PCRLN endorses Kathleen Kane for Attorney General

Based upon her fresh, aggressive, and progressive message suited to the immediate needs of Pennsylvanians, and a strong and polished debate performance, PCRLN endorses Kathleen Kane, Democrat, for Pennsylvania Attorney General.

We have focused in prior articles on the immediate political and law enforcement needs of Pennsylvania, and endorsed Don Bailey in his earlier effort to be Pennsylvania’s next Attorney General.  Don had the message and the track record to back it up, and, while Kathleen Kane will have much to prove in terms of her courage to really go after the problems that plague Pennsylvania at their heart, her message promises a fresh and honest look at the issues that face us all.  Kane is a candidate who clearly believes in her message, and her care and concern for all Pennsylvanians, and not just the political elite, is manifest.  One thing that is clear is that in the legal profession, it takes a measure of courage to even say some of these things critical of the system, and at least Kathleen Kane has that courage to address the issues as she sees them.

David Freed, on the other hand, is distinctly not a viable alternative.  His debate performance was focused on the Republican Party line of overselling to the fiscal conservative tea-partiers, putting administration and budget ahead of vision and commitment.  We presume that every Attorney General is going to be committed to protecting children from predators and the elderly from scammers, and, if the military is the protection arm of the federal government, where fiscal management should never override the security of the citizen, the Attorney General’s Office should not be turned over to someone’s whose first priority is administrative.  There is a time and a place for ferreting-out administrative waste, but, with the law enforcement issues that Pennsylvania is facing, it is not the first day on the job.

There is a real question as to whether Tom Corbett even did fulfill his basic, and oft-recited, pledge to protect the children of Pennsylvania from predators when he was Attorney General, and Kathleen Kane has boldly taken the lead in promising a full, open, and honest inquiry and investigation into all of the problems that led to that Pennsylvania catastrophe.  The Freeh report was a report prepared by and paid-for by Penn State, and only a truly independent Attorney General, beholden only to an electorate of her own, can show that what happened at Penn State is a Pennsylvania problem, and not just a Paterno problem, or a Penn State problem.  On her words, Kathleen Kane is the only candidate who will ever give us a chance to confront these, and other, real problems facing Pennsylvania.

The central statement of principle of this site is “working to provide equal justice under the law in Pennsylvania,” and Kathleen Kane for Attorney General is the clear choice for all working toward that mission.

Thank you.

NEWS RELEASE: Andy Ostrowski and PCRLN file federal action based upon violations by courts and authorities in Bailey disciplinary proceedings

A federal civil rights lawsuit was filed today by Andy Ostrowski and the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network raising claims for violations of, and interference with, their rights under the United States Constitution.

The Complaint seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, seeking to have Article 5 Section 10 (c) of the Pennsylvania declared to be in violation of the United States Constitution, and seeking to have the federal court enter an injunction enjoining all further action in the Bailey Pennsylvania disciplinary proceedings, as also being pursued in violation of the United States Constitution.

Ostrowski Complaint

Ostrowski alleges his rights have been violated in his own right, and as the colleague, friend, and client of Don Bailey.  The suit suggests that many other Bailey clients have been, and stand to continue to be, hurt and harmed by the same course of unlawful conduct, all as outlined in our August 9, 2011 Bailey under attack post, and elsewhere throughout this site, and the Complaint suggests the possibility of many more being added.

For question, contact Andy Ostrowski at 717-221-9500 or ajo@bsolaw.com.

Thank you