Ostrowski hearing transcript and update

As I mentioned in my previous post after my August 27, 2013 federal court hearing relative to my reinstatement to practice, I would post the hearing transcript when it is received, and I have received a copy.  Here it is – Ostrowski August 27, 2013 Motion Hearing Transcript.

The witnesses were Stephen Schwartz. M.D., who is my current treating physician, Stefan Kruszewski, M.D., who is the doctor whose misconduct was central to my motion, as set out in the Ostrowski seeks reinstatement, and me.  My testimony begins on page 104.  The last update I shared was a description of the hearing, and I will keep the updates coming. My purpose in all of this is to give as many people as possible a view of what goes in in and around the court system in America.  Please have a look.

I have a brief due regarding my motion to reinstate, and some motions that will be contesting some of the attorney disciplinary rules as they apply to me, and as they are written, and will continue to update you on thee and other matters.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Ostrowski hearing transcript and update”

  1. Great job Andy,I would be writing to get reinstated also ,I know what it’s like to try and fight the establishment it’s not easy and quite tiring,but don’t let them wear you down keep your faith and fight on,There are more people behind you than you realize.

  2. Good luck Andy, on your reinstatment, Your words of wisdom, towards getting things done properly, are much thought of from me. You deserve the proper outcome from all this. And i look forward to following it all. I will keep it short and sweet, as i am a very private person. But you fight to achieve your passion, Your very Intellegent. They will never take that away from you my friend. And will also see in the end what a great attorney you really became.

  3. There are others Andy ,that have been down the same road as you with this doctor, he is a whisleblower, appointed , in my eyes from the court ,to mess with your mind, that is why you were lead to this PERSON they call, (Your)in good hands with this doctor. And to be delt with , in such an unproffesional manner like you were, at his establishment(house). I no in my heart, all you have told is the truth. That is why he is with holding your right to have your own personal medical papers ,because of your previous un diagnoised situation, which he never said you had. They all should be ashamed of themselves ,that a true proffesional attorney like yourself doing his job with a un diagnoised medical condition . To put a human being through the sick and twisted way you were. Here my words Andy ,this is not the first time this has happened. You find the others, believe me they are out there , and never stop your fight till you are back on top with your PASSION.

  4. (Passion), always seems to be the( Subject). That i keep hearing from this Gentleman. A little story that i just heard, and why this Andy Ostrowski should be reinstated, Even though he has lost his licience(for the time being), for standing up for what he believes is True,which is a sign of a lawyer that is on the side of the (TrueLaw), He was Helping , and i won’t mention names here , a person with some legal paper format, that came to him for help , but as we all no (Lawyers) cost alot , This person mentioned about not having the funds to really get into alot, But Andys (Passion) for what he is good at, did some extended hours, of legal paper work for this person, Only charged a very little fee , certainly not what a real Attorney is worth , for a lot of hours put in, and found out later this person was on cruises ,was living the good life, but in his heart, Andy did not get upset about it , because he new he had done his job , because of the (Passion) he has for the Truth in matters when it comes to Law Practice.

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