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Roger Snyder Lancaster County politics case

Roger Snyder is a 3-time elected Republican West Donegal Township Commissioner in rural western Lancaster County.  In 2007, Roger became the target of a raw political power grab from some old time local gadflies and political operatives – a chief of police and some of his cohorts – in the style of Tamany Hall meets Mayberry.  This “clan” was able to orchestrate a complaint to the state ethics commission on the eve of the 2007 elections, and arranged for the release of the charge publicly so it could be used in campaign materials, in the hope of unseating Roger.  Roger, however, did win the election, and was completely vindicated after a hearing before the state ethics commission of all the bogus charges against him.  Roger sued the local politicos who orchestrated the plan along with officials with the ethics commission who became complicit with them, and his case remains pending.

Roger’s case tells a parallel story related to the treatment of his attorneys in this case, and he was a witness at the Bailey hearing.  Judge Kane was originally assigned to the case, and the case was reassigned to Judge Lawrence Stengel, of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and a former Lancaster County Common Pleas Judge, who has been specially assigned to several cases of Mr. Bailey, working, for the time-being, through Magistrate Judge Carlson.  The documents that follow, however, reveal that ultimately, Roger and his attorneys have placed a substantial case before the court, and that he is entitled to have his day before a jury.  The case, and many cases like this, can have lasting political and cultural ramifications on the way political business is done in the County, and point up the power of the federal courts to establish these standards.

Amended Complaint HBG2

Provides the legal framework for Roger’s case.

Snyder Declaration

Detailed and easily readable comprehensive statement of facts in Roger’s case.