Lawless America filming in Pennsylvania a tremendous success – Bailey hearing postponed for 30 days – public support requested

Bill Windsor is a man with incredible courage, and even more incredible energy.  Fueled by coca cola and pepperoni pizza, Bill allowed 35 Pennsylvanians to tell him their stories on film on his visit to Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.  Among those in Harrisburg were about 20 of Don Bailey’s clients and former clients, and Don Bailey himself, with Don's clients bestowing the kindest of words on the efforts of Don over the years to help them protect their constitutional rights in the face of the abuses of government officials across all spectra.  The respect and appreciation that Bill showed to Don, and the attention he gave to Don’s saga, was greatly appreciated, and provides a focus to the larger issues that we have been addressing on this site that cannot always be told through the eyes of each individual victim. Bill’s energy is amazing, and his manner with those telling their stories is caring and compassionate.  Every person being filmed was given a fair chance to tell their stories from their perspective as they wanted it to be told, which often does not happen in our justice system, and Bill was accommodating of all of them, and gave them all a fair … Continue Reading ››
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