Call goes out to OCCUPY FOR JUSTICE

A Call goes out to OCCUPY FOR JUSTICE

While the Occupy movement was being vilified and made fun of by the popular press and politicians, to do what they are so effective at doing – controlling public opinion, I was studying the movement.  Watching the people pour into the streets felt like watching the Berlin Wall come down all over again – giving $700 billion to bankers making tens of millions to “bail them out,” when people are having property taken without hearings, can’t find jobs, are asked to tighten their fiscal belts, and listen to diatribe about “economic collapse” and “austerity,” very justifiably tweaks the mind and conscience.  99% was probably a fair representation of those so tweaked.

The problem with the movement was, once out in the streets, there was no organizing principle that sustained it.  It was easy to see, and it is why it was so easily suppressed by the grander institutions of our 21st century America, beholden only to, and at the service of, the almighty dollar.

What brought people out into the streets was a cry for justice, and the occupy movement’s central organizing principle always was justice.  This is a call to OCCUPY FOR JUSTICE, and to make all of your appearances, protests, encampments, and all else in the halls of American justice, the greatest administers of injustice of all, our courts.

It’s just time to tip the tables of some money-changers.  That’s what you were trying to do when you first poured out into the streets two short (or long) years ago.  The courts are the enforcement arm of the money changers.

Ostrowski Settlement Demand and Manifesto for Liberty and Justice

The above is a “settlement demand” I have made, and am sending to the Vatican, the President, my Pennsylvania Senators, the United States Supreme Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices, a lawyer from Penn State, who I know knows damn well what Jerry Sandusky was doing over 10 years ago, and another lawyer, Pamela Collis, in connection with a related claim.  The lawsuit being addressed is one conceived and developed by me, over time, with every next step being made by the powers-that-be not doing what was right on the last one.  It is a very honest effort, and as well-intended and meritorious as any, and could, depending on how my demand is responded to, be a class action lawsuit by the citizens of the United States of America against its government, through all of the individuals of which it is comprised.  It is called a “manifesto for liberty and justice,” because this is what it is as I see the world, based upon my 20 years of experience in representing injured American citizens in their dealings with the courts, and in walking with them through the abuses and disruptions they feel from having their “God-given” rights, as we all call them, taken away by their employers, governments, and others.

I do not have a good-faith basis to include a claim against the President at this point because there are certain legal standards that must be met, and, while it is likely that they are or could be met, it is a matter of the utmost seriousness to sue the President, and I have always been fairly conservative when it comes to making allegations in lawsuits, probably not as conservative as Don Bailey, though.  If these people ever saw the caution and care with which Don handles people who come to him before taking them into court, you would know, instantly, that there is a vast mis-information campaign that has slandered him immensely, and hurt many dozen of his clients just as badly.  Regardless, this site has laid out in significant detail how it is the Courts, and the chronyist, and even more sinister control of them, which is deliberate, that are the obstacle to liberty and justice that we all feel inside.  I would find it hard to believe that Scranton’s own Joe Biden does not know about Centralia.

Here is how the Occupy for Justice should work – organize in and around your courthouses, they are centrally located, and it is where most of the day-to-day business that affects your lives is done.  Go into courtrooms and watch proceedings – they are air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.  The benches are there for you.  They often have lawns outside, and are pretty nice places.  Most have cafeterias.  When you are in the courtrooms, be quiet, and orderly.  Go into court clerk’s offices, and recorder’s offices, and ask to see documents about cases.  Ask nicely.  These places are staffed by American citizens like yourselves, and they need to be treated with the same respect that you do.  Get court schedules and calendars and post them on your sites.  Go watch what lawyers and judges do, and see for yourselves if justice is being administered fairly.  Your attendance there will do much to improve the chances.

