NEWS RELEASE: Federal Lawsuit filed against Tom Corbett and House Majority Leader Rep. Michael Turzai as Defendants in Voter ID scheme

News Release

Dateline: Harrisburg Pennsylvania, September 27, 2012

A group of registered voters comprised of registered Democrats, Republicans and Independents filed suit today in federal district court naming Tom Corbett and House Majority Leader Rep. Michael Turzai as defendants.

The suit alleges that Corbett and Turzai conspired with Republican operatives across the country to violate the rights of registered voters who seek to elect Barack Obama. The suit further alleges that Turzai publicly admitted that the goal and purpose of the two named defendants was to deny the rights of the poor, the elderly, and blacks using state power to skewer the election in Romney’s favor.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit charged that their federal constitutional rights to work together and cooperate in an effort to elect Obama is being violated by Corbett and Turzai who are using the power of the state to unlawfully interfere with their First Amendment rights.


The lawsuit also raises concerns about creating a national registry of citizens that can be abused by national and state governments akin to allowing the government to spy on people and determine their political beliefs and affiliations.

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24 thoughts on “NEWS RELEASE: Federal Lawsuit filed against Tom Corbett and House Majority Leader Rep. Michael Turzai as Defendants in Voter ID scheme”

    1. Don,

      News has it a Judge just repealed the Pennsylvania Law created to disenfranchise Americans from voting created by you Republican State Government. ! Trust me as I tell you, this is going Viral friend, Your support of anti-democratic jackboot tactics doesn’t wash anymore. Americans like me distinctly remember the widespread fraud in Florida in 2000 and again in Ohio 2004, with the last Bush not getting invited back to Florida GOP convention…No wonder your friends in the backrooms want him hidden from public sight…the war in Iraq based on lies, the Patriot Act, trillions handed to Wall Street Bankers with zero Equity stake….Us in Mitt’s words “The 47% who will not vote for me because they expect their entitlements”

      You and your sorely mistaken bunch will go down in history as the “Greatest Domestic Threat” as described in our Constitution since our founding fathers days, enacted upon peacefully during the course of a Federal Election in November 2012.

      If the truth hurts, go move to the Cayman Islands where yer pal the Poster-boy” Mitt likes to bank instead of on homeland soil….have a nice day 😉

  1. So, a large D.C. law firm, along with the ACLU and others, just finished taking their best shot at the Voter ID law and it looks like everyone will have to show their photo IDs at the polls. But Don Bailey thinks he is going to do better? That complaint is dead on arrival and any competent lawyer would tell you that. So, Andy and Don, just stop. You entertain us, but it’s time to hang up the tinfoil hats.

    1. Peter – you do a true-to-form rendition of “Goliath” to Don Bailey’s “David”!
      By the way, I did some research.
      Don Bailey is not wearing a tinfoil hat. He is wearing a WHITE HAT!

    2. Unfortunately, Peter, as a vigorous supporter of the President who is working for his reelection, and as a civil rights lawyer, I have to agree with your analysis. This case will go nowhere, for more reasons than I could list here if i tried.

      Suite like this undermine the credibility of the covil rights movement and make it harder for legitimate claims to get a fair hearing.

      the voter ID law is a piece of partisan crap, intended to disenfranchise Democrats and especially the poor, the elderly and minorities, but a civil conspiracy case isn’t going to get it.

      1. Nicely done. I was happy to hear the final word on this failed bullying attempt on the morning news. By the people- for the people means all of us. The legacy that these Americans look back on in their golden years deserves so much more respect than common schoolyard bullying. The Americans who this aimed to shut out fought in and supported the most massive wars this country has ever seen, let alone all the civil rights battles they have fought and won.

    3. Voters in Pa will not have to show a ID with a pic on it in Nov…….not enuf time to register thousands of voters, who would be disenfrancised if the judge had not halted this travesty…

  2. Jim Crow 2.0 comes back to Bite Turzai………BaaWaahahahahha….Defend that, punk…I guess you won’t be “delivering PA to Robme “….BaaWahahahah…..

