Bailey makes impressive showing in Westmoreland County

Within 24 hours of officially being placed on the democrat ballot for attorney general, and with no organization or campaign financing in place, Don Bailey finished strong in an endorsement contest among Westmoreland County democrats on Saturday.  Kathleen Kane also made a strong showing, and it was obvious that she had targeted Westmoreland County, with a substantial staff on hand to distribute campaign literature, and having made several visits to Westmoreland over the numerous months since she announced her candidacy.  Bucks county lawyer Patrick Murphy finished last, despite the fact that he also has been campaigning for months, boasted of over a million dollars in donations (Kane boasts of 2 million in cash-on-hand), and was even on the staff of Westmoreland County state representative Thomas Tangretti.

Bailey was the first of the attorney general candidates to speak, and wasted no time focusing right in on his major campaign theme – public corruption.  Bailey stirred the crowd with his mantra that “Tom Corbett cannot hide” from his political use of the office of attorney general, for both protection of his chronies and attacks on his adversaries, leading to travesties like the Penn State scandal, and Bailey promised to be a constant reminder to his democrat rivals of what the real agenda in Pennsylvania needs to be – political reform in Pennsylvania from the top down, and including the courts.  Bailey addressed the control that corrupt courts have gained over political agendas, and how the courts control over lawyers has diminished all of our freedoms, and created the climate in which corruption is allowed to flourish.

The crowd was very receptive to, and vocally supportive of, Bailey’s comments, as he seems to have hit on a theme that can appeal to a broad spectrum of voters whatever their pet issues, and whatever their politics, and Bailey sure can deliver a powerful message – clearly the most polished public speaker of the three.  Evidence of Bailey’s candidacy and the impact he will have on this race came right away from Kane, who followed Bailey’s speech.  In highlighting her issues, qualifications, and agenda, Kane could not help but include “public corruption” among her list of priority issues, clearly reading the positive reaction of the crowd to Bailey’s comments – this is not an issue of any significance in any of her other campaign materials – we only hope it was more than campaign rhetoric from her, as these issues, as discussed in this site, are matters of paramount public importance, and until we have a fairness administration system that works properly there are no other issues that can be addressed with complete integrity.

There is much optimism in the Bailey camp as a result of the Westmoreland County appearance.  Bailey showed that he was by far the superior candidate on his words alone, and this was done with little or no organization or financing in place.  Bailey did not have the luxury that the other candidates have had of long-term planning, organization, and financing efforts, as, while the other candidates were making appearances, and organizing campaigns, Bailey was under assault by the very system he seeks to reform and was fighting for his professional life, and the lives and futures of his many clients, who clearly all have become a part of the bigger agenda of silencing all of them.

Bailey has done nothing wrong – nothing deserving of any professional licensing charges, and nothing deserving of the abuse that he and his clients have endured.  Bailey is under assault by corrupt judges, with Judge Yvette Kane leading the current charge, for calling them corrupt, and for no other reason.  The focus that these judges have on stopping him are the same reasons Pennsylvanians should be voting to elect him – it is the common citizen – the spouse, parent, teacher, serviceman, laborer, police officer – the 99%, if you will – that Don Bailey has always held as the object of his efforts, and this is why we should continue to mobilize, and elect Don Bailey as Pennsylvania’s next attorney general.

Thank you.

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  1. You know where I stand as do my closest friends and board members of the Berks County Patriots. Since most of us are GOP committee people, we can’t get overtly involved in the democrat primaries. As you might expect, the Berks County Patriots (Tea Party) is more republican than democrat, but focused on cleaning house. Don wouldn’t gain much of a voting base talking to our group before the primary(a good meeting is about 400 members), but with our distaine of Corbett, his hand picked candidates for US Senate and AG, and the corrupt practices of Gleason and the state committee, if Don, with the help of God, got through the primary, I guarantee an opportunity to speak at one of our fall meetings. He would shock the “H” out of the members that believe the country can only be saved by republicans.
    Rod Miller
    Berks County Patriots, Vice Chairman
    don md

  2. There should be no loyalty to any particular party when you are serious about wanting to rid your state of all the crooked scoundrals so called running & Judging Pa right into the ground. My recommendation for you would be to talk your people into switching over and then after May elections switch back. This can be done. Thank you!

  3. Don gave a great speech. However Kane was lights talking about her experience. She has talked several times about public corruption… Not sure if you’ve noticed. Victory by Kane was not close it was a blow out. Great to see another Irish fella in the race.

  4. From everything I have heard and read DON BAILEY is the only candidate whom will stand up for the people of Pennsylvania and stop all the corruption in our state, because he already has!! He has proven himself so many times even at the expense of him becoming a defendant!

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