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Andrew Kundratic sues Luzerne County attorneys claiming he’s a victim of “climate of acculturation” implicated in “kids-for-cash” scandal

In what is truly a tragic saga involving a father’s involvement in domestic relations proceedings in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, Andrew Kundratic, who has lost over five years of his relationship with his daughter, against both their wills, has sued his former lawyers and that of his ex-wife in federal court, claiming their manipulation and abuse of the courts to gain political advantages and to retaliate against him in violation of his constitutional rights.  We introduced Andrew's first case generally in the PCRLN call out to Senators Casey and Toomey, and he is represented by Don Bailey. The divorce case, in which Andrew was represented by Luzerne County attorneys, was proceeding during the time that former Luzerne County Judges Conahan and Ciavarella were being prosecuted in the federal courts for masterminding the kids-for-cash scandal that rocked the legal world, but somehow has fallen quickly silent.  Three of the defendants in the case, attorneys Lumbis, Gartley, and Shucosky, were running for election to the seats vacated by Conahan and Ciavarella, who were convicted and sentenced on criminal corruption charges.  Gartley, who was plaintiff’s wife’s attorney, won the election, and is now sitting as a Luzerne County Judge. Gartley also … Continue Reading ››
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