When you are there, at the courthouses, organize under the principle of “equal justice under the law,” and hang all of your corporate greed, political corruption, and social justice banners under that principle.  The fact is, that, whatever your issue is – be it the banking industry, corporate greed, a green agenda, anti-fracking, or any of the myriad of issues I witnessed at my attendance of the Occupy functions, they all depend, and will depend, at some point, on a fair and honest court.  It is justice we are all after, and, whether or not you do actually end up in court one day, it is the lack of discipline that corrupt courts and chrony politics create that we are feeling.  If they try to stop you, sue them for violations of your First Amendment rights.

The first place to organize should be the Pennsylvania Judicial Center on Commonwealth Avenue in Harrisburg.  Go watch that video they show on the Masonic eye that stares at you when you enter and exit the building.  Go try to find a courtroom on your own, and feel welcomed to do so.  Go read the signs they have up, and see if you can make sense of them, and try to tell what office does what, and where to file documents for the three Pennsylvania appellate courts, and other “admin” offices, or where you can find a Judge, and, most importantly, ask yourself why it looks more like a fortress, and not a courthouse, and ask what in the world are they trying to keep from getting in that place.

Research the “Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts,” and see the extent of the “admin” control it has, and how it is so secretive, and how controlled it is.  Research Article 5, Section 10 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, and why it was amended in 1968, and what was going on that they wanted to control.  I will be getting into all of these issues in my case, and will reserve getting into all of the evidence of what this all will reveal until in litigation, unless settled sooner.

Our systems of government have failed us – Don Bailey is evidence of what happens when you try to petition your government honestly for a redress of your grievances on the most important of issues through the courts; and we have no better friend in the popular media.  Recall, folks, that we just had a presidential election that cost billions of dollars, as you learned from our media; yet, though I haven’t looked at the numbers or done the math, it was the media who received the biggest boon, and the proliferation of news channels, and politico personalities, shows it – everyone has a show and all the politicians are on them.  While this writer views MSNBC as something of a savior in recent years, it, too, is beholden to the multi-billion dollar political machines that pay their salaries.  As long as Ed Rendell is their go-to pol, there’s not much chance of our Pennsylvania issues being fairly addressed.  Its message is getting more suspiciously steered.  What goes on in all these board rooms, and above, needs to be examined, however.  The point is that there is no access there, either – look at what they did to the Occupy movement last year – they have every bit the same interest in shutting up 99% of Americans that the others do – money, and it very much is the root of all evil.

They are all the beneficiaries of the Citizen’s United decision, a repugnant decision, recognizing rights in a fiction created by man designed to insulate people from their free choices on a par with what we, as Americans, indeed, as sovereign individuals, have divined, based on the collective, combined experience of all of humanity over millennia, as those rights symbolizing man’s bond with his or her creator alone.  They get all the tax benefits and loopholes, and belittle people who don’t swallow the pablum that they are being fed that this “free market system” is ordained by God as some Eleventh Commandment or moral foundation of civilized society – to be sure, this writer endorses it as an economic policy, but “greed” is not “good.”  It is, however, making what one of the greatest social commentators of our time, Eminem, called a “hypocrisy of democracy.”

This “Reagan revolution” that we hear about needs to be over, and this chapter of American history closed.  It is unsustainable anymore.  It was all contrived messaging anyway.  Jimmy Carter, in one of his later presidential addresses, began to warn America, as a true moral and social, not religious, leader, with a finger uniquely on its pulse, would, of the coming dangers of this materialistic society that began to take hold in the 60s and 70s.  America elected Ronald Reagan, and, a mere 30 years later, our economy reached the point of near collapse, bankers making millions are receiving billions of the tax dollars earned off the blood, sweat, and tears of the other 99%, banks and corporations are spending billions to get candidates elected, the media are self-professed “opinion-makers,” children are being slaughtered in our schools and in our streets, Dick Cheney and his first puppet, George W. Bush, contrived at least one war, cut their corporate chronies tax breaks, and bailed them out for taking people’s lives, houses, and savings, and his second puppet, nothing but a stuffed suit by any measure (stuffed with cash, of course), gave quite a scare, running on the “greed is good” platform, and there are more in line.  The daily news discourse involves, cliffs, and austerity, and sequestration, and terror, and poverty – politicians used to talk of eliminating these things, now we are told to expect them.  Among all of this, the Second Amendment has taken the lead on the news shows, and the political agenda, and Dick Cheney’s Haliburton is building internment camps on American soil, or so I’m told.

