PCRLN statement on Lawless America project/Bailey case update/Ostrowski case update

PCRLN statement on Lawless America project

An event has been scheduled for February 5 and 6, 2013 in Washington, D.C..  It is believed that there are events scheduled in and around the capital that have been arranged through the efforts of persons associated with Lawless America.  While PCRLN, and this writer, in particular, fully embrace the efforts of Mr. Windsor, and others, to expose what are real and present problems with the state of justice, at least in Pennsylvania, as we have experienced it, and as the experience of others across America appears to show, and support and encourage every American citizen that can to attend and support the cause, through PCRLN, Lawless America, and elsewhere, it is important on the eve of this event to clarify the relationship between PCRLN and Lawless America.

There is no relationship, work agreement, work-sharing agreement, or formal or informal affiliation and/or association between Lawless America and PCRLN.  The efforts of the PCRLN, as an organization, are solely as reflected on this site, and have been related primarily to our immediate need to shed public light on the very real problems that have been revealed through the civil rights practice of Don Bailey, and the continuing harms being caused to him, dozens of his clients, and others, for doing nothing more than seeking fair and equal access to the courts through competent, licensed counsel, simply because of who their attorney is, who the public official defendants in their cases are, and/or because of the institutional shortcomings reflected by their claims.  Our efforts with Lawless America, as reported in July, 2012 were directed at helping injured people get justice in their valid and legitimate claims, and in furthering the clearly-stated purposes and themes of this site, and nothing more.

We have continued to work on some very exciting ventures behind the scenes, as suggested at various times since beginning this effort in 2011, and will be bringing further, and more regular updates on these matters in the future.  All are, have been, and will be, completely independent of the Lawless America Effort.

In recent weeks, there appears to have been some bad information circulating through the social media networks, and the persons making decisions at Lawless America, suggesting that some people or other, this writer included, are involved in some sort of wrongful conduct or actions in connection the Lawless America effort.  It is offensive to even have to reveal this absurdity here, and it has been addressed as needed with those with whom it needed to be immediately addressed.  No one connected with PCRLN has done anything to dishonor the commitment that has been made, as reflected through the career and practice of Don Bailey, to the cause of justice, as reflected on this site, nor will any ever be tolerated.  None have occurred, and any reports to the contrary are false.

Bill Windsor did agree to provide continuing coverage to the Bailey disciplinary hearings and proceedings, and was even kind enough to send equipment and a film crew back in August or September to do so.  Bill was very supportive of Don, after coming through and hearing the stories for himself, and we were pleased that he was willing to work with us to expose the issues intrinsic to the Pennsylvania courts.  The filming effort in Harrisburg was a success, and there was an air of hope and support that empowered many.  The videos turned out great, as far as I have heard and seen, and everything was going along fine.  There as an agenda established to film certain interviews, and we intended to film at the hearings themselves, but, because of the health issues that Don is known to have had, and, frankly, the enormity of the daily burden of his keeping cases and family alive, and working on the case work burden of the ongoing disciplinary proceedings, we were never able to accomplish everything we had hoped to.  We will, and are still planning to.

I was aware of the discussions of the DC event, but neither I nor PCRLN were specifically involved in any planning or organization, and I, personally, did not follow any of it on face book or wherever else these things were being discussed, but I fully supported every effort to promote the causes discussed on this site, and had every hope and intention that as many attend and get involved as possible.  It was just last week that these things seemed to have exploded.  I have not read the things that are supposed to have been said, but trust the reports I received.  Again, they have been addressed, and will be addressed at some later time, if need be.  Demand has been made that they be retracted.

This would not be addressed on this site at all, but-for the fact that PCRLN supporters who have attempted to communicate with Lawless America that the things that have been said are wrong, have been told that they are no longer welcome to participate in the effort.  Videos have been removed, contacts cut-off, and, as relevant here, some members have been told that they are not welcome to participate in the D.C. event.  This is unacceptable to be associated with, and PCRLN cannot be associated with Lawless America in connection with the D.C. affair under these circumstances.  This is an organizational statement only, however, and all others who have planned to attend to meet with legislators, organizers, or others are free to do so, and are encouraged to do so.

