Mariani gets an “F” in Constitutional Law 101 – Steve Conklin and his 84 year-old father to be forcefully evicted by state and local officials who the U.S. Supreme Court defines as lawless

In our Constitutional Law 101 article, we referenced the very simple analysis by which United States District Judge Robert D. Mariani could only reach one conclusion, a conclusion that most of us were first introduced to by the third grade – that in America, property cannot be taken without due process of law, which means a fair and impartial hearing before a fair and impartial tribunal.  Steve Conklin had neither, not even an unfair hearing in a partial tribunal – he had none whatsoever, and his property is scheduled to be taken away, by force, Monday, January 23, 2012.  The Supreme Court of the United States in a case called Hovey v. Elliot, 167 U.S. 409 (1897) instructs that this will be a lawless act.  The new federal judge, and 30 year union attorney, is condoning and fomenting lawlessness by rogue state officials.  This is the only conclusion that can rationally be reached under the law.

We talked in prior posts of the skepticism with which we viewed Mariani’s eleventh hour grant of the second TRO on January 4, 2012, and the expressed skepticism was the most favorable spin we could put on the move, as there were clear signs that Mariani, a federal judge for all of 2 months, was already involved, whether he knew it or not, as outlined in  Conklin’s motion to recuse, in activities that we applied another “F” word to, but this one wasn’t Fail.  Judge Mariani did indeed fail his first real test as a judge, but has passed with flying colors in serving the other agenda that we have set forth.

This brand new federal judge (61 years old) has now created a situation where a swarm of sheriff’s deputies from York County with their State Police backup will descend upon Satori Farm and remove this peace-loving family by force.  Welcome to the bench Judge Mariani, you made the banks proud.  Did you take an oath to uphold the constitution or make a pact to serve another master?  You just made America even less free, and proved that the judiciary is not only not capable of disciplining itself, but is at the heart of the problem.

We will be continuing efforts to assemble and peaceably protest and oppose the actions of what is, by definition, a lawless event scheduled to occur in York County on January 23, 2012 at 2:00 p.m..  We will keep you posted of our efforts.

Thank you.

One thought on “Mariani gets an “F” in Constitutional Law 101 – Steve Conklin and his 84 year-old father to be forcefully evicted by state and local officials who the U.S. Supreme Court defines as lawless”

  1. I find it difficult to imagine that in this day and age in America, after all of the overwhelming amount of information that has poured in over the years about fraudulent foreclosures, that this family is continually being targeted and harassed and denied Constitutional, Civil and Due Process rights for WHAT? WHY?

    It makes absolutely no sense at all. Expert witness affidavits from a nationally known expert Lynn Szymoniak proving fraudulent assignments and fraudulent verifications, the fact that EMC mortgage who is the target of several class action lawsuits and the payee of a $28 million fine imposed by the SEC for fraudulent documents is the one coming after this family, and all of the overwhelming evidence proving this entire debacle is outright fraud is just mind numbing.

    One has to wonder what these judges are trying to cover up. Perhaps they don’t want the world to know that the whole foreclosure crisis that continues to sweep the nation all could have been avoided had they listened to this man 14 years ago when he first began presenting his evidence. Are the judges trying to sweep it under the rug and protect themselves from all of the judicial misconduct they’re clearly guilty of over the years? This is an outrage.

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