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Bailey responds (loudly and clearly) to state and federal disciplinary actions – proves state and federal complicity – and lack of basis to any charge of misconduct

Linked below are the actual documents filed by Don Bailey (with slight revisions to the ODC response for readability) in response to both the state court and federal court disciplinary proceedings.  The documents will speak for themselves, as they should, and we will not comment significantly on their contents at this point.

There are a few contextual matters to consider, however.  First, the real genesis of this site centered around the very efforts as to which these responses relate, and have involved countless hours of Don's time, and that of his staff, in getting together.  It was an unpaid job undertaken by Don Bailey for all of the clients he has represented over the years, indeed for all American citizens, and the effort cannot be measured in dollars in any case.  It was undertaken amidst an onslaught of abusive efforts to magnify his workload, and compromise the justice of the many clients he has continued to represent, and expects to continue to represent.  It is impeccable work product.

For relevant background, we commend our readers to our August 9, 2011 Bailey under attack article.  It provides what proved to be a fair summary of these … Continue Reading ››

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Senator Patrick Leahy comments on Bailey “shit storm” in October, 2003 hearings on Santorum-supported appointment of former AG Mike Fisher to Third Circuit Court of Appeals

Thanks to one of our readers, we have located the public comments of Senator Patrick Leahy on the Senate proceedings that led to former Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher’s appointment to the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals in October 2003. Earlier that year, Fisher, who failed in a gubernatorial bid to Ed Rendell in 2002, had been found to be a civil rights violator in a lawsuit filed by Don Bailey on behalf of two former attorney general narcotics agents in Philadelphia.  We discussed this story at greater length in our Bailey "shit storm" article. Central to that article was the appointment of former Attorney General Mike Fisher to the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals right after the verdict.  In a recent comment, one of our readers linked us to comments that Senator Patrick Leahy made for the record of the Fisher nomination proceedings.  Senator Leahy discussed some questionable Republican procedural maneuverings, and commented specifically on the nomination of Fisher as follows:
 The hearing on the nomination of Michael Fisher to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit is also unprecedented. Never before to my knowledge has a President nominated to a lifetime position on a … Continue Reading ››
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Author Bill Keisling covers the history of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General – 1950-1980 – the appointed years excerpted here

In what he calls part 3 in of his essay on Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, and Governor Tom Corbett, author Bill Kiesling has pubished a very thoroughly researched, and engagingly written history of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General - the appointed years.  The essay is a chronology of the history of interrelationship between governors and attorneys general over the years, and the following excerpt covers the short period in the Shapp administration that immediately preceded the constitutional amendment making it an elected office. Bill's essay provides a great historical perspective as we begin to cover the 2012 election for attorney general, and is useful to anyone interested in the office.  You can see the full article here. Calamitous Shapp years bring an end to the appointed AG After Fred Speaker's tenure, a true calamity would befall the appointed office of Pennsylvania Attorney General. The calamity was arguably a man named Milton Shapp. Milton Shapp served two terms as governor of Pennsylvania from 1971 to 1979. He was a self-made millionaire who made his money as a pioneer in the cable television business. Cutting corners in the cable business in Philadelphia made Shapp his fortune, but it turned out to be a bad … Continue Reading ››
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Murphy proves he is not fit to be attorney general – goes after Bailey’s family in attempt to extort him to quit AG race

In a bold and reckless attempt to coerce Don Bailey to give up his bid for attorney general, Patrick Murphy threatened to go after Bailey’s family for some sort of bogus allegations of fraud in the circulation of Bailey’s nominating petitions.  The allegations were nothing but bald-faced threats, and were completely baseless, and have not been followed through upon.  In pulling such a dirty political trick, Patrick Murphy has conclusively shown that he lacks the discretion and judgment to be Pennsylvania’s next attorney general. While this site has endorsed the candidacy of Don Bailey, this article cannot be mistaken as a mere opportunist counter-attack.  It just so happens that the core of everything that this site and the record of Mr. Bailey stand for are summarized as opposition to the abuse of power for political purposes.  Nothing can more offend that principle than a threat by an aspirant for the position of highest law enforcement office of this Commonwealth to engineer a political result by suggestions that family members of candidates will be gone after.  This is extortionist conduct.  The declaration Bailey filed with the election commission follows: Bailey Election Affidavit Perhaps reeling from his last-place finish in the Westmoreland … Continue Reading ››
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Pennsylvania needs a prosecutor AND a politician (a strong political leader) – Don Bailey clearly most qualified candidate for attorney general

The campaign slogan of candidate Kathleen Kane is “we need a prosecutor, not a politician” as attorney general.  We disagree.  We need both.  Of course we need strong law enforcement and tough prosecutors for the protection of the public and vigorous enforcement of the criminal laws of the Commonwealth, but we also need a strong and trusted political leader with proven integrity, and Don Bailey is best qualified by far to serve both roles. The systemic issues that have corrupted Pennsylvania politics need extensive political reform.  There need to be calls for investigations into, and oversight of, the courts and their control over attorneys, and to the conditions that have allowed whistleblowers to be scuttled, and cronyism to flourish.  There may even need to be a call for a constitutional convention to address some of the problems endemic to the Pennsylvania Constitution. We need a seasoned politician – a professional who knows how to work within the constitutional political process - to take these issues to the executive and the legislature, and to work in cooperation with federal authorities as well, and to be prepared to go toe-to-toe with the courts over attorney discipline and judicial discipline issues. Don Bailey has served on … Continue Reading ››
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Bailey makes impressive showing in Westmoreland County

