As a graduate of Widener University School of Law, my practice focused on civil rights actions for nearly 20 years .  Since 2010, my efforts and skills have been devoted to establishing the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network (PCRLN). I established this organization as the cornerstone for the development of a nationwide advocacy system, dedicated to the enforcement of our United States Constitution. This network, has provided support for victims of judicial misconduct and overall court deficiencies that have violated their civil rights.

The website currently contains, and will provide a repository for procedural and substantive law, sample case formats, dissemination of legal articles and content authored by me, relevant to civil rights issues. We encourage and facilitate pro se litigants (self-representation) through a network of local, experienced advocates, and has connected thousands of people, who have been victimized by the court system in the United States, at both state and federal levels.

Followers of PCRLN come from across the country, and this endeavor will create a branch agency within Pennsylvania counties, as a model ultimately to be established in every state. To further develop these efforts, I have worked with the Harrisburg Diversity Center and other equal rights/diversity agencies in throughout Pennsylvania, to build the network.


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  1. There is a judge in Montco that has continually denied justice to a young man who is the victim of abuse. She has ignored hospitalization records and therapists recommendations saying that he should not have to be with his abuser, trying to force him to reconcile with her. She has tried to force this young man to reconcile and to say he was not abused, by taking away his and his father’s right to see his sisters. This has been going on for over two years…..A new court hearing is scheduled for Friday, the 5th of September. It might be an interesting one for court reformers to attend.

  2. My son was wrongly institutionalized for no reason by a family court judge. I want to raise him. Please help! Contact me at 484-716-9619.

  3. We are dealing with one of the worst cases of financial elder abuse in the United States. Can you help?

    We need to file suit very soon in federal court.





    [42 U.S.C. Section 1983; U.S. Const., Amend. V, VII and XIV, Sec. 1, cl. 1; Cal. Const., Art I, Sec. 7(a); Cal. Code. Civ. Proc. 701.680(e)]

  4. I was so happy to see that Andy is NOT any type of B.A.R. (British Accredited Regency) i.e., “foreign” type (i.e., crime syndicate) entity anymore. Although I was somewhat saddened to see the “name” chosen for the probably “honorable” network Andy and others may be utilizing to “help” others with and through – in my personal opinion maybe slighty cocked since “civil rights” are only for the “colorable” persons in the slave class who are all U.S. citizens, and which DO NOT comprise any State Citizens or DeJure united States of America (i.e., American National) Citizens – the actual living inhabitants in all of the individual 50 republic De Jure nation states. This org. title glitch or possible QUARK is excusable and is being mentioned NOT because Andy and the other (non organized crime) players like me, who may or should seek to support him and his admirable efforts are corrupt ( or have already been severely corrupt-ed by an overall rancid system), but is simply because “Civil Rights” are definitely NOT the prime issue here as it is positively peoples’ “Unalienable Rights” that are the paramount issue, This, in my opinion, is since all “civil rights”, being normally associated with one claiming them are all under the jurisdiction of the United States (you know – the 10 mile square “territory” where almost NOBODY was ever actually a “citizen” or a “resident” of) and its “special” created class of citizens “created” by the U.S. congress in 1871 called “U.S. citizens”, which every single one of same is also a “PERSON” (or a “corporate entity”) who also – thanks to its creator IS “civilly dead”, that’s right all (every single “living” man woman or child in EVERY state) by means of the Birth Certificate (“title” a negotiable security instrumentt – an ownership document) issued with what L@@KS like the name of one of We the People, actually denotes “owned property” of the one who “created” it, just “exactly” like the title of a ship, land or automobile reflects. Therefore, it is NOT YOU, and what is even worse is that in EVERY B.A.R. ASSOCIATION controlled court “you” are seen (i.e., only recognized) as a civilly dead or “fictional entity” – a NON-HUMAN ENTTITY having NO INALIENABLE RIGHTS whatsoever.

