One thought on “Motion for Sanctions”

  1. The legal law could help to set guide lines that would allow layperson an opportunity to file with written acceptable form. If able to read and understand laws prior to the written language to address the court. For example, most failure to address proper issues is the club thought that several legal growth in experience is not far from -layperson. It is teaching and guiding such behavior. I realize that an attorney is tired, overwhelmed and burden at times where the information can be lost and misunderstood. It is unfair for a person or persons to be under the library book shelves trying to figure out what book to express that idea and actions of legal offense. The law is the person sought out —there is a crime-what crime-how to express the crime with all the crazy unfamiliar legal appearance and decor. There is a Christmas item on that tree among them –the barrier is communication. By legal, is barrier of legal rights and laws. Constitution violation. If you go to Wal-Marts to get hired –where do you go ?????????who is hand out the job?????????? what type of job????? There is a machine that nicely ask the question and steps to get to where to go. This help reduce anger, rebellious thoughts and actions, and makes the courts as they should be there to remedy the problem, avoid the problem, note the problem, and this reduces the chance of reoccurring clogging the courts.

    The EEOC and Human Relations Complaint system is not helping the issues when they are not backing up the complaint in a way that is producing a relationship to help the situation. The Bible: law the story goes that God who would complain like Moses —-they complained and complained __here bread from the air —god will abandon us and we shall starve____Here comes them to tents awaiting for the big guy sent from god to converse—then five more in the tent-like light and night it was good let it be —–50 people in the tent -tent is losing color –new building –far away —Now, complex –back to the tent with ten let is be. Get It.

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