Miles Thomas – devoted husband and model citizen dies with dignity – despite the indignities of the federal courts

We sadly announce the passing of Miles Thomas at the Holy Spirit Hospital on Wednesday, February 15, 2102, at the age of 75.  John Luciew of the Patriot followed the first federal case, and the reunion, and published an article in the Patriot News announcing Miles’ death, and giving a kind tribute to Miles, and his efforts to be reunited with his dog named Baron.  John did a great job covering what was a very real and uncomplicated public interest story, and Miles remained specifically grateful to John until the end.

Miles lived the most dignified of lives by all measures.  Miles had a successful career as a stockbroker and investment banker, and was a devoted husband.  He was a member of the Harrisburg School Board who was known for his commitment to the community, and served for years on the Dauphin County Republican committee.  Miles spent the last of his life’s saving’s, including his house and most of his personal possessions, in the care of his wife of many years, who had suffered with alzheimers until her death.

After his wife’s passing, Miles had experienced brief periods of homelessness, living, at times, out of his car, with his collie Baron, who he had gotten in or around 2002.  Miles also had suffered with diabetes, which made him appear confused and disheveled at times, and was known to some local authorities, and had somewhat frequent admissions to Holy Spirit Hospital, where he was always well-treated, and liked.

Miles passing leaves a huge injustice undone, and an indignity that Miles was subjected through the federal courts.  Miles showed great courage, doing nothing but asking for his dog back originally, and even agreeing to drop his federal lawsuit in its entirety, and any claims for damages and attorney’s fees, even after having to appear in federal court and be subject to public ridicule by the attorneys for the Humane Society, McNees Wallace.

This article is being written in the first person, because there is no other way to tell the real story, as it revealed an agenda that was only later understood when Don Bailey was charged with misconduct in the Thom Lewis case.  There are huge injustices that have been left undone, and I was there with Miles on dialysis in the hospital, after he had lost Baron late last year – he was hoping to find another collie –  when he said he would never stop seeking justice for what had been done to him.  As a tribute to him and his courage, his whole story should be told, as it revealed a power that he had of which he, or even I, were unaware, because of the agendas of others, as have been discussed on this site, to hurt and harm Don Bailey and the civil rights clients he represents.

The first federal court action

I was with Miles the day he had his dog taken in August, 2009, Thom Lewis introduced us in my office, and we simply requested the dog be returned to its rightful owner, an apparent mistake having been made.  I was there and Don may have been busy – it was a simple enough issue. Thom Lewis was a client of Don Bailey’s, who I later also came to represent in connection with the sanctions proceedings against Don and Thom, imposed only against Don, which led to the disciplinary complaint.  See Thom Lewis Collie rescue case.

I knew very little of Thom’s case that Don was handling, and Don knew very little of the Miles case, except to the extent it became something of a spectacle.   Judge Jones, on the other hand, and the attorneys for Eckert Seamans in the Lewis case, and McNees Wallace in the Miles Thomas case clearly read some connection into the cases that only later became apparent.  Miles’ case was so simple – its complexity became bizarre.

Miles was a man who loved his dog.  He had fallen on hard times and was seeking assistance getting what is, in the law, his property back, that was clearly wrongfully, even if only mistakenly, taken from him.  I knew of no other agenda.  The very firm and repeated refusals to return the dog were perplexing.  There were no charges filed and no reason to keep the dog, and Thom Lewis had a preexisting agreement to care for Baron in times when Miles may need healthcare or other such things.

The threat of federal litigation did not change the Humane Society’s unreasonable stance, nor did the actual filing of a lawsuit and request for a Temporary Restraining Order for the return of the dog.  Instead, federal judge John E. Jones, who, prior to being the Chairman of the Liquor Control Board, was a republican fundraiser, and domestic relations attorney, granted something of a “temporary custody” to the Humane Society, then scheduled hearings in federal court on the issue of the return of the dog.

