Introducing PCRLN youtube channel and Pennsylvania Gazette

Viewership is up at this site, with 10,000 views from 6000 discrete viewers expected for the month of May alone, substantially eclipsing the numbers for any previous month in the two years of our existence, and we are pleased to announce two new ventures we have been working on to expand the scope and coverage of the civil rights issues we have been bringing you.

The first is the PCRLN youtube channel.  The videos on that site right now are limited to Andy Ostrowski discussing various aspects of the Bailey disciplinary proceedings, and the practice of civil rights law in the Pennsylvania courts, but we are working on a plan to expand the scope of such coverage.

The plan is to use the PCRLN channel to expand the coverage and exposure brought to civil rights cases and issues beyond the exposure that individuals can get through the courts, and to keep these issues in the pubic spotlight in keeping with the purpose of this organization to promote equal access to justice for all, and to reveal the need for political reforms and policies geared toward that end.

The other venture we are working on is the Pennsylvania Gazette.  This is a new “online newspaper,” using this organizations news-gathering functions to cover issues related to the courts, and matters connected to government transparency and and integrity.  There is a lack of adequate coverage, for institutional reasons, relating to the coverage that the courts receive through the mainstream media and we are working on ways to bring more thorough and complete journalistic coverage to these issues.

We hope to cover many whistlebower-type issues, and the platform allows anyone with stories to tell to have access as reporters and editors to tell your stories there.  We will be conducting this enterprise in accordance with the highest standards of journalistic integrity, and will be bringing you more on this venture as it develops.  Please have a look at it, and become a registered user, and watch for updates and news stories to begin populating the site in the near future.

Thank you.

Andy Ostrowski seeks reinstatement in state and federal court – cites mistreatment by Stefan Kruszewski, M.D. as evidence justifying reopening proceedings

On May 10, 2013, I filed a motion with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court asking the Court to reopen the disciplinary proceeding resulting in my suspension of one year and one day, and to reinstate me to the active roll of Pennsylvania attorneys.  On May 17, 2013, I filed a similar motion with each of the three United States District Courts asking that I be reinstated into the federal bar of attorneys.  I am asking that my 2010 discipline be reopened, and reduced, or eliminated based upon new evidence that I learned of concerning my medical condition.

I have asked the Courts to allow me to introduce evidence that I have only this year learned that I suffered for 40 years with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of third-degree burns I suffered in a childhood accident.  I also learned that a doctor that I treated with from 2003-05 knew of my condition, and deliberately withheld that diagnosis from me, and then subjected me to a course of gravely improper treatment which exacerbated my condition and led directly to the matters for which I was disciplined.

*Updated January 31, 2014* Following are the motions I filed, as well as a civil lawsuit I filed against Stefan P. Kruszewski, M.D. and others arising out his treatment of me.  I have also filed a licensing complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.  These documents cover all of the major contentions I am making.

Ostrowski Civil Kruszewski Complaint

Ostrowski Motion to Reopen Disciplinary Proceeding

Ostrowski Motion for Reinstatement – Federal

Of course, I am concerned that the things that I have discussed on this site about the courts may be an impediment to my reinstatement, and have already heard whisperings that the Disciplinary Counsel is going to fight me hard on these issues, but I wrote what I have written here in the free exercise of my First Amendment rights, and with the integrity of all of our system of justice as my ultimate end.  There is no question that my motions are proper and meritorious, and I, and all my clients, know that I have done my very best at all times over my career to serve the end of justice as it is supposed to be served – even the Disciplinary Counsel who is planning their fight knows this.

How it all works out is, of course, in God’s hands, and he is a God of justice.  May his will be done, whatever that may be.  I’m just thankful that I got a 40 year old monkey off my back, and will continue doing things the way I always have, with the hope and desire to be back in front of the bar representing American citizens, and providing them with equal access to justice.

Thank you.

PCRLN, Borough of Centralia, and past and current residents petition Attorney General Kathleen Kane for investigation of fraudulent mine fires

PCRLN, Borough of Centralia, and Past and Current Residents Petition Attorney General Kathleen Kane for Investigation of Fraudulent Mine Fires

The Borough of Centralia, Pennsylvania, along with some of its past and current remaining residents, and the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network have filed a formal petition to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane to conduct a formal investigation into allegations of fraud and public corruption regarding the mine fires that have allegedly burned beneath the Borough of Centralia for decades, but which are, in reality, a total sham and fraud, involving Pennsylvania politicians and lawyers over decades.

It is believed, and has been alleged, that the real objective has been to gain access to a coal vein, known as the “mammoth” vein, which contains billions of dollars worth of some of the purest anthracite coal in the world.  Scientists who have studied the area know that the fires are not, and never were, the threat that they were represented to be, but the courts, including the federal courts in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, have avoided efforts to address these obvious issues.

Recent federal court appointee, Judge Matthew Brann, who was a career private practice lawyer in rural Pennsylvania, with unknown experience dealing with the federal courts and constitutional issues, has recently dismissed substantial portions of the federal case filed by the Borough of Centralia.  Judge Brann has not responded to our request for an interview and comment.

