary case is quintessentially whistleblowing, though with … Continue Reading ››
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