John Luciew began honestly covering what was a legitimate local human interest story, in a responsible use of the press to shed light on an ongoing dispute.  As the proceedings magnified, so did the coverage, and it became something of a spectacle.  It was nothing at all to be proud of in terms of reasonable people being able to resolve disputes reasonably, and was not easy to explain to those unfamiliar with the way business is done in these courts, as we have discussed throughout.  It was, at least, the abuse of the judicial system and misuse of judicial power.  At least Miles was afforded a hearing, although it was a completely unnecessary exercise.

Court proceedings were scheduled, and were attended by dozens of people.  Our efforts continued behind the scenes repeatedly to simply get this matter resolved, but communications were treated dismissively with hostility.  Miles again even agreed to withdraw his entire case, and all claims for damages and attorney’s fees, and end what had become a spectacle, if they just returned his dog to him.  Refused.  We even tried to get the matter resolved informally with the court.  Refused again.  Miles appeared and was ready to proceed with the hearing to get his dog back, and we remained unwary of any deeper connections to the Thom Lewis case.

Judge Jones took the bench and instead of proceeding with the hearing we tried to avoid, and which inconvenienced many attendees, he brought counsel back to try to resolve the matter.  Thom Lewis immediately became the issue insofar as Miles’ dog would not be returned to him as long as Thom Lewis had any connection to the case.  It simply made no sense whatsoever.  The “negotiations” broke down over the issue, and four attorneys and a federal judge discussed Miles rights to visit his dog at the Humane Society.   None ever answered the persistent questions as to what the issue with Thom Lewis was.  In retrospect they probably assumed that we knew what the issue was, but the only issue ever before Judge Jones was the return of Miles’ dog to him in the case on his docket, and that is the only thing that Miles and his counsel ever considered.  The fact is that it remained a mystery why Thom Lewis was such a factor.

Judge Jones reconvened the parties and those in attendance in the courtroom to announce that no agreement had been reached and that further proceedings would be scheduled.  Judge Jones concluded his remarks with the statement that he would see to it that “we will do what is in the best interest of Baron”.  What about the best interest of Miles?  Miles took this statement as a grave indignity, and it was, on many levels.

Miles had been subjected to stress, aggravation, and humiliation just because he had fallen on hard times and had his dog wrongfully taken, and was the litigant in court before Judge Jones, and it was his interest that was at stake.  He is a man.  Baron is a dog.  The Constiitution protects men.  Judge Jones’ statement squarely addresses the heart of the problem of the insensitivity of the judges of our federal courts to the protection of the most basic constitutional rights.  Judge Jones’ statement was legally akin to saying he’s doing what’s in the best interest of a car in a forfeiture proceeding – it was an insult and indignity to Miles Thomas, who was made to leave court again without his property, his beloved dog.

The Thom Lewis connection

Neither Miles nor I were aware at that time that the lawsuit filed by Thom Lewis in 2007 had been forwarded to the office of disciplinary counsel shortly after it was filed, indeed before it was even served.  Patti Bednarik from the office of disciplinary counsel received the case, and went to Sam Stretton, again before the case was even served, with threats that Don Bailey would be disciplined over it – in 2007 – we are in 2012, and these are the disciplinary efforts.

Bednarik, as it turns out, was involved in the illegal transportation of dogs, and used her Pennsylvania Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Counsel  email to run some of the operations, which appears to be big private business in Pennsylvania with personalities connected to the federal courts.  Bednarik was reportedly later relocated out of the office of counsel over the matter.  Disciplinary matters were proceeding against me as well during the handling of Miles’ case, though all proceedings had been concluded, and were believed to have been resolved.  I was later suspended.

The Lewis cases had preceded Miles’ case, and it was only through Miles’ case that Thom Lewis learned that Judge Jones was the former PLCB Chairman.  Among the defendants Thom had sued was a Daniel Flaherty, who was a PLCB administrative judge under Jones, when Jones was chairman.  Lewis was aware that Flaherty had used his office to run various activities out of in some cults that Flaherty, and Sterner, and others connected to the case, were involved with.  The knowledge of the connection passed by Don Bailey and Thom Lewis, each knowing some facts, as they had no reason to suspect that there was any connection between Jones and Flaherty, nor should they have.  If there was, it should have been disclosed and been known.  At least three other federal judges in the middle district had revealed connections to people involved in the Thom Lewis case.

