NEWS RELEASE: Andy Ostrowski and PCRLN file federal action based upon violations by courts and authorities in Bailey disciplinary proceedings

A federal civil rights lawsuit was filed today by Andy Ostrowski and the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network raising claims for violations of, and interference with, their rights under the United States Constitution.

The Complaint seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, seeking to have Article 5 Section 10 (c) of the Pennsylvania declared to be in violation of the United States Constitution, and seeking to have the federal court enter an injunction enjoining all further action in the Bailey Pennsylvania disciplinary proceedings, as also being pursued in violation of the United States Constitution.

Ostrowski Complaint

Ostrowski alleges his rights have been violated in his own right, and as the colleague, friend, and client of Don Bailey.  The suit suggests that many other Bailey clients have been, and stand to continue to be, hurt and harmed by the same course of unlawful conduct, all as outlined in our August 9, 2011 Bailey under attack post, and elsewhere throughout this site, and the Complaint suggests the possibility of many more being added.

For question, contact Andy Ostrowski at 717-221-9500 or

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6 thoughts on “NEWS RELEASE: Andy Ostrowski and PCRLN file federal action based upon violations by courts and authorities in Bailey disciplinary proceedings”

    1. Steve,

      R U the same Steve Burda formerly in Allentown?

      If so, I’m in the phone book …. give me a call …

      I know Reg would also like to touch base w/ U … hoping U R well.

  1. As a witness early on in these proceedings, I saw firsthand the abuse of other witnesses, testimony being silenced, menacing looks, they even had dogs waking through around where the witnesses were gathered in the court waiting to testify. The fix is clearly in here.


    Reports ‘Extensive’ Problem in Corruption Here

    –Tape Evidence Is Presented DETAILS OF VICE GRAFT

    Patrolmen and a Lawyer Linked to Payoffs to Help an East Side Madam

    Knapp Panel Tells of Police Bribery as Hearings Begin Here

    The chief counsel of the Knapp Commission said yesterday that as a result of a year-long investigation of the New York Police Department, the commission had concluded “the department has a serious corruption problem that must be characterized as extensive.”
    By DAVID BURNHAM October 19, 1971, NYT

    Nothing new under the sun. Well, maybe. But, just wait until the entire web of judicial misconduct in Pennsylvania explodes in revelations and details of the depths of depravity are splattered night and day across the news. The Luzerne Panzies will look like choir boys.

    Just wish it weren’t so

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