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  1. Got an innocent man got some evidence to support innocence but need some help fb private messages Kaye riner or call 814-769-9122.

  2. Perhaps you need to change your strategy. I believe you will find that a conspiracy to defeat altogether a statute of the United States, in this case 42USC 1983, is treason by levying war. Check it out.

  3. Hello Don or Andy,

    I am preparing a Petition for Extraordinary Relief to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. I am not an attorney, but have been studying constitutional law here in Pennsylvania for the pst 24 years. I meet you, Don, in the mid 1990’s You may remember me from my efforts to form the Pennsylvania Committee of Correspondence then.

    Late last month or early this month, I read the “Petition …” that Don filed at:

    I found this document to be very well done and informative and would like to use it as a guide for style primarily.

    Unfortunately, I did not copy it then, but just saved the link to his excellent document.

    I have been unable to access this document since then. The file is corrupted.

    I have been able to obtain the “Motion for Extraordinary Relief”, but not the original “Petition ….” at :

    While this is an excellent document, it is not the same as the “Petition for Extraordinary Relief” that I read on line late last month or early this month,

    Please email the Kings Bench Petition to me as soon as possible, I would like to follow the style this document:

    I must file my document with the Supreme Court no later than February 10, 2015. If you have any questions or comments, I cn be reached at any time at (484) 955 – 9048

    Thank you very much for your prompt assistance in this matter.

    Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

    William Taylor Reil
    Founder and Executive Director
    County Sheriff Brigades of Pennsylvania

    (484) 955 – 9048

    c/o P.O. Box 211
    Elverson, Pennsylvania 19520

  4. I am wondering what happens when a HIPAA breach is discovered. The information in my breached medical records has been shared repeatedly to prevent my care. What is my recourse? I have been unable to find an attorney (I called about 100) and I am suffering.

  5. I’m trying to sue for fasle imprisonment.false imprisonment
    on 07/01/2015 I was complaining to the mayor of shippensburg about a PFA violation that the police refused to act and on the same day I was arrested by shippensburg police department for a PFA violation the mayor sound bite statements that I made to him to make it seem like i was the threatening my son’s mother and even with the mayor of shippensburg switching up my words they still do not put a threat and the police report and I was given a 200,000 dollar bill then on 07/06/2015 with out going to court the charges was dismissed also when I was and franklin county jail they violated my religious beliefs I am right I told them when i first went in there that I was a muslim and I was fasting for ramadan and they refused to give me my food at the appropriate times so for the time that I was incarcerated I did not eat nothing because if I did it would have broken everything that I believe in

  6. I need some help!! I feel my civil rights are being violated as well as discrimination. I want to sue Pennsylvania. I am a veteran who suffers from PTSD, going on 17 years now. I smoke marijuana for the symptoms. I was arrest 14.5 years ago for growing medicinal marijuana. The government destroyed my life in regards to finding a good job and as a result I have been forced to live in poverty. I understand Philadelphia, and as of today, Pittsburgh have decriminalized usage of marijuana and I feel my civil right have been violated. Anyone else who gets caught smoking marijuana faces jail time of you don’t live in these two cities. That is not right and there should be equal treatment among the masses not just those in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Just because I choose not to live in the city while should I be put in jail??? Its pretty sad that as a veteran I have been forced to live in poverty as a result of government propaganda!! And now I could face jail time for something someone living 3 hours away receives a summary offense. Can you or will you help me???

  7. We’re a small home builder. Bank breached contract late 2008. Early 2011 Decision found all Findings & Conclusions in our favor (none the bank); and yet, provided no relief from breach, and crippling financial judgment imposed AGAINST us, the breach victims & verdict winners. Appeal of “awards” to Superior Court; panel OVERTURNED entire trial results, found bank innocent (it never denied its breach in court) & US GUILTY of breach, ordered us to pay bank’s attorney fees of over $500,000. Seven-plus years of litigation, business shut down by breach since 2008 & unable to operate, no income, we’re completely wiped out. Because of the courts’ decisions, BANK MADE MORE MONEY FROM ITS OWN BREACH THAN BY HONORING THE CONTRACT. No one will listen. Appeals to Sup. Ct. en bank, PA Supreme Court & US Supreme Court all denied. Please help.

  8. my name is yaisha hodges me and my disabled son are victims of hate crimes and public corruption and im scared I will not see my son alive again because of Freddie rufus of Columbus ohio efforts to have her federal crimes covered up she has already bribe city and state worker my son has been removed 2 times before for proven lies because I still have federal evidence aginst her and her codefendants my son wasd removed agin he was tortured before this time may kil him to keep me quiet I can prove this time was based on lies at quality inn on kidders in wilkes barre in room 161 please help or refer someone who can..reply through email might not reach me because Freddie rufus and her codefendants also monitor all my communications to keep this covered up

  9. we just want to be protected from these criminals I have proof of lies before and I have proof that today I was lied on again to get my son who is mentally disabled anfd terrified without me because of pass abuse he suffered for the same thing they may kill my son this time they wilol do anything for this federal crime evidence to go away …and thenn even before I said anything Freddie rufus of Columbus ohio d.o.b 11/27/85 400+ pds.5’9 would stillintimidate torment and harass us

  10. This is probably a crazy long-shot so I appreciate you reading my comment. I am searching for a civil rights attorney who practices in Pennsylvania. His name is Matthew and he is 47 years old (based on my calculations). He would have been born in Massachusetts I believe. He could have been born with any of the following last names: Mannke, Williams, Duggan, Smith, Gravell, Gibson or Johnston . . . does anyone ring a bell with you? Thank you!!

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