In addition, Flaherty and his other cult member co-defendants, who were allegedly of little means themselves, wound up with attorneys from the Eckert Seamans law firm, a powerful-statewide law firm, with whom Jones may have some old political friends.  Judge Kane is also in a personal relationship with one of the partners of Eckert Seamans, who is believed to have connections to the disciplinary board.  The relationship and the gifts exchanged between Kane and the Eckert partner are the subject of writings of author Bill Keisling, who also had a case before Judge Jones over the abuses of the York Courts, along the lines of issues raised by Steve Conklin.  Bill’s case was dismissed without any fair treatment.  The Eckert Seamans attorneys are the ones who pursued the sanctions proceedings in the Third Circuit that led to the current disciplinary proceedings against Don Bailey.

Further Thomas court proceedings

A second hearing was scheduled before Judge Jones in Miles federal case, and this time we proceeded with our case.  This was November 2009. Miles took the stand and testified confidently, clearly, and with complete dignity, despite the McNees Walllace lawyer’s and Humane Society’s chances attempts to portray him as basically a “bum”, as commonly portrayed.  Amy Kaunas took the stand and testified falsely under oath, which was pointed out to Judge Jones, either then or later, but never addressed the issue.  Judge suspended the proceedings in the middle of the hearing, after we had rested, i.e., after we had established in a court of law Miles’ right to have his dog returned to him immediately, though three months after it was taken and called the parties back for settlement discussions.

Miles was involved in these discussions, and things like his housing arrangements and other such things that were nobodies’ business were asked of him.  Miles himself raised the issue of what the problem with Thom Lewis was, and it was simply not something that anyone would ever discuss.  We did inform them, as an additional accommodation that Steve Conklin had invited Miles to take up residence at his farm.  It is noteworthy that within 24 hours of the hearing, for the first time ever, Steve received a visit from a local dog warden with some sort of warning notice about a dog on his property, which simply did not exist.

The Humane Society, in clearly a face-saving gesture, then imposed an additional condition on Miles that he would have to agree to an adoption of his dog on a temporary basis, with conditions allowing visitation by the Humane Society, and other such intrusions.  Miles was willing to sign anything to get his dog back, and the fact is there was nothing he could sign that was not a further violation of his rights, but the Humane Society then wanted the consent of Steve Conklin to come on his property to conduct random visits.  The objection is apparent.  Nonetheless, it appeared that something could be arranged, and Miles left believing his reunion with Baron was imminent – it would be 3 more months.  Judge Jones assigned the case to Marty Carlson to finalize.

After the hearing, Miles and I both tried to make positive public statements about Judge Jones efforts to reunite Miles and Baron, as we did think it would be within a day or two, but the fact is that Judge Jones did what he did to protect the Humane Society, and, more importantly, to cut off Miles’ rights.  Miles had just appeared in his court and established that his property was wrongfully taken from him, and Judge Jones had no choice but to order that the dog be returned.  He was repeatedly reminded of this fact, and in a private discussion with Judge Jones, I told him I had no choice to go along in the face-saving, because Miles paramount concern was to be immediately reunited with his dog.  The Humane Society had just spent untold tens of thousands of dollars on one of Harrisburg’s premier law firms, and had even hired a public relations firm.

To order the dog returned would not only have been a huge public embarrassment, but would have opened Miles’ case to discovery, and questions about what the real issue was with Thom Lewis in the case, and what the real circumstances were behind the seizure of the dog, and all those other things that would have been allowed during discovery.  Judge Jones’ ordering the return of the dog would have meant that Miles already prevailed on one of his claims against the Humane Society, and would have been entitled to damages and attorney’s fees for that claim.  Judge Jones refused to simply go out and make that order, and Miles had to agree to whatever he could to get his dog back.  It was hard to be appreciative under the circumstances.

Miles second case against abc27 and Crowne Plaza

Miles thought his reunion was imminent, but the paperwork issue again became a fiasco.  Miles had learned that the Humane Society was holding its annual “fur ball” at the Crowne Plaza in Harisburg, and it was being hosted by abc27’s Valerie Pritchett.  The connection between abc27’s Alicia Richards and the Humane Society, and the refusal to cover Miles case while continuing to promote the humane Society had already become known.

