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You will note that we have introduced a very simple poll to this site, and intend to use and develop more sophisticated sampling and petitioning activities.  For this poll, if there is anything that you have read on this site that has in any way spoken to your conscience such that you would like to express your support for what is being said here, please click yes.  If you are averse to anything you have you have read here, and would like to express your dissent, please click no.

This is just a simple poll to introduce you to what we hope to do.  As we said in previous posts, we hope to make some public relations and political efforts from this site to include registration for membership in the PCRLN, petitioning state and federal legislators, and specifically Senators Toomey and Casey for political action, and even requesting criminal investigations into matters that are involved here.

Please take a minute and let us know if you support us in our efforts by saying yes or no, and further polls, petitions, and the like, in the future.  Thank you.

December 11, 2011 – Bailey disciplinary complaint poll introduced –

We have also added a second poll, in light of the Motion to Dismiss filed by Don Bailey on December 7, 2011 in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, as referenced in our previous post.  The question again is very simple to understand, and everything that you need to make a fully-informed decision – everything that is before the Supreme Court – is here for your review.  Don has spoken abundantly.  The Court has been largely silent – two one sentence Orders have been issued.  Disciplinary Counsel has filed a response to the Rule to Show Cause, which is not yet available in pdf, but will be provided.  The documents upon which the determination must be based, all of which are available here, are the following:

1. Disciplinary complaint

2. Third Circuit Motion for Rehearing En Banc (containing matters upon which discipline is based)

3. Bailey verified Answer to the Complaint

4. Bailey Petition for Review and Enforcement of Subpoenas

5. Bailey King’s Bench petition

6. hearing transcripts

7. Motion to dismiss

Please take your time to review these materials, and cast an educated vote on whether the disciplinary complaint should be dismissed by our seven Supreme Court elected Judges.  If you believe that the disciplinary complaint filed against Don Bailey seeking interfere with his right to practice law should be dismissed by the Supreme Court, vote yes.  If, for whatever reason, you think the case should proceed, vote no.

Thank you.

*** note – that on December 13, 2011, a voting error was reported in the Don Bailey poll.  The vote was erroneously entered as a No and was changed, with notice and approval of the voter, to a Yes.

4 thoughts on “Polls”

  1. It is a sad, scary feeling when you feel like you haven’t any rights in the state of Pa. It is even more overwhelming when public servants of our state i.e. politicians, judges, etc. Paid by us citizen & kept with employment by us tax payers trample all over our rights. This would include but most certainly not limited to not allowing us our day in court. Its time for political reform.

  2. It is a tragedy that these Courts have used their power to harm innocent human beings. Attorney Bailey has fought for their freedom, and where they are sitting today. I pray someone will hear his story and reach out to help. What an injustice to someone who has fought for all our rights as Americans!

  3. I’m willing as a voter to notarize my name so Don Bailey can get the 2500 or more signatures needed to run as an independent. I’ll make a note to do it this week and send it to his office. If everyone agrees what Windsor and Bailey are doing, then others should assist in promoting Bailey to the political office he is seeking as attorney general. It sounds like a large figure, but if you stated it was the population of a town you would state “small” population. Do I dare ask why others who give the thumbs up are not applying their powers to get friends, all family members, spouses, cousins, aunts, uncles and co-workers to get the 2500 votes needed to put Don Bailey on the Ballot.

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