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Bailey challenges Supreme Court over due process violations in response to recommended suspension/PCRLN history of coverage of these matters

Bailey Challenges Supreme Court over Due Process Violations in Response to Recommended Suspension

The initial coverage on this site centered on the disciplinary proceedings filed against civil rights lawyer Don Bailey in early 2011.  From the start, we have contended that the Bailey disciplinary proceedings would show the need for court reform through the difficulties that American citizens were having in bringing their claims for the violations of their individual constitutional rights in the courts.  This is what has been shown, and the need for reform remains clear.

On May 1, 2013, the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board, as we predicted, recommended that Don Bailey be suspended from the practice of law for 5 years for doing nothing other than criticizing judges for not being fair, and, on June 7, 2013, Don Bailey filed a response demonstrating clearly both 1) that he was right in so-criticizing, and 2) that, as we have covered at length here, the proceedings against him, because they had a bogus origin and were designed to serve an illicit agenda, were bereft of the most basic due process protections.

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Ostrowski hearing transcript and update

As I mentioned in my previous post after my August 27, 2013 federal court hearing relative to my reinstatement to practice, I would post the hearing transcript when it is received, and I have received a copy.  Here it is - Ostrowski August 27, 2013 Motion Hearing Transcript. The witnesses were Stephen Schwartz. M.D., who is my current treating physician, Stefan Kruszewski, M.D., who is the doctor whose misconduct was central to my motion, as set out in the Ostrowski seeks reinstatement, and me.  My testimony begins on page 104.  The last update I shared was a description of the hearing, and I will keep the updates coming. My purpose in all of this is to give as many people as possible a view of what goes in in and around the court system in America.  Please have a look. I have a brief due regarding my motion to reinstate, and some motions that will be contesting some of the attorney disciplinary rules as they apply to me, and as they are written, and will continue to update you on thee and other matters. Thank you.
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