Miles continued to remain proactive in the efforts to get his dog back, and was dumbfounded as to why Judge Jones did not just order it, though it was explained to him.  There was a network of people interested in Miles’ case, and someone agreed to buy him a ticket to the fur ball at the Crowne Plaza, and to rent him a room for the evening.  Miles decided to attend and ask that his dog be returned to him, and requested an advance ticket, and then attended the ball in November 2009.  The Humane Society, and abc27 personalities were aware Miles was planning to attend.

Miles entered the hotel and was accompanied by someone to pay for his room – he had money for the ticket.  Harrisburg Police officers were already on the scene when Miles got there, and he was escorted from the premises, and his room reservation was revoked.  He remained to request that his dog be returned to him, but was rebuked time and again.  These matters became the subject of the second suit Miles filed several months later against the Crown Plaza, abc27, Humane Society, and their associated personalities, which were also later dismissed by Judge Jones after I was suspended from practice during the pendency of Miles cases, and others.  The case was not filed right away, and Miles again just sought assistance in getting his dog back.  Crown Plaza/abc27 Complaint.

The return of Baron

Miles’ first case was scheduled for a mediation with Magistrate Judge Carlson, a mediation over nothing but the return of the dog.  The fact is that the right had been established, and that was the only condition on the table for Miles that the Humane Society offered, and they even attached complicated paperwork requirements to those conditions.  Miles attended because he wanted his dog back, and he had counsel with him as well, but was advised that there was nothing lawful about anything that was going on in the proceeding, and that he could sign anything he wants and should do whatever he has to do to get his property back, which had now become a hostage in a dishonest effort to have him dismiss his case, which he had already proven.  This is exactly what Carlson and the defendants were told by Miles counsel many times over, and Miles again did sign a paper, which was nothing more than that legally under all of the circumstances.

Again there were several weeks of paperwork hang-ups created by the Humane Society, who may have somehow or other legitimized their behavior to some board members of benefactors, and ultimately Miles was reunited with Baron in February.  There was great reward in the reunion despite the nonsensical course of conduct that had to lead to it.  Tens of thousands of dollars, days of court time, hundreds of attorney hours, media coverage, face-saving, and political agendas, all to not admit that a mistake was obviously made.  The reunion with Baron, again covered by John Luciew, was its own reward.

My suspension came right in the midst of this, and after that, Miles did not have counsel immediately because the courts took no measures to protect my former clients, and he had his first case wrongfully dismissed over his objection, his second case, against Crown Plaza, abc27, et al, was also dismissed though complete dismissal was not even requested by all parties.  This was filed by Miles pro se, and it was not until later that Don Bailey took over the cases to save what could be saved on appeal.  It was over one of the issues in Miles’ cases that Judge Jones called the disciplinary board to urge that they do something quick to get me so I can’t help Don Bailey.  Miles motions to open these judgments.  Miles was hospitalized at times in those months, and there is even evidence that mail was purposefully withheld from him, even not having a lawyer.

All of his cases were dismissed, and the appeals filed by Don Bailey were denied.  It was then during the sanctions proceedings in the Third Circuit in June 2010, against Bailey that all the connections became clear.  They believed that Miles Thomas was a shill, or that his case was being used for ulterior purposes. and that his case needed to be out of the way.  It was neither – no Thom Lewis agenda was known to counsel at any time until June 2010 – and there is no dispute that his property was wrongfully taken from him, and that he, like others, have suffered a second abuse at the hands of our courts.

Miles’ civil rights legacy 

Miles remained committed to seeing justice done throughout his cases.  He began in doing anything and everything he could to be reunited with the last thing he loved in his life, knowing that he was being mistreated in the process.  He was proactive in the effort, and knew his rights were being violated in the process itself.  He nonetheless also demanded his complete justice, after he got his dog back, and demanded his right to have these matters presented through the courts, and ultimately to juries.  He was seeking damages for what he had been through, under the federal civil rights laws.

