Introducing PCRLN youtube channel and Pennsylvania Gazette

Viewership is up at this site, with 10,000 views from 6000 discrete viewers expected for the month of May alone, substantially eclipsing the numbers for any previous month in the two years of our existence, and we are pleased to announce two new ventures we have been working on to expand the scope and coverage of the civil rights issues we have been bringing you.

The first is the PCRLN youtube channel.  The videos on that site right now are limited to Andy Ostrowski discussing various aspects of the Bailey disciplinary proceedings, and the practice of civil rights law in the Pennsylvania courts, but we are working on a plan to expand the scope of such coverage.

The plan is to use the PCRLN channel to expand the coverage and exposure brought to civil rights cases and issues beyond the exposure that individuals can get through the courts, and to keep these issues in the pubic spotlight in keeping with the purpose of this organization to promote equal access to justice for all, and to reveal the need for political reforms and policies geared toward that end.

The other venture we are working on is the Pennsylvania Gazette.  This is a new “online newspaper,” using this organizations news-gathering functions to cover issues related to the courts, and matters connected to government transparency and and integrity.  There is a lack of adequate coverage, for institutional reasons, relating to the coverage that the courts receive through the mainstream media and we are working on ways to bring more thorough and complete journalistic coverage to these issues.

We hope to cover many whistlebower-type issues, and the platform allows anyone with stories to tell to have access as reporters and editors to tell your stories there.  We will be conducting this enterprise in accordance with the highest standards of journalistic integrity, and will be bringing you more on this venture as it develops.  Please have a look at it, and become a registered user, and watch for updates and news stories to begin populating the site in the near future.

Thank you.

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