I will be attending a meeting on February 6, 2013, arranged independently by Angela Robinson, with an aide of Senator Toomey, and hope to meet and talk with as many people as I can during this time in our nation’s capital.  All others should feel free to do the same.  I hope to see you there, and meet as many others as I can.

Unfortunately, again, because of the mess foisted upon this writer, I express only one small caution.  I understand that there are certain private affairs that have been arranged by Lawless America.  I have been told that I am not welcome there, and certainly will abide that demand.  Any others who have been specifically so-directed should do the same.  I don’t have the specific information on where the events are, and what, exactly, is involved with them, as I have really not followed or been involved in this organizational effort, but I’m sure it is all available through the Lawless America site.  Check there and your social media networks if you have any concerns.  Anyone is free to contact me if they have any questions.

Let’s all hope that we use this valuable opportunity to further the cause that has affected all of your rights, and brought you into the courts to begin with.

Bailey disciplinary case update

Someday, the effort that Don Bailey has gone through to continue the fight for the rights he fought for in the jungles of Vietnam some 40 years ago, will be seen, and the issues understood, and the injustice remedied.  Colossal due process injustice has been heaped upon colossal due process injustice, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in an “Order” stamped by a clerk, has found what Don has been saying all along – that he is being denied due process hearings.  These are issues that are essential to his “defense,” yet the Court denied his request the he be granted his hearings on factually-flawed, clearly contrived procedural grounds.

There, of course, is nothing to “defend” against, because Don did nothing wrong, and in oppressive systems, hearings are denied to cover up wrongdoing.  The wrongdoing has already been exposed, and the fight is to make Don look as bad as possible for exposing it, and to somehow manipulate all of us into believing they can whitewash the record of all of it by getting rid of Don Bailey.  They can’t.

Much more will be discussed, but the hearings that Don is being denied relate to subpoenas he issued to federal judges and others, his “accusers,” and the documentation they are known to have that would prove their own misconduct as alleged.  They have enlisted the United States Attorney’s Office to invoke their grand federal judicial power to fight these subpoenas, but two of these federal Judges, Christopher C. Conner, and John E. Jones, waltzed right across jurisdictional lines, willy-nilly, and right across the street in Harrisburg, to testify, falsely, in their lawless effort, against Don Bailey.

The expectation at this point is that the full Disciplinary Board will vote on the discipline of Don Bailey, and, rest-assured, unless things change, the dye has been cast.  The next meeting is believed to be in March, and it is our plan to petition the Disciplinary Board for a public comment period before they vote on Don’s discipline.  They appear to conduct their business in secret, not surprisingly, and more will be brought to you on these efforts.

There is an oral argument scheduled on Don’s exceptions to the report and recommendation for February 15, 2013 in the Pennsylvania Judicial Center.  This will be Don’s first real chance to speak publicly about these proceedings, and attendance is encouraged

Again, a further update, with linked disciplinary documents, and other things, will be provided.

Ostrowski case update

The case filed by Andrew J. Ostrowski on October 12, 2012, has been withdrawn pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a).  The withdrawal is without prejudice, meaning that it can be re-filed.  The Complaint was assigned to federal Judge William W. Caldwell, Harrisburg Branch, who Ostrowski has practiced before regularly in the past, and, despite the mass recusals of Judges from Don Bailey’s case, and even the shipping of his federal parallel discipline to New Jersey to create the appearance of fairness, Caldwell is the judge getting assigned the Middle District cases of Don Bailey now.  Ostrowski asked in the complaint that the case be assigned out of the Middle District voluntarily, and that was not done.  The filings of Ostrowski also appear reflect other concerns that he had in dealing with the federal courts in Harrisburg.  All filings and further updates will be provided soon.

Thank you.

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