Lawless America filming in Pennsylvania a tremendous success – Bailey hearing postponed for 30 days – public support requested

Bill Windsor is a man with incredible courage, and even more incredible energy.  Fueled by coca cola and pepperoni pizza, Bill allowed 35 Pennsylvanians to tell him their stories on film on his visit to Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.  Among those in Harrisburg were about 20 of Don Bailey’s clients and former clients, and Don Bailey himself, with Don’s clients bestowing the kindest of words on the efforts of Don over the years to help them protect their constitutional rights in the face of the abuses of government officials across all spectra.  The respect and appreciation that Bill showed to Don, and the attention he gave to Don’s saga, was greatly appreciated, and provides a focus to the larger issues that we have been addressing on this site that cannot always be told through the eyes of each individual victim.

Bill’s energy is amazing, and his manner with those telling their stories is caring and compassionate.  Every person being filmed was given a fair chance to tell their stories from their perspective as they wanted it to be told, which often does not happen in our justice system, and Bill was accommodating of all of them, and gave them all a fair opportunity to present their views.  It is a courageous thing that he is doing, and he is continuing to overcome obstacles along the way, but it is an effort that we will continue to stand behind and support in any way.

Bill did receive some local “mainstream” coverage in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, where, of course, the sting of “judicial corruption” has been felt strongly, and is something the public understands (though attention on it has conspicuously and quickly faded).  In Harrisburg, all of the major local media outlets were notified of the filming, and Bill’s Lawless America-emblazoned vehicle was parked prominently in the street all weekend; yet there was no interest whatsoever by the local media in covering the story.

As has been addressed generally on this site, the media may be as responsible as the courts and lawyers for the diminished quality of justice in America, and the fact that the local media in Penn State/Sandusky country made no appearance or no inquiry at the office of the most prominent civil rights lawyer in the area, who has sued Penn State, for such a unique event, to tell the stories of so many central Pennsylvanians, about so much government misconduct, alone speaks volumes to that issue, and more will be spoken.

Regardless, it was a rewarding and worthwhile experience, and Bill is only picking up momentum, as his site updates continue to tell of tremendous interest in his efforts, and in participating in getting these stories out.  Not a single person who is telling their stories is getting paid, and not one of them is winning their case or getting anything of value out of their participation in these efforts, other than the satisfaction of participating in the effort itself, i.e., doing their duty as American citizens.  It remains our contention that these stores are so hard to tell, and to garner support for, and shed light on, because they often cannot be understood unless, unfortunately, they are experienced.  The shared experience, the cornerstone of Bill’s effort, is the only way that they can be made to be understood by those who hopefully will not have to experience them personally, and that is the cornerstone of our effort as well.

While bill did allow 35 individuals to tell their stories, and did not cut anyone off or send anyone away, there are many more stories that could have been told, and will continue to be told, through Lawless America, this site, and other sites.  In previous articles related to the Lawless America effort, we outlined the essential nature of the project, i.e., an individual testimony to Congress, and provided general instructions and examples to help anyone who is interested to prepare a script of their own.  You can continue to do so, and submit them to Andy Ostrowski at, or submit them through the site.  We hope to continue to provide a place where these stories can be told, and to assemble and provide these scripts as part of the presentation to Congress.

Thank you all who participated and for your continued support.

Don Bailey disciplinary case postponed

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Disciplinary Board has entered an Order cancelling the hearing scheduled in the second phase of the Bailey disciplinary hearings, as we have been bringing you here throughout.  The hearing will be scheduled within 30 days of July 30, 2012, and the date will be posted as soon as it is received.

The matter is still before the hearing committee, i.e., the first step of the process, and there has been some non-specified finding that something that Don Bailey has done warrants discipline, though they refuse to tell him what it is.  Don has served subpoenas on federal judges and others to prepare again to put on his defense, or, in this case, his mitigating evidence, of the truth of his assertions made about judicial misconduct and agendas to hurt and harm him and his clients, and, ultimately, to show that he has done nothing to justify the years of mistreatment and abuse suffered by him and his clients.

In the wake of the interest in these matters piqued by Lawless America and Bill Windsor, we would again like to ask for your support in opposing the lawless actions being taken to “get” Don Bailey’s law license because he has had the courage to represent people like those Bill has interviewed.  Again, we will keep you posted on the status of these proceedings, and will let you know when the hearing is rescheduled, but we would like you to be prepared to appear and offer whatever support you are wiling to for Don, and for the larger causes in which we have been participating.

Thank you.