Miles devoted his life to helping his community, and loving his wife, and was not deserving of having the agendas of others thrust upon him.   Miles was a dignified man and a courageous man, and it was an honor to know him and represent him.  The courts and the defendants in his cases owe him an apology at least for taking that dignity away as a reward for his life of service and support, and for participating in his mistreatment.  Whether it is forthcoming or not, Miles would surely accept it graciously.  He was a gracious and grateful man, and he will be missed.

Miles is not the first dog owner who has stirred the halls of justice.  Despite all the indignity that was created by the courts, and has been created and allowed to remain over the matters being covered here, the case was about a man and his dog.  In the case of a dog named “old drum” in 1870 where former Missouri Senator George Graham Vest (1830-1904) gave the following closing statement:

Gentlemen of the jury: The best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter that he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has, he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs it the most. A man’s reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads. The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.

Gentleman of the jury: A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.

If fortune drives the master forth an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him to guard against danger, to fight against his enemies, and when the last scene of all comes, and death takes the master in its embrace and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by his graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even to death.

Rest in peace.

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  1. Very sad, indeed. It is the epic and oft tragic tale of a Man and his dog. i wish make an addendum to this story from our perspective – it was almost immediately after Thom brought Miles to you, in August, and the issue then was Miles was homeless and that was what they were using to have taken Baron and keep him away. Very shortly after Thom brought Miles in ( a matter of a day, maybe two) we took Miles in to live with us, and thus, he was no longer homeless, now give him his dog back! This demand was clearly supported by law, but it became apparent that it was some sort of game being played out from the bench. some of which would be later revealed, as to obvious interests the judge Jones was protecting, as well as the attention, self-served as to elevate his stature. As to the latter, i thought then as i do now, that in part, Judge Jones relished the attention of the case, as much as he took (undue) credit for the celebrated “decision” in evolution v. intelligent design case that was previously before him. Be that as it may, The issue was Miles had a home, now give him his dog, Baron, which under Pennsylvania law, is/was his rightful property. This somehow got spun first by the Court as if Miles needed to adopt his own dog back, and it would require, since Miles lived with us, our mutual consent in adoption. Personally, this already wreaked suspect, but, i acquiesced, as it was more important to get Miles his dog back as opposed to whether it was his dog (by law) or he merely needs to “adopt” his own dog. Somehow this too took yet another spin, as it went from being an adoption to “foster care” , the terms of which were far more disturbing, in that the foster care was only good for six months, and after that, Baron had to be returned to the Humane Society; where, they alone, would determine Baron’s plight, to the further detriment of Mile’s inherent rights. Alongst with this so-called “foster care” came yet additional terms – that our home could/would be subjected to random “inspections” at the whim of the very people who stole Mile’s dog. Add to this, quite suspect in its own right, this new deal on the table, foster care, curiously suspect enough, the very next day we were given notice by a dog warden that we were in violation of dog law, subject to a $500 fine – problem was, i/we did not have a dog at that time. Meanwhile, Mile’s health was deteriorating, and this was due in significant part to his loss of his beloved pet, and the absolute nonsense that had ensue to keep him from getting Baron back. i had gone to several doctor visits with Miles, to be sure they understood what was happening, and how it was apparent Miles was rapidly losing the will to live. On the other side of it, whilst i was trying to accommodate the situation any way i could, as to see Baron returned, there was no way i was going to allow these so-called inspections on my property to occur, particularly when it was abundantly clear, it was all a ruse and set-up. (Not happening) Difficult position: i wished Miles would stand his ground, as it was clearly and unequivocally his right to do so, but i equally understood the situation he was faced with, and the fact, he was willing to do whatever just to get his dog back. And with that, he chose to agree to whatever they wanted, and departed the farm. There is absolutely no question in my mind, the Court did irreparable harm to Miles, and though aged 75 years, they are no less, responsible for his precipitated demise.

  2. This was such a sad situation that I prayed daily for the right outcome, for man & his best friend to be reunited. Now they will all be together in a more just world. Rip Mr & Mrs Thomas & Baron!!

