Racism (unfortunately) still thrives in central Pennsylvania – racist police chief in Harrisburg, 50% black and 70% minority, commonly used “N” word

To follow up on the theme of race discrimination, we reintroduce you to the summary of the Julian Adams v. Harrisburg City Police case, originally posted on July 16, 2011. While our studies will make some suggestions for how the race debate may need to change or be adjusted to reflect cultural development in the time since the passage of the civil rights legislation of the 60s, by no means, as is suggested by some commentators, has the existence of discrimination on the basis of race been eliminated, and we will continue to bring you case examples as evidence that much still needs to be done. The Julian Adams case involved a Harrisburg City Police officer who was effectively terminated based upon a completely manufactured charge that Adams lied under oath. He was later actually terminated when he filed a federal lawsuit.  The Chief of Police of Harrisburg, Charles Kellar, was very close to then-Mayor Steven Reed and is widely-known to be racially insensitive at least – there was evidence that he used the “N” word frequently, for example.  The facts of the case are more specifically set forth in the Brief in Opposition to Summary Judgment filed by … Continue Reading ››
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