It is an intellectual and, yes, moral struggle we are involved in, but no one is paying attention, and the distraction of the masses is deliberate, or, at least, a grave consequence of the cultural decisions we have made.  Unless all peaceful avenues are exhausted, it will, very soon, if they haven’t gotten your guns before then, turn to that as a last resort – the signs are everywhere.  It is time to Occupy for Justice.

I will be proceeding with my lawsuit, and I will work with any and every American citizen who wants to join it.  We could ask for the $700 billion back, if it takes that shape, and for all of the properties, possessions, and lives that have been lost because of this absolute mess that has been made of our country.  I could probably use some help organizing it, but the legal issues are really not all that complicated – our Constitutional rights are being violated.  I really don’t think that most lawyers even get it, and if we can get Don Bailey to help us, we could really do something to change this country.

I hope I get a response to my letter, but, whatever that response, there are going to have to be some more enduring approaches to these problems we seem incapable of correcting.  I am judge-shopping, and will file this lawsuit in any state or federal court where there is a Judge with the courage to stand up and do the job they took an oath and get paid to do.  I’ll do some kind of nomination thing on this site.  The only hurry in re-filing the suit is the urgency any of you feel.  I have plenty of time.

This is a big statement and made in bold terms, but it is very serious.  I’m calling for a revolution – if it needs a name, call it the “Bailey Revolution” (he’s the one who started it 35 years ago, or so) – but I understand the pressing demands of people’s daily lives so we can meet all those phony needs created by our money-driven society that is on the brink of collapse, so I have no expectations.  I have a lot wrapped up in this, personally, and will be doing this anyway.  I will follow it on my site, and it will be revolutionary.  I hope you join me in this quest for liberty and justice, and that we all share in their offspring – enduring peace.

As an anthem with some guiding wisdom, look at Eminem – White America.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Call goes out to OCCUPY FOR JUSTICE”

  1. I have been fighting the War Occupy coopted for more than 30 Years. In my many many years of battle I cam to know hundreds who knew thousands etc etc In this very same struggle. Am I glad Zucotti Park happened Yes and No. This dichotomy stems from the Obvious Effort by Occupy to impose Communism into My Republic. I absolutely abhor Communism and see such as a direct threat to the National security and in fact see many of the Socialistic Policies of the democrats and Republicans as the very cause Our Nation is in such deep trouble. My writings and ramblings are the result of a Massive Crime Spree and just one little ol Me … Yes The need editing BUT the Raw Data and Research is extremely revealing.

    I want to express My deepest gratitude to all Who have fought including folks like Don Bolles and Mary Fricker and Lucy Proctor and Vince and Sophy Germano, Rhetta and John Sweeney and all those many many hundreds of People along the way that kept Me in this fight …. Including folks like Brian Quig and Mike Dillion , Matt Weidener and Mark Stopa and to many others to recount herein … even Occupy for their part. This battle is far from Over So …. Keep Your Boots On … Judson Witham “Catbirds Yah Gotta Love’em” see

  2. i humbly beseech don’s peers in the legal profession to step forward and raise to your voices in outrage over the collapse, the decimation of our judiciary in Pennsylvania.

    he laid his life on the line for every one of us in the steamy hell of viet nam. the least his brethren can do is cry out, “enough is enough.” maybe you feast at the trough of selecting judges, scratching backs and pre-arranged “justice.” we don’t ask for your help.

    rather, we ask all who are left the crumbs to scrounge for among themselves and their clients, IT IS TIME TO BE HEARD.

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