  3. This is regard to “P–County Transportation Dept in Milford Pa and.. it’s manager ..his “loyal subjects” I believe[d] there was indeed the “$business$”of a “Buddy System” but shocked at the “”relentlessnesss””pursuit & lenghths they’s goagenda I also believe this munbdane Axct awas influenced by the taxi Owner[afterall they did try this in 2011.drivers told me..”””if you told this to anyone who didn’t know the story ,,they’d think you were imaging things’ BUT knowing Pa..etc and make no mistake..this Taxi Co..owner.. having “sabtoaged” their Competition” w/ the help of manager cannot afford to be fair!, moraly,as he is beholdin to her..I wonder what other “Gifts” are given as I have heard this owner went to school w/ the m,anager of the other county of Trasport–that they share vacations! Give expensive, gifts!! 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Please..I pray I can DETOX now as all these yrs each time I tried something got in the way I am Fragile,& Terrified,I pray today this decision is my favor..BUT this time the Director or the man in charge will not be part of..or playing in ant role” thus “BEHOLDIN” to anyone but his own consciuos descicion to allow me to stay peacefull w/ my ride..thank you..

  4. SORRY ..if I ranted..on & On the letters that were sent to..and the Gov..were writen by my mother who has way w/ the written word,unlike me she is professional..not emotional..Why..tell me..why..& how can any State enforce such cruelty..on innocent Disabled,,pateints I am 60yrs old ready to change my life I will suffer withdrwalls I will need support,,I am the hands of Monsters..thank you..I am dea,ling w/ those who are devoid of spirituality..and intellectual deapth!

  5. It is sad that when all good men like this couldn’t habd over their Morality & Compassion,Gov,Tom Corbit decision to tranfer Methadone patients from the clinic they are presentlt attending even of the other clinic is a demanding schedule and your attendence is only 2wice a month transportation dept manager gave false info didn’t even reasd the letters and tried to transfer patient “before” Act 121 a criminal act–Dep’t Of Transpo–Transpo said ride was Substantial Expense but if you call 7 miles & 30 days,EVERYDAY???,then 6 take homes instead of 13,,to be forced to another clinic one cannot simply SWITCH over that’s how NARCISISSTIC PIKE County manager is taking a patients only ride 2011 “BEFORE” Act 121.a paratransit Taxi was criminal -the employees who work there,BREAK CONFIDENTIALITY LAWS re Disability pateints calling clinics is AGAINST THE PRIVACT ACT!! People dept heaead do whatever they want if this was NY,,they’d have been in jail The right to MAINTAIN DR PERSCRIBED MEDS JUDGING OTHERS? NOTICE: “”MAINTAIN-ANCE””” MISSING IN METHADONE/ re Act 121 THE DID have Exexptions I Fit into it,, but didn’t want me to know..will bring Lawsuit to Pike County Transportation & WGM TAXI FOr SLANDER DEFAMATION ,,DANGEROUS ACT,,NO FACTS NO EXPLORATIONS! Where is the Site re this Act this mundane,,sanctimonious Act 121?

