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A large part of the legacy of the Penn State/Sandusky scandal has been lost this week with the passing of legendary coach and Penn State benefactor Joe Paterno.  The what he knows and when he knew its and what he should have dones are now forever academic.  We posited that Paterno was, to a degree, a victim of the Penn State/Good old boys network of attorneys, politicians, and judges who have been acculturated to control and conceal institutionally damaging information.  This has been discussed in the Margo Royer matter as well.  All that will be further said at this point is that Pennsylvania has lost a larger-than-life man whose legacy may have been unfairly tarnished by those to whom responsible charge of the information was entrusted.

Bill Keisling of Yardbird Books has published a well-researched analysis of the Sandusky scandal in the larger context of the political use of the Office of Attorney General by Governor Tom Corbett, with detailed discussion of the primacy of the bonusgate scandal.  Keisling explores in detail how Corbett dedicated untold resources to the political prosecution of legislators in comparison to the deliberately impotent effort to investigate the Sandusky allegations, and the real costs involved in both.

To the extent that Pennsylvanians feel a sense of lost dignity to accompany the loss of an institution in Pennsylvania for half a century, Keisling’s article suggests that our own Governor may bear the brunt of the blame.  The entire article follows:

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  1. I have to make this comment, and with my whole heart and soul invested, I adamantly tell you that I lived the whole scapegoat experience with Penn State. Over the last 13 years, they have embedded slander in a website that comes up any time my name is googled-a camoflauged version of the facts of why I was terminated from Penn State in 1999, about the same time of the beginning of the Sandusky scandal. I even worked right there, in East Halls. My employment termination was an ending I was unable to escape, the planned course PSU orchestrated by many in order to terminate my employment—extremely ugly—all contrived, and there online forever to continue to endlessly harm my career, my reputation, my life. I hope the Paternos persue Penn State and I hope, in the end, they are so successful that not only is the stadium renamed Paterno Stadium, but, given the course of events, Penn State University is renamed to Paterno State University. I solemnly believe this has been as ORCHESTRATED as my employment termination and removal from my degree program at Penn State University was back in 1998-1999. May Joseph Vincent Paterno rest in peace and may this become a new beginning for the victims of the mistruths carried out throughout the history of Penn State Univeristy.

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