The lawsuit filed by the Borough and several of its residents was filed as a verified pleading, containing detailed factual allegations, and was accompanied by a motion for injunctive relief with hundreds of pages of supporting documents.  Those documents can be viewed here:

Centralia Amended Complaint

Motion Injunction

Exhibits Inj 1-16

The Petition to Attorney General Kane provides as follows:


            We, the undersigned Petitioners, are the Borough of Centralia, Pennsylvania, its duly established Board of Supervisors, current and past residents of the Borough, The Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network, and concerned citizens from across Pennsylvania, in accordance with the right of petition, recognized as inherent and inviolate, pursuant to Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 1, Section 20, and Article 1, Section 25, and petition the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane, to exercise all right and appropriate powers to investigate, prosecute, enforce, and/or litigate, in any and all respects, any and all of the allegations and claims made in connection with the Centralia Mine Fires, and Petitioners’ allegations of fraud and public corruption that have been perpetuated since at least in or around the 1980s, and through the present.

Petitioners, some few of them, including the Borough, have filed a federal civil rights action in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, No. 10-CV-2222.  This federal proceeding has been in an extended hiatus, and is no impediment to the Attorney General acting in furtherance of her statutory duties.  The Petitioner/Plaintiffs in that matter have filed a verified Amended Complaint, and a verified Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief, with 28 Exhibits, consisting of several hundred pages.  They are appended to this petition, and made a part hereof.  Those claims are also generally set forth on the Courts of the Commonwealth, through, primarily, Commonwealth Court, No. 150 MDA 2010, in which a final order has been entered, and which specifically recognized that no claims have ever been made and/or litigated by and/or against the Borough of Centralia.  The legal issues as to the rest are inapt to the duties of the Attorney General.

Petitioners submit that the evidence and attachments justify, indeed, warrant, in the public interest of the citizens of this Commonwealth, the exercise of all powers of the Office of Attorney General, pursuant to Pennsylvania Constitution Article 4, Section 4, and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Act, 71 P.S. § 732-210, et seq..

To wit:

1.         Petitioners hereby petition the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to convene a multi-county investigating grand jury, pursuant to the powers vested in the Office by 71 P.S. § 732-207, and 42 Pa. C.S. § 4544, into allegations of public corruption, within the scope and authority of 71 P.S. § 732-505(a)(1), in connection with the allegations of public corruption, as to which a good faith basis has been made, as articulated and supported in the documents appended hereto.

2.         Petitioners submit that the allegations as reflected in these petitioning documents support investigation into all Governors and Attorneys General going back, at least, to the first administration of deceased Governor Robert P. Casey, and each gubernatorial and Attorney General administration since.  The allegations would also include certain private individuals and entities alleged to have participated in a public corruption conspiracy with the public officials, above-referenced.   These would include the Law Firm of Rosenn, Jenkins and Greenwald, Attorney Gary Taroli, Attorney Jack Zelinka, Tom Linott, the Blaschak Coal Company, Jack Carling, and others to be determined through the investigation.

3.         Among the most salient of those facts, which have never been presented in any court, and which compel further investigation, are the following:

  • Beginning in or around 1997, Blaschak Coal Company acquired over 55 acres of surface area within the Borough.
  • In 2002, a landowner in the Borough of Centralia, John Koschoff, developed property in the Borough with the knowledge of the condemnors.  A declaration of taking was only filed in July, 2010 after petitioners raised the issue in these proceedings.
  • In or around 2004, Blaschak built a warehouse facility in the condemned zone, which is used to store mining equipment.
  • In 2006, a declaration of taking with respect to one landowner in the condemned area, Robert Nechtel, was relinquished, and his property returned to him in fee simple.  Respondents have refused the same request with respect to petitioners.
  • In or around 2010-11, the respondent granted two property owners, one of who is petitioner Carl Womer, life estates.  Respondent has refused the same request with respect to petitioners.
  • At times up through and including 2009, active mining operations were conducted, with the knowledge of the condemnor, in violation of state law, in the condemned area.
  • Core temperatures and ambient ground temperatures have normalized.

The supporting evidence for these contentions is all in the record.  On the basis of these documents, petitioners demand further criminal investigation.

4.         Petitioners respect, appreciate, and understand the gravity of the demands being placed upon this Office, and its current occupant, not only because of the gravity and extent of the scope of the allegations, which would take the most extraordinary courage to confront in general, but particularly given the recent election to this office by the Honorable Kathleen Kane, who is from the region, and likely, and understandably, familiar with many of the individuals into whom investigation is being requested.  Petitioners emphatically do not suggest any wrongdoing or impropriety of any nature by this Attorney General.  Nevertheless, Petitioners submit that, due to the inherent appearance of conflict, a special investigator be appointed to conduct the grand jury investigation pursuant to the authority vested by 73 P.S. § 732-205(d), upon appropriate terms and conditions.  The special prosecutor should be such as to meet the requirement for qualification for the Office of Attorney General, and have experience in litigation in matters of public corruption.  Petitioners request that appointment of a special prosecutor be agreed upon by the Attorney General, Mr. Bailey, on behalf of the Petitioners and Andrew J. Ostrowski on behalf of the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network.

We, the undersigned, do hereby support and endorse all of the terms and conditions of the foregoing Petition to Attorney General Kathleen Kane to investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute the allegations of fraud and public corruption in connection with the Centralia Mine Fire and related proceedings.


/s/ Borough of Centralia, PCRLN, and residents

The actual, signed, petition can be viewed here:

Petition to Kane

We will be preparing and circulating an online petition, and ask all who are so inclined, to review the evidence, and study it for yourself, and to join us in this effort.  Attorney General Kane has recently appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the conduct of Governor Corbett in connection with the Penn State/Sandusky scandal, and this matter is every bit as important to the public integrity of the government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and a proper investigation should be conducted.

Please support our efforts.

Thank you.