  6. UPDATE Re P County Trans manager now after 5 months Im acused of not having been cooperative to thwart the attention away from the issuesWhat liars to even depoct them as masters of anything but evil I’d have to say “they” are good at deceiving,,I was getting a partransit Taxi for yrs only twice a month,,I hardly call this a “SUSTANTIAL EXPENSE” they are so angered because I didn’t cooperate?? you mean because I didn’t adhere to their punishment that I could never have been transfered to another clinic they are insane and cannot accept that I had an EXCEPTION if they had any brains they’d have incestigated that the “other” clinic would demand 30 days for amonth then 6 days then 5 then 4 etc mo matter if I only went 2wice a month having 13 Take Homes I’d only get 6? I cannot believe the manager is that dumb but his relent;lessness to stop a yaxi in 2011 because he and the owner of the WWW taxi planned to stop ,my ride so he could sneek me that’s right SNEEK me because he redused to give me the taxi that was axccessable *& avai;lanle he even told the Taxi compnay that my plan didn’t cover their servioce what?/ They cover all counties & have the same contract as the www taxi did for 7 yrs! liar! now because they know I will wimn they’re trying to stop my Appeal telling me if you think you’kk win your chanves are Zero” a rep told me that not hte coward manager he lets the employees call clinics thus breaking Privacy act how dare they call my clinic another thing this rep MR R had the ?allls to tell me,,””,when an “Appeal” is DENIED you automatically go FIRST on the “Waiting List”at the transfer clinic,,,What? LIES! No such thing there is no LIST I was never ON a List,,& he never told me there was an “EXCEPTION”, I was never told this!! he said “”if there’s a “Waiting List” you have nothing to worry about”I said”” Forget it!!then after they don’t have a list?” I was wrong because I thought there was a List before I found out there was “”NO LIST”” I wasn’t on it!!,THEY were on “MY” side Now he’s telling “me” about lists,,since my
    the 1st Appeal was Denied, MR R said If when I go to the HEARING” I want to hear Ray when he answers to the question why didn’t ypou give her the taxi that was waiting to get her and why did you tell the taxi company her insurance didn’t cober their” that taxi whjen it did he said if you thinj this will be overyruned your chan ves are Zweo,,that sounds like fear to me! I can “”Appeal”” my insurance always paod for that taxi & the 7 yt taxi ,,they said “” you have & “had”every right to get your ride back Imagine telling me ” you atomatically get placed FIRST ON THE CLINICS’ “Waiting List” why..because I didn’t take their County “Share a Ride?” I’ve never “had” to Share a Ride & will never have that!!!,,my clinic was an appointment a certain time,,a lawyer told me this sounded like “discrimination at it’s best” cannot force me but my clinmic is only 10 miles further they didn’t read the letters re both clinics They’d have to spend over 2 thousand bucks the firsy month,@ 70 so called miles R/T– VS– my 260 a month?, bit 70 Times 30 days==2,100 the next month would still be or maybe 5 days? They’re furious because they couldn’t gey me transfer? Nobody simply changes clinics,,as if they were changing their clothes! there are such idiotic “”abuse of imagined power”” so I am ready to get a high pofile “”Victims” Rights” Lawyer,,they cannot get away w/ this I don’t want to Win anything I want the Justice for them to know they cannot destroy people’s lives I made the mistake of going on Methadone I had ther wrong advice it was for pain but I’m not addicted to EVIL as they are! The Governor didn’t insert thje “word” MAINTAIN-ANCE Self Exclamatory defines it as one is “”MAINTAINING””,,NOT A “SUBSTANCE ABUSER!!”someone said “oh that’s the same thing” No it was manupulative,,omitting that word! because it would make people think,,”MAIN- TAIN” the Gov mundane stipid Act 121 was influenced for a useless reasons & he didn’t read my letter to Appeal to Act 121because my clinic is not closer but it’s more miles,,I thought the miles was the Substantial Expense it is not!! They’ll cjoke on this because I will not let go of this I want my driver back,,I want my ride back I cannot endure the worry & depression and FEAR if anything happenes to the guys car who drives me,, what of this?? what of that? They’re gonn pay for all this pain they’ve subjected me to since 2011 and since march when I noi longer had my ride I made the EXCEPTION How long is she IN her clinic” IS THAT ALL IT WAS? 30 min’s the 1st of the month!! then 2 weeks later 15 min’s? VS EVERYWEEK They kepy saying I heard” you’d have the same of you didn’t read the letter fro,m the clinic staing their schedule & that of my clinic ‘caise you certainly did not hear it from the CLINIC THEY REFUSEd TO talk to anyone because they pay attention to confidentiality unlike Transportation morons!


