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We have received this update from Author Bill Keisling of Yardbird Books on his efforts to study the anatomy of the Penn State/Sandusky scandal, with further efforts coming:

Busted: Behind the Sandusky arrest Narcotics agent nabs Jerry Sandusky ‘Tom didn’t want to do it’

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett made it clear to his staff that he did not want to pursue the pedophile case against former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

“Tom didn’t want to do it,” one Corbett associate explains.

A separate investigation involving AG office narcotics Agent Anthony Sassano in November 2010 finally broke the Corbett-imposed logjam in the Sandusky case.

Agent Sassano got a hit on Sandusky on his PACE computer database system and discovered that the former football coach was also supposedly under investigation for a pedophile complaint by Corbett’s heretofore-inactive state trooper, and prosecutor.

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or read a detailed insider’s timeline of the case here:

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