Supreme Courts act in Silent Synchrony – Bailey disciplinary motions Secretly denied – once again no due process!

On August 9, 2011, Don Bailey filed a 20 page King’s Bench Petition with several hundred pages of attachments, raising issues regarding the very integrity of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in light of the kids for cash scandal, and, among other things, the fact that the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board is not duly constituted as a matter of law, the law over which the Supreme Court has exclusive province.  There is only one non-lawyer member of the Board, and there are required to be two, and the one is the brother of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer.  The Board bringing and prosecuting the charges against Bailey is not able to do so as a matter of law, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (the role of that of the United States to follow), will not even address that among a myriad of other major and supportable issues raised by Bailey.  This is affecting dozens of Bailey clients, and it is unlawful on its face. The August 9, 2011 King’s Bench was dismissed less than 6 business hours after it was filed, and the case was allowed to proceed to the hearings we have discussed generally here as a mockery of due … Continue Reading ››
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