  8. How can I contact mr.Don Bailey,and those who helped Mr.Miles Thomas receive justice,,I too have my own story re:abuse of power .”County Transportation told me “your chances of this being changed is zero” so I guess he {again} assumed the role & the opinion of the AdL so brazenly & smug,,his smug attitide believing he could say & do anyhinmg he cou;d without fear while supporting the lies * immoral conduct of the manager who has been a coward passive aggressior & refuses to talk over the phone,also assuming his words would come back to heaunt him uses his star pupiks employees to ask can “I” help you?” known for his “Stepping Our routine he stepped out for 11 days in 2011!!!,,he is a liar a sabatour,,a believer of lies,,condones the evil of others since he cannot recognizer truth,,rather cannot afford the truth conspiratory factors would attest to the fact that he was confronted by the party who accused him of but didn’t call iot by it’s rightful name sabatpour,,I’ve been told,,that is one woman said,,”oh they do that” but when another said it was mnore serious when she said it’s a crime indeed but they get away w/ it all the time” soiunded at least rational to me to think there was someone w/ a conciousness was a miracle! It’s not “OKAY” to lie todisabled passengers,,a manager who had lied saying they don’t cover that area or having lied telling them which taxi was the only one they could have it’s ok to give more fares to one taxi?}not according to the Taxi he & the owner have adopted as the premier taxi..while the other taxi was their competition ,,keep in mind this is their mentality to be greedy to the point of immorality the manager who runs Monroe couynty aslo went to school w/ Pike county excahnging expensie gifts sharing ,,vacations..accusing innocent people,,drivers of having made remarks later the accuser would retract the accusations but also told them the owner told them to keep their story,{??} so as not to make her looik bad {while dragging a reputation down as she did me,,i should have taken her court,,in 2011 when she made defaamtory reamrks against me while manager at PC told me “I believe her” so lets find out what they were planning in 2011 {I know the players if you know the players it would be so clear,,to you.. many drivers,,have heard firsthand,,so 2011 would would have the excact result in 2012? obvious,liars who abuse their ro;les,having made millions$ from medicaid,,etc falsehood,,bearing false witnerss,didn’t have to swear under aoth at the hearing nor did her have anything to say ,,,clever tactics when it was he whom I wanted to question this collective gang mentality corrupt mentality as a falsehoodsubjecting otrhers to fear tactics,the director’s innate narcisisistic hiuch they do best}.I too will expose the Transportation Dep’t for ill-defining my message which they recorded — as threatening when I didn’t threaten anyone while “they’re” the ones who have altered the Laws that govern ones mental health & disability ammatuers devoid of education,kbowledge,,medical or otherwise hiding behind the Senater Bill but not exploring the laws re Exceotions making decisions based on theuiir definitions must be Accountable for what THEY defined as Granted Exceotion Petition to Expose’ 2011 ill conceived plot..that’s right cause that’s exactly what “he” did..Plotted w/ other,,then employees,, intimidated ‘me” were given “Card Blanc’ to his star employees a/k/a/his gang threatening my ride,,my life my “Right To Know” My Civil Rights,,Disability Law Confidetiality Laws misrepresentations lying under oath making money from “Share A Ride affected my quality of life,,all for’s gone too far because nobody has challenged them,–but this abuse of power,,is about to be exposed as what it is..libelous acts by management HINT:this is NOT “P” namesake of Pocono’s– rather the other taxi who is known for their unprofessionalism & false statements whenever they want.. I ‘ll have witnessess,, you know witnesses who quit,,just dying to have the chance to face the ScareCrow are there any lawyers here who are Not Cowards? The best part was the arrest record I saw w/ ? name..then the Director who intervned,,then Medical Assist who said “I didn’t GIT ANY FAX” professional every well writen lewtter went to thje SAME PLACE..A Reporter would Love this Plot..This is a true story..The day must come when I hear the words Do You want To brinbg a lawsuit against the County Trans & the 3 who have subjected you to depression,anxiety having given false statements re my character when I can invite many many reputable people to defend my character and I shall make them look at “THIER” evil,, My Character,is not evil,,you made my stop the Stigma Stone throwing they made their own laws!! and my life wasa dictated by hellish non professional,dangerous, Directors,,who only know to Direct,,?,,just look at Stiga and Why do they call is Clients?Consumers?Recipients? we are PATEINTS!You are Creeps IN A BACKWARD STATE,,OF MIND! IF THEY TELL YOU ENOUGH TIMES THIS IS A SUBSTANTIAL EXPENSE YOU MIGHT BELIEVE IT BUT NUMBVERS DON’T LIE JUST LOOK AT WHAT THEY’RE GONNA MAKE NOW ON SHARE A RIDE VS THE MINIMAL AMOUNT OF MY LONGSTANDING RIDE TERMINATED?

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