    Therefore, under any or all of the mainly or literally non-applicable , inferior U.S. laws, codes, statutes and regulations which ALL only apply to “PERSONS”- persons who YOU are one of IF you ever demanded “your” civil rights, under the bogus U.S. “ownership title” of a Birth Certificate which the entity shown is: #1 NOT you and #2 Not your property – as everything associated with it including the SS#, any Bank Account, Houses, Automobiles, real estate, Children, are similarly not yours, along with ANY true rights – especially IF you claim to be a U.S. citizen (i.e., one possessing the absolute LOWEST status of any “citizen” of any country in the world today – because you’re “civilly dead” and otherwise always will be a FICTIONAL ENTITY) by having been or being “granted” the privilege (which can be taken away) of civil rights and being a United States “corporation owned” citizen .

    Anyone who is in any way seeking remedy through exercising these totally inferior “civil rights” , all brokered by Attorneys, must admit at some time or another to in some manner, surrendering or giving up both jurisdiction – by means of any attorney’s “appearance” plus “their” God Given unalienable RIGHTS and true Pre-1933 (or possibly even to pre 1861…) American National status – like was possessed by ALL of our founding fore-fathers. That is my opinion on “civil” as it relates to “civilian”

    Civilian def. – (judge “presumes that) person IS an expert in civil law, at a scholarly (law school) expert level,
    and for the purpose of accepting various “privileges” and thereby SURRENDERING true RIGHTS of men and NOT being relegated to ever being a soul-less “civilly dead” U.S. person. And especially NOT ever being “tricked” in a court (whore) house to be one carelessly committing Blaspheme against Almighty God by admitting that you “actually” are the “presumed” and/or “assumed” civilly dead person’s “title” (the dead entity – instead of being a man created in the likeness and image of God) as shown by the TITLE (ALL CAPSNAME) on their ownership document – the Birth Certificate, as also reflected on the “charging” instruments, plus SS Card, Drivers License, all bank accounts / insurance statements, etc. – unless you agree to being the same civilly dead “fictitious entity” that their almost always wicked court and related corrupt “BAR” operated and run system MUST have “represented” to them – you as a/the “their” fictitious entity. This is the “rule” rather than the “exception” in their BAR Attorney controlled “court”, where it is the corrupt BAR attorneys’ JOB to “re-present” one not as a/the “living” man or woman he or she actually is, but as a “fictitious entity” in order to have (gain – through the crimes of “barritry” and by mail fraud) the needed “ficticious entity” status and therefore instantly (just like 1933 magic) providing the jurisdiction they otherwise must have – otherwise one is truly now free and/or must already, in some manner (by declaration, notice, affidavit, etc.) already have corrected one’s status and therefore ONE IS the “other” type, an American National, or possibly have registered “your” ALL CAPITALIZED (fictitious entity ) “title” with the Secretary of State with “you” the living man now properly controlling same through the filed DBA (by issuance of an “Assumed Name Certificate”) strategically capturing the ALL CAPITALIZED NAME – as the “proper” Registered Business entity, thereby possessing and showing “certified” evidence that you : dough, john james (by using your God given: family name and given name) are now “officially” functioning as THE “registered” Business Entity “JOHN JAMES DOUGH” . But, most importantly rendering any actor usingthefictitious”BUSINESS NAME” to unlawfully posecue you as100%personally liable – plus positively evidencing the FACT you now are positively not the fictional entity “mistakenly” listed – since of course virtually 100% of the BAR actors and their
    “associates” can NOT “ALL” be intentionally committing this seemingly massive NAME “fraud and deception” and functioning as common or especially organized crime(RICO) type “criminals” – can they?