    1. If the courts don’t give justice to these two thugs, the next step is facing the voters they wanted to disinfranchise. We make sure they are out of a Job.

  3. Good for them! Those attempting to suppress the vote must be held responsible for this behavior.

    Now, we need to see some actions against the Republicans for tampering with the voter registrations in states like FL, NC, OH, CA and VA.

  4. i hope jail time will follow for these criminals. the right to vote in our country should not and can not be tolerated by any citizen. thanks to those that brought the suit.

  5. HA!!! YEAH!!! There’s more than one way to skin a pedophile protecting former Atty General, I always say!!

      1. actually i started reading this because i thought they were going to finally go after the guy that didnt do his job for those that joe pa is dead…its not over

  6. Now this is true bipartisanship at the citizens’ level! Heads-up to GOP obstructionists. Despite many efforts to the contrary, the true American spirit will prevail. AND, it will be contagious!

  7. It is sad that the same thing that happened in Iran is happening here. People are messing with the rights of the people to cast a vote. They are scaring people. How could we have let our country stoop this low? We watch this stuff happen in other countries and think we are safe. We are not safe. The next thing they will try is jailing people who support the President of the US. We have allowed a group of people into our governing bodies that misrepresent the laws of the US. They need to be impeached or voted out of the House. All they can do is spew hatred.

  8. Don’t forget the people behind all this mess across the nation. The Koch Brothers every member of ALEC !!!

  9. Today’s Neo-Fascists will not let up until Tyrranany prevails. Mitt, is just the puppet, orchestrated by those who wish to be anonomous! Remember your second amendment rights…to prevent in the case of Tyrranny from those enemies within!

    Nuff said, call me an old Sailor who remembers his oath, duty and rights as a citizen!

  10. Mr Bailey, I know you are a civil rights atty and that would not apply to me but I was wondering if anyone can get this corbett on his breaking the law that was put in place in 2001 for the Tobacco Settlement money to go to adult basic insurance for low income people. We were on this plan and it was a godsend, but as soon as this bas. got into office he claimed there were no funds when the money continues to trickle in every April what is he doing with it since he himself broke the law. Another, the casinos were allowed to hopefully put an end to the property taxes, yer I see Dave Argall suggesting that the 6% sales tax be increased for this purpose, again what is corbett doing with all this money??? He is the most corrupt gov I have ever seen in my lifetime. Please do anything in your power to get him thrown in prison for all the things he has done to lower income people in this state. He is nothing but pond scum.

  11. As a repubublican – the schemes that both sides play in politics is greatly out of hand. For those on here think that Republicans are working the system – you all need to check out what is happening in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincy and all over the state of Florida. From a scale to 1 to 10 the demorcrates are much better at this game than anyone – unions, for the mostpart take shotgun on this at all levels, not to mention the AARP who is in the tank with the democrats. So to get to the point on the PA fiasco — I am for one glad to see the heat on Corbet and his republican croonies in PA get the heat piled on despite my polititical association. As a former Pennyslvanian I can attest to a good number of republican and demorcrate illegalities but on this one – he and his bums need to be outsted out and brought to trial on a number of topics, voter fruad for one and the cover-up and hangman he personnally made of Joe Paterno and PSU. He and his high buddies up there in Washington including his very close alliance with Freeh and the Bush admininstration needs to have this house of cards to come tumbling down. Everyone thinks especially in PA that these guys including Mr Arlene Spector were genuine guys – but they have closets and closets of skeletons and don’t give a rats ass about whether your a republican or demorcrat, they will use you – and use you – say what they want whenever they want to hold on to the power they have…. and don’t give those democrats a pass either- they are joined at the hip and the backroom deals they make in PA would make Washington shudder… this I know. (you have one who is the Vice President – a bubbling idiot if there ever was one).

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