Within 24 hours of officially being placed on the democrat ballot for attorney general, and with no organization or campaign financing in place, Don Bailey finished strong in an endorsement contest among Westmoreland County democrats on Saturday.  Kathleen Kane also made a strong showing, and it was obvious that she had targeted Westmoreland County, with a substantial staff on hand to distribute campaign literature, and having made several visits to Westmoreland over the numerous months since she announced her candidacy.  Bucks county lawyer Patrick Murphy finished last, despite the fact that he also has been campaigning for months, boasted of over a million dollars in donations (Kane boasts of 2 million in cash-on-hand), and was even on the staff of Westmoreland County state representative Thomas Tangretti. Bailey was the first of the attorney general candidates to speak, and wasted no time focusing right in on his major campaign theme – public corruption.  Bailey stirred the crowd with his mantra that “Tom Corbett cannot hide” from his political use of the office of attorney general, for both protection of his chronies and attacks on his adversaries, leading to travesties like the Penn State scandal, and Bailey promised to be a constant reminder … Continue Reading ››
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PCRLN endorses Don Bailey for Attorney General

After a short delay in being officially placed on the ballot, Don Bailey has met all conditions for filing, and the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has accepted his nomination petition as candidate for the Office of Attorney General.   PCRLN is proud to be the first to offer its endorsement of Don’s candidacy.  He will be on the ballot as one of three democrat candidates vying for the position as Pennsylvania’s highest law enforcement officer in the April 24, 2012 primary. Our endorsement of Don comes from the fact that he alone appears to have the courage, and the institutional understanding, to attack the problems in Pennsylvania politically at their real source, as we have discussed them here.  The real problem is the courts and their utilization as instruments of political control and favoritism to establish and maintain cultural and political climates that lay beneath the general feeling of unfairness that more and more Pennsylvanians are coming to experience in the courts, and the insidious effects these things are having on our society, vis. the Penn State scandal, etc.. As we make this endorsement, Steve Conklin and his 84 year-old father are moving from room-to-room looking for relief from their mistreatment … Continue Reading ››
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Miles Thomas – devoted husband and model citizen dies with dignity – despite the indignities of the federal courts

We sadly announce the passing of Miles Thomas at the Holy Spirit Hospital on Wednesday, February 15, 2102, at the age of 75.  John Luciew of the Patriot followed the first federal case, and the reunion, and published an article in the Patriot News announcing Miles’ death, and giving a kind tribute to Miles, and his efforts to be reunited with his dog named Baron.  John did a great job covering what was a very real and uncomplicated public interest story, and Miles remained specifically grateful to John until the end. Miles lived the most dignified of lives by all measures.  Miles had a successful career as a stockbroker and investment banker, and was a devoted husband.  He was a member of the Harrisburg School Board who was known for his commitment to the community, and served for years on the Dauphin County Republican committee.  Miles spent the last of his life’s saving’s, including his house and most of his personal possessions, in the care of his wife of many years, who had suffered with alzheimers until her death. After his wife’s passing, Miles had experienced brief periods of homelessness, living, at times, out of his car, with his collie … Continue Reading ››
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“I thought my case just fell between the cracks” – Bailey client motions to open updates, etc.

“I thought justice didn’t work for me in my case.” “I figured that the judge just didn’t see it the same way.” “The system just failed me in my case.” These are some of the refrains heard from the numerous frustrated and disenfranchised clients and former clients of Don Bailey who have filed motions to open judgment, and others such clients who haven’t.  None have said “my attorney failed me”, “my attorney just didn’t care about my case”, “my attorney just wanted the money”, or other such things that are more commonly attributed to those who have received unfair and unjust results through the legal process. What has become clear, as has been pointed out in other articles, is that many individuals have come to Don Bailey feeling those things that only can be felt by those whose civil rights - inherent and inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - have been violated in the course of their daily pursuits, and then are subjected to another, less easy to define, less easy to understand, deprivation of their rights by the courts, and the judges who are the stewards of our access to justice.  By engaging in the course of … Continue Reading ››
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One American family’s experience with race, and how the federal courts became the lasting problem

Among the Bailey clients who have filed a motion to open judgment are Angela and Johnny Robinson, a mixed race couple, and their child, who live in Harrisburg.  Until they became involved in the Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League, the Robinson's considered themselves a normal American family – both Johnny and Angela come from families with war veterans, going back to World War 2, and were proud of their family, and the values they were trying to instill in their child. That all changed when their daughter was placed on a team coached by a racist City of Harrisburg employee, Eric Hicks.   Before at least one game, Hicks told his team “let’s go kick those white girls’ butts”, and at other times told the team to not shake the other teams' hands because their race, and to not tell their parents things that he had said or done.  The Robinson’s reported Hicks’ racist and otherwise inappropriate conduct to the City and to the league, and that is when the saga really began, ultimately ending with the Robinson’s suspension from the league – for daring to speak out about racist misconduct. The facts of the case are set forth in the Third Circuit … Continue Reading ››
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