Senator Patrick Leahy comments on Bailey “shit storm” in October, 2003 hearings on Santorum-supported appointment of former AG Mike Fisher to Third Circuit Court of Appeals

Thanks to one of our readers, we have located the public comments of Senator Patrick Leahy on the Senate proceedings that led to former Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher’s appointment to the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals in October 2003. Earlier that year, Fisher, who failed in a gubernatorial bid to Ed Rendell in 2002, had been found to be a civil rights violator in a lawsuit filed by Don Bailey on behalf of two former attorney general narcotics agents in Philadelphia.  We discussed this story at greater length in our Bailey "shit storm" article. Central to that article was the appointment of former Attorney General Mike Fisher to the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals right after the verdict.  In a recent comment, one of our readers linked us to comments that Senator Patrick Leahy made for the record of the Fisher nomination proceedings.  Senator Leahy discussed some questionable Republican procedural maneuverings, and commented specifically on the nomination of Fisher as follows:
 The hearing on the nomination of Michael Fisher to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit is also unprecedented. Never before to my knowledge has a President nominated to a lifetime position on a … Continue Reading ››
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