    So, furthermore, if it (the ALL CAPITOLIZED “strawman” entity) is positively NOT YOU – then who is “guilty” of all these victimless crimes, code violations and traffic tickets. Hint: Nobody – IT, the “FICTICIOUS” ens legis name, is NOT YOU. You, the actual living man are the one not requiring licenses, plus NOT surrendering your precious children to a bunch of C&Y Services “for profit” pedophiles, including not needing any B.A.R. license – plus considering they (the B.A.R. attorneys) are all unregistered foreign agents (of a foreign government) functioning illegally in “our” country under the FARA (Foreign Agent’s Registration Act) regulations. And probably could ALL be deported or arrested for their felonious and HIGH crimes against “We the People” – who are NOT (the “fraudulent” Fictitious Entity) “their” alleged PERSONS who otherwise positively all DEMAND TO HAVE “civil” rights – but, because of their intentional fraud have lost all National rights and are relegated to the status of mere vassal bankrupt (U.S. debt) slaves, now functioning as “legal” chattle property controlled by the insurrectionist International plus American and State BAR Assoc. players, plus their Private Membership Association’s “associates” and primarily their actual “foreign” unregistered agents – who make and prosecute innocent people on their bogus laws in NON (illegitimate) courts of record per Black’s Law 4th Edition – 1891.
    Anyway, that’s “my” Pennsylvania Citizen non-B.A.R. attorney view of any mostly improperly claimed inferior “civil” rights, even though they could strategically conceivably be used to control some of the BAR Association actors and their color-of-law wielding associates’ massive “daily” crime spree – inflicted on the giant herd of non-human entities they so kindly and “strategically” call “persons” – and then milk for everything THEY can possibly get out of them.

    Just challenge jurisdiction, if you are one of We the People – 99.999% of the time THEY, the privileged class of Attorney’s and “others” who stealth fully in consort with their other associates now parasitize “we the people” and otherwise do NOT have jurisdiction. And (other than by deception, conspiracy and by ‘legal” trickery) can not prove it – as otherwise jurisdiction is always strictly required when demanded by a man or an “honorable” attorney to provide evidence of same. Again – IF you are one (a lowly U.S. person) who claims to have civil rights – then around 99% of the time they (may) HAVE jurisdiction – and you virtually ALWAYS automatically loose to the “gang” members. Therefore, we now shall soon see who applies to being “civil”… in the new action network, and shall further observe what changes and “winning” strategies will soon be demonstrated.
    This is my opinion based on fact, and otherwise, for Andy, and others – thank you for your sincere and heartfelt efforts.

  5. Hi,
    I have been the victim of corrupt justice system and lawyers.
    I want to sue my lawyer on my own but I was told that I will never get a day
    In the court or the case will be thrown out by the judge.

  6. I know that your in a lot of trouble. So I ask, what is the jurisdiction of the court?
    Are they putting your name in all caps?
    What is that language called in all caps?
    Do you have your PoA stating your John Doe has all legal rights to defend or represent JOHN DOE?
    Do corporations, example: STATE OF COLORADO, have jurisdiction over Man Kind?
    Do you have your Factualized Trust claiming your authority to control all of your secret accounts?
    Example: Power of Attorney
    And appointment of Trustee

    KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: THAT THE FACTUALIZED TRUST OF JOHN JANE DOE, does by these presents appoints John Jane Doe as both the Attorney and Trustee for the Factualized Trust JOHN JANE DOE in fact, and in law: ORIGINAL DUE VERIFICATION: Original, duly being, with full due responsibility, accountability, and liability, without prejudice, nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea. OTHER PART OF POA NOT SHOWN.
    Have you sent a FOIA to the governments asking for jurisdiction of your case. They have twenty days to answer or it reverts to Mistrial due to lack of jurisdiction : “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”
    S.C.R. 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administraters (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54). An all capital letter name is a Corporation, a legal fiction; (United States Government Styles Manual).

    If you need a copy of a factualized trust let me know and I’ll send you one.

    Bill W. Ph.D.

  7. P.S.
    On the last comment I proposed I would also suggust that you take a court recorder with you. Most likely, the court will not let you have one as to protect themselves from their fraud. So, I suggest that you write a private contract between you and the court recorder. After all, the state can’t enterfere in private contracts!!!!
    If the state still breaks the law and voids your contract, sue them for taking your right to contract away, interfering with a private contract as a third party and sue them for lose of livelyhodd because the Supreme Court has ruled that all things flow by contract and now you can’t contact (work) anymore because the lower courts took your rights away.

    As a Ph.D., Certified Counsul, I love teasing them with their mental problems. The gold brade around the US flag means Admiralty, the water. I offer them at half rate, $500 per hr., to find out why they see Motorized Canoes going down dry roads, seeing water everywhere they step, pink elephants and unicorns. They must be fucking wacko……. Perhaps they should be sent to an insane assylem for their mental problems?

    praeterea preterea. If you this phrase they will remove it from their records. They hate that. That’s why you will need a court recorder. (One reason).

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