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Ostrowski hearing transcript and update

As I mentioned in my previous post after my August 27, 2013 federal court hearing relative to my reinstatement to practice, I would post the hearing transcript when it is received, and I have received a copy.  Here it is - Ostrowski August 27, 2013 Motion Hearing Transcript. The witnesses were Stephen Schwartz. M.D., who is my current treating physician, Stefan Kruszewski, M.D., who is the doctor whose misconduct was central to my motion, as set out in the Ostrowski seeks reinstatement, and me.  My testimony begins on page 104.  The last update I shared was a description of the hearing, and I will keep the updates coming. My purpose in all of this is to give as many people as possible a view of what goes in in and around the court system in America.  Please have a look. I have a brief due regarding my motion to reinstate, and some motions that will be contesting some of the attorney disciplinary rules as they apply to me, and as they are written, and will continue to update you on thee and other matters. Thank you.
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Ostrowski discipline update/PCRLN activities at issue in right to practice law

Ostrowski Discipline Update/PCRLN Activities at Issue in Right to Practice Law

I had a hearing yesterday in United States District Court in Williamsport, PA concerning my application to be readmitted to the roll of attorneys in the federal court, Middle District of Pennsylvania before Judge Matthew Brann.  There are applications still pending in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the other federal district courts in Pennsylvania.

The motion was based primarily upon the abuse and mistreatment I suffered at the hands of Dr. Stefan Kruszewski, which led directly to the personal circumstances that were behind the issues that led to my 2010 suspension from practice.  I called my current treating physician, and Dr. Kruszewski did appear in response to my subpoena.  I have no doubt that my testimony in the hearing before federal Judge Brann presented a compelling testament to my competency and fitness to practice law.

Here is a copy of the transcript.

My readmission was opposed by the assigned disciplinary counsel, Hubert Gilroy, who was appointed by Chief Middle District Judge Yvette Kane, on the grounds … Continue Reading ››

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Andy Ostrowski seeks reinstatement in state and federal court – cites mistreatment by Stefan Kruszewski, M.D. as evidence justifying reopening proceedings

On May 10, 2013, I filed a motion with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court asking the Court to reopen the disciplinary proceeding resulting in my suspension of one year and one day, and to reinstate me to the active roll of Pennsylvania attorneys.  On May 17, 2013, I filed a similar motion with each of the three United States District Courts asking that I be reinstated into the federal bar of attorneys.  I am asking that my 2010 discipline be reopened, and reduced, or eliminated based upon new evidence that I learned of concerning my medical condition. I have asked the Courts to allow me to introduce evidence that I have only this year learned that I suffered for 40 years with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of third-degree burns I suffered in a childhood accident.  I also learned that a doctor that I treated with from 2003-05 knew of my condition, and deliberately withheld that diagnosis from me, and then subjected me to a course of gravely improper treatment which exacerbated my condition and led directly to the matters for which I was disciplined. *Updated January 31, 2014* Following are the motions I filed, as well as a civil lawsuit … Continue Reading ››
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