Pennsylvania needs a prosecutor AND a politician (a strong political leader) – Don Bailey clearly most qualified candidate for attorney general

The campaign slogan of candidate Kathleen Kane is “we need a prosecutor, not a politician” as attorney general.  We disagree.  We need both.  Of course we need strong law enforcement and tough prosecutors for the protection of the public and vigorous enforcement of the criminal laws of the Commonwealth, but we also need a strong and trusted political leader with proven integrity, and Don Bailey is best qualified by far to serve both roles. The systemic issues that have corrupted Pennsylvania politics need extensive political reform.  There need to be calls for investigations into, and oversight of, the courts and their control over attorneys, and to the conditions that have allowed whistleblowers to be scuttled, and cronyism to flourish.  There may even need to be a call for a constitutional convention to address some of the problems endemic to the Pennsylvania Constitution. We need a seasoned politician – a professional who knows how to work within the constitutional political process - to take these issues to the executive and the legislature, and to work in cooperation with federal authorities as well, and to be prepared to go toe-to-toe with the courts over attorney discipline and judicial discipline issues. Don Bailey has served on … Continue Reading ››
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