“I thought my case just fell between the cracks” – Bailey client motions to open updates, etc.

“I thought justice didn’t work for me in my case.” “I figured that the judge just didn’t see it the same way.” “The system just failed me in my case.” These are some of the refrains heard from the numerous frustrated and disenfranchised clients and former clients of Don Bailey who have filed motions to open judgment, and others such clients who haven’t.  None have said “my attorney failed me”, “my attorney just didn’t care about my case”, “my attorney just wanted the money”, or other such things that are more commonly attributed to those who have received unfair and unjust results through the legal process. What has become clear, as has been pointed out in other articles, is that many individuals have come to Don Bailey feeling those things that only can be felt by those whose civil rights - inherent and inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - have been violated in the course of their daily pursuits, and then are subjected to another, less easy to define, less easy to understand, deprivation of their rights by the courts, and the judges who are the stewards of our access to justice.  By engaging in the course of … Continue Reading ››
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