PCRLN endorses Don Bailey for Attorney General

After a short delay in being officially placed on the ballot, Don Bailey has met all conditions for filing, and the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has accepted his nomination petition as candidate for the Office of Attorney General.   PCRLN is proud to be the first to offer its endorsement of Don’s candidacy.  He will be on the ballot as one of three democrat candidates vying for the position as Pennsylvania’s highest law enforcement officer in the April 24, 2012 primary.

Our endorsement of Don comes from the fact that he alone appears to have the courage, and the institutional understanding, to attack the problems in Pennsylvania politically at their real source, as we have discussed them here.  The real problem is the courts and their utilization as instruments of political control and favoritism to establish and maintain cultural and political climates that lay beneath the general feeling of unfairness that more and more Pennsylvanians are coming to experience in the courts, and the insidious effects these things are having on our society, vis. the Penn State scandal, etc..

As we make this endorsement, Steve Conklin and his 84 year-old father are moving from room-to-room looking for relief from their mistreatment by the by the courts, with new federal judge Mariani unbelievably saying that a federal court does not have jurisdiction over a sheriff taking property without due process of law, and the Centralia eminent domain case has been dismissed by a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court panel upon which one of the judges sits, Judge Bernard McGinley, who is the son of an Eckert Seamans attorney John R. McGinley, who is in a personal relationship with Judge Yvette Kane, and believed also to be involved in the disciplinary maneuverings we have discussed.

There is an urgent agenda picked up upon recently, and being forced through by Judge Kane to remove Don Bailey from the role of attorneys in the federal courts, where he has represented hundreds of individual Pennsylvanians in actions against state and local officials pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which is a constitutional law enforcement statute itself, and has had the courage to do so in the face of a specific agenda to hurt and harm him for doing so.  The plan clearly appears to be to whitewash the record of Don Bailey and all of his cases quickly.  The fact that something like this can even be conceived of being done is why we need an attorney general with the historical perspective to understand and address these things.  In the American system of justice, the people police the police, and the judges, and the politicians, and that is what Don Bailey has been doing for his entire career.

Fairness in the courts themselves, and the control they have over attorneys through the disciplinary process, and over fair and open access to justice, are the principles that have affected dozens of specific individuals as set out in this site, and the correction of these problems is our primary political agenda.  The courts are proving unable to discipline themselves.

We have already reached out to Senators Casey and Toomey, and understand that other efforts to do so are underway.  This is an institutional problem that exists in Pennsylvania, and the Attorney general is uniquely situated to address these matters of public corruption at their true sources.  Don Bailey is uniquely qualified to address the real, longstanding political problems that have allowed the current state of affairs to exist, and that is why we endorse him for attorney general.

We have reviewed the credentials, and the campaign messages of Don’s opponents – Assistant Lackawanna County District Attorney Kathleen Kane, and Bucks County lawyer, and former Congressman Patrick Murphy, and believe both are fine candidates.  Kane is a tough prosecutor who appears to know the criminal laws of Pennsylvania and has a command of the criminal process, and Murphy draws upon his experience as an army JAG attorney and Congressmen, and his apparent political ambition to lead.  Each appears to be a fine candidate; however, it does not appear that either of the other candidates have the unique insights, vision, and independence that Don does, and we believe that Don is by far the best suited to be Pennsylvania’s next attorney general.

Thank you.

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  1. Voting for the best candidate is a difficult job. Many eligible voters simply excuse themselves from the responsibility by saying that all politicians are corrupt. Finally Pennsylvanians have the opportunity to select an intelligent, experienced candidate with enough courage to eliminate the corruption that has prevailed in Pennsylvania for years. I agree that Don Bailey can protect one of the best state constitutions that exist in our country. Voters must exercise their right and vote for Don Bailey who is the most competent candidate for the position of attorney general. I personally will be campaigning and urge others to help elect Don.

  2. My son and I have rights have been violated and we had been poisoned from living on a leachbed of contamination and we need someone that will help us and others to stop the corruption.

  3. “My preliminary investigation, including in-chambers discussions on February 17, 2009 with the Chief Public Defender, the First Assistant District Attorney, and the
    Chief Deputy Juvenile Probation Officer [all of Luzerne County], points to the conclusion that a very substantial number of juveniles who appeared without counsel before Judge Ciavarella for delinquency or related proceedings did not knowingly and intelligently waive their right to counsel.” said ARTHUR GRIM the former president judge of Berks County and the chairman of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission.

    Interesting. Neither the Chief Public Defender, a lawyer, nor the First Assistant District Attorney, a lawyer, was sanctioned. Their passivity led to the greatest departure of judicial standards in the history of Pennsylvania.

    Don Bailey is sanctioned $50,000 for actively trying to expose judicial corruption.

    1. don’t cha lubs these corrupt morons who sentence people for all kinds of lengthy terms for the same crimes they commit?

      leave bailey alone or promote him to special prosecutor and turn him loose on the criminals in their coats and their ties, free to drink martinis and watch the sunrise

      pa is organized crime!


    You need to contact Don Bailey, Esq. in Harrisburg, PA.

    If you think the corrupt judges who were recently convicted of taking bribes in Luzerne County, made a tragic and compelling story of major interest, you ain’t seen nothing.

    Judicial corruption is something this Viet Nam vet and two term Congressman knows better than anyone and he should be, he deserves to be, heard. He will blow you away with his honest account of this nightmare.

    Don, I sent the above message in a letter to “60 Minutes.” i hope others around the commonwealth and throughout the nation will do likewise. In addition, ABC, NBC, CNN, WSJ, NYT, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today LIKELY RAN STORIES ON Luzerne AND Sandusky and your nightmare would be an enticing follow through on the most corrupt judiciary and state in the nation

  5. I hope you read this Don. I filed a complaint against a Pittsburgh attorney for an act of fraud which he even admitted to and the Pa discipline board did not give him as much as an official warning. I can also tell you about the corruption in Greensburg, Pa where the PJ thinks he is some kind of dictator. I can’t use my real name because of the harassment me and my family have suffered but I would sure like to call you and tell you about it. I wish you the best.

    Aug 28, 2013

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